SteelSeries Kana and Kinzu v2 Pro Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

SteelSeries Kana and Kinzu v2 Pro Review


As time has moved on in the technological world there has become a bit of a split between what people want something to do. Through the 80s and 90s, and to some degree the early part of this century, we all wanted more bells and whistles, more features, bigger better more more more. Now, as our phones are TVs and our TVs have the internet on them there is quite a large amount of people who want some of the benefits of modern technology, but without so many needless features. Anyone who wants a mobile phone that doesn't need recharging every 4 hours and breaks if you so much as sneeze on it will know what I mean.

So what if you want all the benefits of a modern gaming sensor on your mouse, but don't need a dozen buttons, an OLED screen and the ability to make a cup of tea? Your choices are extremely limited, although back in December we saw the brilliant CM Storm Xornet which hinted at things to come. Now SteelSeries are joining the fray with the Kana, and the Kinzu v2 Pro. We absolutely love the Sensei here and think it's still the best mouse on the market. So if you have all the comfort of the Sensei, as well as the build quality that SteelSeries is known for, and a beastly sensor, we definitely should be in business.

Technical Specifications

So similar are these mice that we're reviewing them together. As you can see the major differences is that the Kana is a little lighter, and has a couple more buttons. But the main event, the sensor, is the same on both and as we'll see on the next page the design is familiar too.

Frames Per Second3600
Inches Per Second

Kana : 130

Kinzu v2 Pro : 65

Megapixels Per Second3.7
Counts Per Inch400-3200
Maximum Acceleration30G
Sensor Data Path16 bit
Lift Distance2mm
Maximum Polling1000 Hz

Kana : 72g

Kinzu v2 Pro : 77g


Kana : 6

Kinzu v2 Pro : 4


Time to look up close.

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Most Recent Comments

12-03-2012, 08:52:09


Fancy all the benefits of a bonkers sensor but don't need all the multi-button frippery? SteelSeries might have just the ticket.

Continue ReadingQuote

12-03-2012, 09:05:51

Nice review. Steelseries mice are top notch as I own a Ikari laser Quote

12-03-2012, 09:06:32

Do you think Steelseries will ever do a left-handed mouse?Quote

12-03-2012, 09:39:09

Being a owner of both Kinzu V1 and V2, i can say the sensor is an improvement over the V1. Glides very smoothly over my mouse mat, allowing me to improve aiming in FPS such as BF3 (slowly improving my aim)Quote

12-03-2012, 10:26:16

Originally Posted by Umzok View Post

Do you think Steelseries will ever do a left-handed mouse?
This are both ambidextrous which I think is as close as you'll ever get. I can't think of a single left-handed only mouse off the top of my head.

With the ability to swap the buttons over in the SteelSeries Engine software, it's as left-handed as you could hope for I believe.Quote

12-03-2012, 11:30:46

A good 90% of left-handed gamers I know have a DeathAdder. Not saying it's a bad mouse but that it has literally zero competition which I find odd!Quote

13-03-2012, 17:53:56

I thought that the Xai, Kinzu and the Sensei were all good for left handers?

Didn't the Deathadder have some sort of DPI problems when you configured it to 1600DPI or something along those lines? Don't remember to well.Quote

14-03-2012, 00:25:50

Always delighted to see your reviews Bryan. Thank you so much.

I think I would have liked to see at least more consistency for the Kana, like a 'soft grip' on the sides as well. That would have been very nice. This is probably digressing from both the mice, nit does anyone think Steelseries will release another version of the Ikari Laser? Quote

14-03-2012, 05:46:22

Originally Posted by 911^NEmeSis View Post

I thought that the Xai, Kinzu and the Sensei were all good for left handers?

Didn't the Deathadder have some sort of DPI problems when you configured it to 1600DPI or something along those lines? Don't remember to well.
I thought the problem with the southpaw Deathadder was a bugged 'on the fly' dpi changer, where pressing the change dpi buttons actually did nothing. But that was ages ago and something like that seems like a software issue that can be patched, so it should be fixed by now, but I'm not 100%.

As for gaming mouse for lefties, the Deathadder is the only dedicated ergonomically left handed gaming mouse. So the best you'll get is an ambidextrous mouse. I use my right hand for mice, but I find the Steelseries ambidextrous mice to be extremely comfortable, but that's just me. Based of that, I assume they should be fine for lefties as well.

@Umzok. I doubt Steelseries will make a left handed mouse, because 90% of people are right handed, so it's a significantly smaller market to develop a product for. Also many lefties use their right hands for mice anyway, which decreases the market even further.Quote

14-03-2012, 15:53:29


Yeah, something along those lines mate. The SteelSeries mice just looked pretty ambidextrous to me and I think it said so on it's packaging or somewhere...

The Deathadder is certainly a good mouse, but personally I would just prefer a Xai or Sensei, though I don't even own one myself. Sensors on the SS mouse seem pretty decent as I hear.

I use an old school MX518 myself so yeah Quote

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