Roccat KONE [+] Review

Initial Look

Roccat KONE Plus Review

Kone [+] First Look

The packaging is up to the normal extremely high Roccat standard. Matt black with the Roccat logo in gloss and some lovely blue highlights of the important elements. The front of the box flips open to allow you to both test fit the mouse in the palm of your hand, and also take a close look at the various button assignments available.

Roccat KONE Plus Review     Roccat KONE Plus Review  

The rest of the box does the always tricky job of expressing a huge amount of information in a clear manner with aplomb.

Roccat KONE Plus Review     Roccat KONE Plus Review  

As more and more mice at this price level have a very similar specification it becomes more vital that the little touches are perfect to help your product stand out. Roccat have got this completely nailed. Everything in the box is designed exactly the same as the packaging and drivers. Black with the white panel and the electric blue Roccat logo. To see it on the CD, which normally are completely unlike the rest of the design, is especially satisfying.

Roccat KONE Plus Review     Roccat KONE Plus Review  

One of the things Roccat do well, especially when it comes to multi-function buttons, is having a handy quick-reference guide available. So many companies rely on PDFs for their manuals which are all well and good until you're actually in need of the information right then. So it's great to have a CD sized guide readily to hand.

Roccat KONE Plus Review     Roccat KONE Plus Review

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Most Recent Comments

29-11-2010, 06:32:05

Roccat have stormed the market in recent times and now they return to upgrade the one that started it all, with the Kone [+]

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29-11-2010, 08:25:49

Very nice. I've heard good things about this mouse and it seems that early scroll wheel problems (it collapsing and falling in) have been resolved.

Looks nice too, could deffo see me using it. Can't say it's cheap though

Thanks for the review. I've been waiting for a VB review for a while, always makes for pleasurable reading Quote

29-11-2010, 11:54:49

I've had mine for 3 weeks now and i love it

The only issue is that it doesn't support my pinky (no biggie )

The driver and customisation is awesome.Quote

29-11-2010, 16:26:55

I've been eyeballing this mouse for awhile, it's in my top 3 choices to be sure.Quote

16-04-2011, 07:39:10

Just got this mouse over the Razer Mumba and Naga. Absolutely LOVE IT!Quote

18-04-2011, 14:43:13

This is the most problematic mouse I've ever owned.

There is a very small aperture on the bottom leading to two sensors. If you get any dust/fluff/eyelashes in here (and it does seem to suck them in) then the responsiveness goes to hell and the mouse becomes very jumpy at any resolution.

There is no easy way I can see to dismantle the mouse and give it a good clean. So I'm forever blowing into the bottom of the damn thing.

No, it isn't drivers. As soon as I remove the obstacle the mouse works fine. Just wish it didn't suck muck in, and be extremely difficult to clean.

And compared to some rig/desk shots I've seen on here I have a pretty clean environment.

I have a really old logitech mouse on my other PC, which on inspection also seems to have an eyelash stuck in it, but becasue the aperture is so much wider the sensor is not impacted.

I might well ebay this and get something else. It's a pain.


01-05-2011, 03:29:43

Well I'm using a hardmat and I won't seem to get the problem of dust clogging up the sensor, but when I changed to my old soft mat there was a lot of twitching due to dust on the sensor. The cause of the all dust gathering appears to be the sticker around the sensor. Most mice tend to leave that area immediately around the aperture void of anything that can cause dust to stick.Quote

27-05-2011, 08:33:15

Hi lads, i have bad news, my roccat Kone + has died after 2 months of using :/ will try to contact sellers for exchange...Quote

29-09-2011, 04:08:18

Well i changed my mouse, and it broke again after 2 months of using LOL (this time left mouse click)Quote

29-09-2011, 06:50:03

Durability is definitely the Achilles heel of this mouse, but for me it's the scroll wheel that keeps dying.Quote

29-09-2011, 09:53:53

You must be unlucky, my brother has had one for 7months and i just got one too, let's hope it doesn't breakQuote

30-09-2011, 11:11:08

Originally Posted by Lollipop View Post

You must be unlucky, my brother has had one for 7months and i just got one too, let's hope it doesn't break
Funny thing, I just fixed the scroll wheel problem, dust gumming up the wheel causes it to glitch. So if you blow the dust out it works like a charm, I assume some oil will increase the time between cleanings. Such a stupid, but simple fix >.<Quote

16-12-2011, 09:07:13

A bit late to this party to put it mildly, however, I thought I would share my thoughts on this mouse as I've used it for a while now.

Actually this is my 2nd mouse. I had to return my first due to scroll wheel issues, which roccat said it sounded like a defective sensor.

So far this 2nd one's wheel issues haven't surfaced.

Another issue I had was when I turned on my PC the other day, the mouse erased itself. All my custom profiles, dpi settings, everything gone. It was by chance I made a backup of the profiles the night before and restored it. But still, worrying.

Another problem is that the easyshift, can no be bound to certain keys.

I know its just me being picky, but I wanted it to be the scroll wheel right movement. Only main buttons can be easyshift. Not sure why, what difference does it make?

I love the mouse, don't get me wrong and I upgraded from a razer imperator to this.

I'm so tired and bored of paying out loads of money for razer products which aren't that great. I'm typing this on a razer blackwidow ultimate keyboard, and it keeps doing double S or L. I've spent about 15 minutes typing this, removing the double letters. Oh, and punched it twice.Quote

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