RAZER Destructor Precision Gaming Mat

A Closer Look

A Closer Look
 The RAZER Destructor makes a move away from the traditional rectangular shaped mouse mats. It features a gunmetal grey glossy finish on the top which RAZER call "Fractal™ textured surface". It's about as far removed from a cloth type cover as possible, and resembles more of a plastic coating.
RAZER Destructor front RAZER Destructor rear
In the lower left hand corner we can see the inclusion of the Destructor logo with what looks like an ant replacing the letter 'O'. In the top right hand corner we can see the RAZER snake logo that adorns all of their products.
Destructor logo RAZER Logo
The second area where the RAZER Destructor separates itself from the competition is with its reduced thickness. I have included my trusty battle weary RAZER Mantis mat and an XTracPads Fat Mat as a comparison.
Interestingly, RAZER market the Destructor as an Ultra-wide size mouse mat, but yet both the XTracPads Fat Mat and RAZER Mantis are significantly bigger widthways and lengthways by around 2 inches.
comparison view of mouse mats reverse side comparison
The underside surface of the RAZER Destructive is extremely grippy due to its rubber base. Despite several attempts to get it to slide on a range of surfaces (polished timber, Melamine and Stainless steel) it remained resilient and failed to budge.
RAZER Destructor with Logitech G7 RAZER Destructor with Logitech G7_2
Please excuse the sacrilegious images of a Logitech G7 wireless mouse on the RAZER Destructor, but it was the only mouse that I had available near me when taking the review pictures. Honest!!!
The images above further reinforce the fact that the RAZER Destructor isn't exactly huge, but yet the reduced footprint means that those with smaller desktops aren't going to run into any real estate issues.
Let's head over the page to see how we're going to test the RAZER Destructor...
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Most Recent Comments

30-08-2008, 06:04:25

Developed and tested by some of today's top gamers, will the RAZER Destructor crush the opposition in terms of speed, precision and control?


Find out in the reviewQuote

30-08-2008, 11:32:38

That is one nice looking mat. May well grab one to replace this slightly worn out Steelseries 5L i have here.Quote

30-08-2008, 11:39:30

Yep agreed there Jim. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure Quote

30-08-2008, 13:12:31

Got one myself to replace my titan and its the dogs danglies!Quote

30-08-2008, 18:14:42

arguably pointless but might upgrade from the Razer eXactmat... though they seem fairly similar. Still this will look kick a** on my desk Quote

30-08-2008, 18:35:32

Nice review mate! I have still got my sentimental old foam & fabric mousemat (with the kids pics printed on), and never really thought about a gaming mat. Do they really make that much of a difference? I reckon I will have to give one a try out.Quote

30-08-2008, 18:37:00

ooooooh yes! Combine a good mouse with a good mat and its quiet scary the difference. I had an MX1000 and stepped up to a HABU with the Razer eXactmat, and either my fragging skills naturally got much better (I wish...) or the new input devices worked well indeed!Quote

30-08-2008, 18:51:56

I've been meaning to buy a new mouse mat for months now so I reckon I will buy this one.. Been waiting for a good review of one.Quote

30-08-2008, 21:27:12

Thanks for the feedback guys, and I'm glad that you found the review poignant enough to make an immediate purchase doug2507.

@stuartpb:it certainly helps mate, that's for sureQuote

31-08-2008, 00:46:18

i wonder how it compares to icemat series, i use icemat from 1 year , couldnt find better mouse mat for gaming yet , only bad thing is that mouse sliders must be changed every few months couse they dissapear;]Quote

31-08-2008, 01:22:30

Took delivery of mine a few weeks ago. Only problem is, i gave a shot of it to the old man for his mac in the office whilst im building my rig. He didnt wouldnt give it up so had to go order a 2nd.Quote

31-08-2008, 01:26:20

haha I'm just visualising that whole episode right now

@pafk0o: I'm not sure mate as I have never owned an icemat. However, the Fractal surface probably would wear away the feet on your mouse over time I'd imagine. Not terribly so though...Quote

01-10-2008, 18:02:51

I think it's about time I buy this...

I have a pretty expensive rig with decent mouse and large monitor but I'm using a buyagift.co.uk BT mouse mat.....

This has to end NOW!!

*Goes to buy*Quote

02-10-2008, 06:58:26

I need to get one of these soon.Quote

02-10-2008, 07:38:12

I've lent mine to my house mate while my rig is in pieces.

He says it has improved the response he gets from his old laser mouse

Match it up with a lachesis and your flying


02-10-2008, 08:05:32

i had a lachesis before i sold it very next day i bought.I didnt like it.They are huge.I could fit it in my hands...Tiny hands!Quote

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