Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 (Rev 2)

Testing - results

Below are the listed test results. I have completed all of the application specific tests using the Icemat V1, the surface tests are below these.

I used Evoluent's own software for button assignment. "Evoluent Mouse Manager" was very good and worked fine with Windows Vista, which is more than many companies can say about their software.

evoluent mouse manager

Adobe Photoshop detailed photo-editing


Using the mouse in Adobe Photoshop was very smooth and precise. Turning up the DPI to 1300 helped, but I found 1800 and 2600DPI far too sensitive for this work.

The mouse was comfortable to use and being able to assign buttons to different tasks in the Evoluent software was handy.

Macromedia Fireworks banner making

fireworks banner making

Fireworks was much like photoshop. The mouse performed very well and was very smooth. Again the higher DPI adjustment was not needed.

Microsoft Office work (general including Outlook, Excel, Access, Word and Powerpoint)

excel work

Using Office for general spreadsheet/word processing was again a pleasant experience. I really noticed that using the mouse made it more comfortable when entering data in tables and editing spreadsheets for a long period of time.

General web browsing/article writing

article writing/web browsing

Again general web browsing was made more comfortable by the Vertical Mouse 3, with one exception. I found that quite often I found myself pressing the silver thumb button on the mouse - specified as back (as I do on all my mice). This button is too easy to push in and so a couple of times I went backwards when I didn't mean to.

This aside, the third finger button at the bottom is very useful once you get used to it and this further enhanced my browsing experience.

Gaming: FPS - Counter Strike: Source

css testing

Gaming on the Evoluent Vertical Mouse was pretty hard to get used to at first, but some perseverance eventually paid off and I was fragging away as normal (albeit my normal poor standard!). The mouse glides pretty smoothly over the surface and I found that 1800DPI was the best point for my fast-twitch gaming. 2600DPI saw me over-shooting the mark and it was basically impossible to play the game.

Although the Vertical Mouse isn't specifically designed for FPS, if you're a bit of a part time player the mouse certainly shouldn't affect your game after you've gotten used to it. I would even say that the button assigning helps you out as that third finger button is right where you need it.

Gaming: RTS - Command and Conquer 3

cnc3 testing

Gaming in Command and Conquer was also pretty nice, but the one thing I really missed was having on-the-fly DPI switching. It's very useful in CNC3 to have this as it allows you to scroll the whole screen in one movement. This aside, the mouse was smooth and responsive and a pleasure to play for long periods...without arm-ache.

Surface testing

Icemat v1

The Icemat v1 was a good choice to use with the Vertical mouse and it glided up the smooth surface with ease, even without teflon mouse pads. At higher DPI's, however, the hard surface meant that the mouse was far too twitchy.

Free hard surface mousemat

The free hard mousemat I have is a good indicator of whether a mouse can work on all surfaces. The Vertical Mouse took it in it's stride and tracked well across the surface once again.

Office type cloth mousemat

To simulate office use I borrowed a cloth mousemat from the office. The Evoluent mouse again was comfortable and the higher-DPI settings seemed easier to use on this surface. It's a bit of a shame that I didn't have a gaming grade cloth surface as I feel this would be perfectly suited to the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3.

Testing Summary

The Vertical Mouse stood up to all of our testing very well and I was impressed with it's versatility. Perhaps not the very first choice of mouse if you are a hardcore gamer, the Vertical Mouse misses on-the-fly sensitivity changing and perhaps suffers from a little over-zealous thumb button.

These points aside I the mouse performed well in testing.
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Most Recent Comments

02-07-2007, 17:23:29


Find out who, and what and indeed why inside...


02-07-2007, 17:29:03

Mr. Smith
I looked at getting a vertical mouse some time ago but though it might be a bit of a novelty... Seems to work pretty well.

Decent reviewQuote

02-07-2007, 17:39:28

Cool mouse.. Don't think i'd want one though.. As much as the normal mouse is the same and boring, well, i'm the same and boring so it suits me well

Also good review.. I think i'd find it quite hard to come up with 5 pages on a mouse.

1 typo though

The mouse was comfortable so use and being able to assign buttons to different tasks in the Evoluent software was handy.

Edit: Page 4 just incase ya feel like changing..Quote

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