Zotac GTX660Ti AMP! Review


Zotac GTX660Ti AMP! Review


All of the problems that affect the GTX660Ti as a concept when we summarised our thoughts in our Gigabyte Windforce review remain here. It's still either far too expensive, or not powerful enough. We've often commented upon how manufactures end up over-saturating the marketplace with endless varieties of graphics cards that are all too close in performance and price to really make them easy to recommend.

What we need is a dirt-cheap base model for those who play Farmville and watch DVDs. A midrange card for the majority of people who have a couple of hundred to spend, and then an all-singing, all-dancing model for those who wont settle for anything less. We don't need 10 models of the same thing all a few pounds apart. We often compare hardware to the car industry and we'd be wise to take their business plan. You can't buy a Fiesta with a 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 etc etc sized engine. There is a small economical one, one that will sell by the bucketload, and a powerful one. 

So what is the difference between the AMP! and the Windforce? The most obvious, and by far the most important, is the design of the cooler. Whereas Gigabyte appear to have reached into a hardware lucky-dip and bolted on whatever they had in their hand, Zotac have designed a cooler that perfectly fits the PCB of the card it's being attached to. Although it's purely aesthetic, we are visual creatures. It looks better, and that means a lot to us. The biggest surprise is how tiny the card is. We've tested, and this will fit onto a mini-ITX board. If it was any shorter we'd expect it to have a Napoleon Complex.

The Zotac also comes out of the box with a bigger overclock on the GDDR5, although in our testing this had a negligible benefit. It also only overclocked to the same levels as the Gigabyte, and our results pretty much backed this up. Only in the synthetics did the Zotac take a noticeable lead and even then it's only noticeable when compared to the tiny variances in the gaming results.

So all in all there isn't much to choose between the cards. Both are cool, both are quiet, and both perform identically. The only genuine difference is in the looks where we think the Zotac AMP! has the clear upper hand, and so we're glad to award it our OC3D Gamers Choice award.


Thanks to Zotac for supplying the GTX660Ti AMP! Edition for review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.

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Most Recent Comments

16-08-2012, 09:06:23


The second of our reviews of the new GTX660Ti is courtesy of Zotac, and their AMP! model.

Continue ReadingQuote

16-08-2012, 09:14:07

Not very impressive is it really? In the big hitters it fails to deliver any good price/performance, didn't live up to the hype/ 560Ti.Quote

16-08-2012, 09:19:11




Also price difference between the 660ti and 670 is next to nothing, no reason not to save a few extra £ up and go for the 670 or save some money and grab a 7950.Quote

16-08-2012, 09:21:03

I'd say the 7870 is a better card for the priceQuote

16-08-2012, 09:25:10

Yeah, definitely price wise, just lacks performance compared to the 660ti but definietly better value for money.Quote

16-08-2012, 10:20:57

See I prefer the design over the Gigabyte one, Seriously, the Gigabyte one looks horrific. This one I think looks a hell of a lot better. The price really needs to drop to like £220 to make this worthwhile buying. Heck at the price it's at now I'd have to agree and get a GTX 670.Quote

16-08-2012, 13:24:15

Why does the 660 score so much lower than the 580 in your heaven test yet all other reviews show it comfortably beating it.

You also didn't say what tesselation? disabled/normal/extreme ?Quote

16-08-2012, 13:27:27

Hmm, I'm glad I went ahead and ordered the Double D Black 7950, got a killer deal on it. I was honestly hoping this card would come in at a cheaper price point for some sli action. I don't feel like this filled the slot that the great 560ti did. Quote

16-08-2012, 13:38:01

Also the far cry 2 charts, you have the 670 scoring almost double the fps as a 680 Quote

20-08-2012, 08:32:41

the BF3 max settings has an odd result in the graph

OC 7950 smokes the OC 7970? wtf?Quote

20-08-2012, 15:16:54

Absolutely agree with you Tom. Too many cards with only minor differences and way too pricey. IMHO since the GTX500 series of cards, prices have been too high, artificially so.
I bought a GTX570 and it cost £240 then, it still costs £220 now!
The GTX670 came in upwards of £350 and they are still over £300.
The sweet spot for these cards I believe is around £250 at launch.
Then a little while later, when prices begin to fall, the special editions come around and they can charge a bit more.
You mentioned the importance of aesthetics in your review Tom. On that note I would bring your attention to your graphs. I find them difficult to use. I'd like to see the reviewed card in a different colour to make it stand out and maybe group the cards according to type and have the best at the top. And yes I have to agree, some of the results did seem a bit odd, the reference GTX670 in BF3 beating the MSI for example.
That aside, a very good and Prof review as always.
Keep up the good work.Quote

28-08-2012, 02:46:38

should i get this one or the EVGA one?Quote

29-08-2012, 13:06:26

Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
should i get this one or the EVGA one?

Which EVGA one? normal Ti, Ti SC or Ti FTW?

I must say the orange fans on this ones do look good.Quote

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