XFX 9800GX2 Quad SLI

Call of Duty 4 & Oblivion

Call of Duty 4 is a stunning DirectX 9.0c based game that really looks awesome and has a very full feature set. With lots of advanced lighting, smoke and water effects, the game has excellent explosions along with fast gameplay. Using the in-built Call Of Duty features, a 10 minute long gameplay demo was recorded and replayed on each of the GPU's using the /timedemo command a total of 5 times. The highest and lowest FPS results were then removed, with an average being calculated from the remaining 3 results.
Very similar results were had with Infinity Ward's first person shooter. While the 3870x2 was smooth to play the Quad SLI rig showed its superiority at both resolutions and once more AA/AF was a factor in the 3870x2's demise....I think we are starting to see a pattern here.

Oblivion from Bethseda is now an 'old' game by today's standards, but is still one of the most visually taxing games out there. The benchmark was run in the wilderness with all settings set to the maximum possible. Bloom was used in preference to HDR. The test was run five times with the average FPS then being deduced.
A much older game showed a closer set of results for all the setups concerned. Despite this, the 9800GX2 is the clear winner here once more.
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Most Recent Comments

22-06-2008, 10:49:22

With matured drivers we take a look at where your money should go with regards to a Quad GPU setup. XFX 9800GX2's or ATI 3870X2's.


22-06-2008, 11:31:57

nice review mate,and very impressive results.However I can safely say that there is no way I could justify spending that amount on gfx cards,but would love to try it outQuote

22-06-2008, 11:49:45

Yeah it's alot of money to fork out on GPU's and I don't think I could justify paying that much but before doing the review I was more than content with my quadfire setup...now I have my doubts after playing with the Quad SLI setup.Quote

22-06-2008, 12:01:34

Very nice mate very in depth

whens the 4870 crossfire and 280gtx reviews?Quote

22-06-2008, 12:07:58

nice review... shows everything i wanted to see here.. too bad i cant afford the gx2's. 48*0's should be good though. wouldnt mind seeing a review comparing these to the G260/280


22-06-2008, 12:09:30

looks good

but yea, a 4870 in crossfire also would have added nicely to the comparison

but i'm guessing you can only do so much Quote

22-06-2008, 12:10:03

Nice, you can really see quad sli make its own at 2560x1600Quote

22-06-2008, 14:42:05

Cheers. Yeah it would be nice to test the latest and greatest , especially in SLI/CrossfireX - watch this space.

As a side note would you all prefer the res to be turned down a little as I know not everyone has 24-30" screens (although you should!).Quote

22-06-2008, 16:33:41

Nice review again Rich I think the price is far too high even for the half decent high level performance seen here to be honest

Plus those babies get majorly hot and majorly loud Quote

23-06-2008, 05:45:22

One thing that bothers me is how the gx2 takes 2 slots and the single pcb cards take 2 slots.Quote

23-06-2008, 10:22:20

Basically both GPU's are still cooled efficiently as the GX2 has one large cooler attached to both cores(one either side of the cooler) rather than each core having a separate cooler. The downside to this is that the heatsink needs alot of air to be passed through it which in the GX2's case means more noise.Quote

23-06-2008, 11:24:19

What screen you on webbo? a 30" im guessing... Nice review I can see its not really worth it for me on 24, unless I add loads of AA Quote

23-06-2008, 13:38:49

30" although as the results show a 24" would also be affected though not as much as the res is scaled down.Quote

23-06-2008, 13:39:45

:O lucky buggerQuote

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