Sapphire 4850x2 2GB PCIe Graphics Card

Far Cry 2, Call of Duty 4 & Crysis

Ubisoft has developed a new engine specifically for Far Cry 2, called Dunia, meaning "world", "earth" or "living" in Parsi. The engine takes advantage of multi-core processors as well as multiple processors and supports DirectX 9 as well as DirectX 10. Running the Far Cry 2 benchmark tool the test was run 5 times with the highest and lowest scores being omitted and the average calculated from the remaining 3.


Call of Duty 4 is a stunning DirectX 9.0c based game that really looks awesome and has a very full feature set. With lots of advanced lighting, smoke and water effects, the game has excellent explosions along with fast game play. Using the in-built Call Of Duty features, a 10-minute long game play demo was recorded and replayed on each of the GPU's using the /timedemo command a total of 5 times. The highest and lowest FPS results were then removed, with an average being calculated from the remaining 3 results.

Crysis is without doubt one of the most visually stunning and hardware-challenging games to date. By using CrysisBench - a tool developed independently of Crysis - we performed a total of 5 timedemo benchmarks using a GPU-intensive pre-recorded demo. To ensure the most accurate results, the highest and lowest benchmark scores were then removed and an average calculated from the remaining three.
Results Analysis

In both Call of Duty 4 and Far Cry 2, the 4850x2 blows the GTX280 out of the water bettering it by some margin, even with an increase in resolution and AA/AF are added. Crysis remains a weakness for ATI though with the GTX280 winning hands down in that benchmark. Texture corruption was also apparent in Crysis testing on the 4850x2 which again, is most likely due to the drivers.

Let's head over to the conclusion where I cast my overview on the 4850x2...
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Most Recent Comments

27-12-2008, 11:50:40

Two fans, two cores, two gigabytes of GDDR3. Will this be double trouble for Nvidia? Find out as we test ATI's latest GPU...

Read the full review HERE.Quote

27-12-2008, 12:27:12

Awesome card.

You should have also compared it to a Radeon HD 4870x2 to see the difference between the reds.

At 1600x1200, the GTX280 had double the frames of the 4850x2 in Crysis.

More driver problems?Quote

27-12-2008, 12:34:56

Very intresting, can't beleive I'm saying this but the high end ATI cards especialy the 4870x2 are getting more and more tempting and with this card I guess once the drivers are ironed out its likely to be good.

The GTX295 so far hasn't impressed me much, I'd like to have seen a single card solution as in a sucessor to the GTX280 however it's somewhat unfair to jump to conclusions just yet.

So I we will wait and see but judging by the previous 9800 GX2 wich I owned but wasn't overly impressed by, I don't like the layout idea of two cards linked with an internal SLI connector....I'm sure you will be able to give us the low down on that soon enough though any dates on a review webbo???

Good ReviewQuote

27-12-2008, 12:44:22

Due to it being the xmas period we won't have any GTX295's to report on just yet but as the impending release date is expected to be mid/late January I would expect to read a review around that time .Quote

27-12-2008, 12:46:37

will keep an eye outQuote

27-12-2008, 12:59:32

Meh... Noisy, bad driver support (worse than ATi itself... WOW) and about equal performance to the gtx280. Not to mention the fact that 2 cores on one card are harder to custom cool with air.

I was once hoping to go 4850x2, but now the only option I would remotely consider is another 4850 or a gtx260 216.

EDIT: good review though ^^Quote

27-12-2008, 15:33:08

Gotta say I have though many times about the 4870X2 but in my case I feel i'm better running my 2x GTX280's a little longer will see what happens over the first quarter of 2009 could be an intresting year for the GPUQuote

27-12-2008, 15:40:11

I've got 2 x 280's (third on the way) and there is nothing I can't play at max res with all the goodies turned on.Quote

27-12-2008, 15:50:35

The price is the bad thing for this card. Ebuyers current pricing;

Sapphire HD 4850 X2 2GB GDDR3 Quad DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card = £336

Sapphire HD 4870X2 2GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card = £379

For me it would be hard to buy the 4850x2 knowing that for £40 odd extra I could have the 4970x2. I mean, who would?Quote

27-12-2008, 15:59:07

People who need quad screen, but they would probably go for the good ol' 2x 4850 if they wanted real performance or with some strange quadro card supporting 16 monitors or so.

And indeed, every enthusiast which looks around himself will probably buy the '70x2Quote

08-06-2009, 16:34:54

i have this gpu is awsome with this ring

asus p5q deluxe

intel core 2 quad 2.66ghz

4GB ram ddr 2 800mhz

saphire 4850x2Quote

08-06-2009, 18:28:09

Way to revive a dead thread....

Welcome to the forums though mate Quote

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