PowerColor HD7970 Overclocking & Eyefinity Review


PowerColor HD7970 Eyefinity Review


When we were testing the VTX3D at stock we were blown away by the immense performance available with the HD7970. Of course we were chomping at the bit to overclock it, and boy was it worth the wait.

The most important thing is ease of overclocking. It's all very well us going on about the performance enhancement that overclocking brings, but we're aware that not everyone is comfortable with pushing their hardware beyond the recommended limits. Especially if you're a little tight for cash, as most of us are, the last thing you need is to release the magic smoke.

Thankfully the HD7970 is a complete breeze to overclock. No need to fret about temperatures or voltages. Simply load up Catalyst, unlock the overclocking, slide the GPU slider to the end, apply and you're done.

And heavens to betsy it's worth doing. Whilst the stock results are damn impressive, when overclocked it's a total animal. Gobbling up everything we threw at it without a flinch. When the HD7970 is beating out the HD6990 and pretty often smokes the GTX590 too, then what can we do but smile and nod at the enormous leap forwards AMD have made.

Let there be no doubt, this is the fastest single-GPU card available. If you want the hottest thing right now then this is it.

As for Eyefinity, it's not quite there yet. There are some titles that work perfectly well, but a single card isn't quite capable of running everything at the moment.

Of course being a reference design there isn't much to talk about with the PowerColor side of things. It's nice that they have used plan cardboard for the internal packaging, because every bit of the environment we can save is a good thing. It's also nice to have a free copy of Dirt 3. The only thing about that is that anyone who has brought a GPU in the last 12 months has probably got a free one already, so a different game would have been nice.

A stunning card that is only improved by the overclocking. Of course it gets the OC3D Gold Award.


Thanks to PowerColor for supplying the HD7970 for review. Discuss in our forums.

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09-01-2012, 00:00:35


Next up in our insane look at the HD7970 is Powercolor, purveyors of some of our favourite Radeon cards.

Continue ReadingQuote

09-01-2012, 03:28:57


09-01-2012, 03:32:57

Good work AMD. Nice to see.Quote

09-01-2012, 04:23:04

These cards are retailing in Australia for the same price as a 3gig GTX580 so bang for buck can't beat it ATM.Quote

09-01-2012, 05:21:58

Just amazing...

Great vids Tom. All we need know are better drivers.

The prices are a bit steep but what the hell.

Personally I'm going to wait till their are some oc editions with better cooling before i shell out 800+ on a couple of these beauty's.

Great work Tom, go have a lie down know. Quote

09-01-2012, 05:28:16

XFX has already released their dual fan version.Quote

09-01-2012, 05:33:08

Originally Posted by Lollipop View Post

XFX has already released their dual fan version.
Thanks for that, just got back on my pc after 2 weeks of family fun

I'm guna wait a few more weeks to see whats what before i declare my self bankrupt. Quote

09-01-2012, 05:37:24

Wait for Saphires monster 1335mhz at stock card Quote

09-01-2012, 05:42:40

Originally Posted by SieB View Post

Wait for Saphires monster 1335mhz at stock card
Will do sounds tasty, and date for release?Quote

09-01-2012, 05:44:11

Originally Posted by 8bit View Post

Will do sounds tasty, and date for release?
No date but it is in the works, maybe a couple of weeks or so, not sure to be honest.Quote

09-01-2012, 15:04:16

| raVen |
In retailers there are pictures of the card with this ugly red pcb, for example VTX one on Aria, but Toms one have black pcb? Does that mean that they will be selling this cards with only black pcb?Or somebody can get unhappy and get the red one???

Also really looking for it to get one of those and put water block on it Quote

09-01-2012, 15:06:56

The XFX Black Edition looks amazing .Quote

10-01-2012, 00:23:58

The 7970 looks pretty cool. Hopefully AMD will continue to impress with their video card line up. Anticipating what the vendors will be bringing out in terms of their respective coolers and card variations. Quote

06-03-2012, 00:52:21

1125mhz oc with CCC. Was this the maximum limit and how far can it be pushed mhz/mV? Can it be pushed further in msi afterburner perhaps.

I like the performance of this card. It beats the Gigabyte oc in so many benches :-)

Maybe TTL or someone else could anwear about this. Thanks in advanceQuote

09-03-2012, 12:37:47

Great review. The 7970 is quite the card.Quote

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