Gigabyte 4850 1GB

Packaging & Up Close

Packaging and Up Close

Gigabyte have always supplied good packaging on their products, and the 4850 was no exception. The card came in perfect condition, and the packaging was all in tact.

Gigabyte 4850 1gb Box Gigabyte 4850 1gb inner box

The box comes with a simple two colour scheme, with a CGI character on the front. The box has a few key features of the card, but not too many, which is refreshingly clean. Inside the outer box is a white box which has a large flap to reveal the card inside. The hole at the back is used for lifting another flap, which conceals the included bundle.
 Gigabyte 4850 1gb bundle

Included inside we have: Quick start guide, User manual, Driver disk, HDMI adapter, DVI to D-sub adapter, PCI-e to molex power adapter, TV connection adapter and a Crossfire bridge. This is a fairly good bundle, with the HDMI adapter probably the most useful inclusion; the rest is pretty standard.

Gigabyte 4850 1gb card Gigabyte 4850 1gb back

The card itself isn't particularly 'busy'. Unlike a lot of cards it isn't dominated by an overly large cooler. The card is also fairly compact, and should fit into all but the smallest of cases. The card uses a 6pin power connector, which means it will run on a low spec PSU and shouldn't harm your wallet too much with the electricity bill.
Gigabyte 4850 1gb Cooler Gigabyte 4850 1gb Cooler

The cooler itself is manufactured my Zalman. It uses a pair of heatpipes to conduct the heat away into the fins and fan. Unfortunately the cooler doesn't provide any cooling for the memory, and with 1024MB of it, it may get a bit toasty. The cooler itself is tall enough to take up two slots, which seems a bit of a shame; it would have been far more practical for the end user to have a longer but single slot cooler.

Gigabyte 4850 1gb Covers Gigabyte 4850 1gb covers

Something we don't usually see is the little rubber covers over all the connectors. Gigabyte have even covered the two crossfire connectors (for Crossfire X). We're not sure if the covers are a good or a bad thing, it does help to prevent dust and other foreign objects the ports, but doesn't really offer any other benefits. As they don't match the PCB for colour, they also look a bit out of place. Nice idea but not really needed.
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Most Recent Comments

24-02-2009, 12:49:05

With a price of ~£150, can the Gigabyte 4850 play with the big boys or is it best left on the shelves?

Find out in our latest review here Quote

24-02-2009, 13:27:56

I hate the look of bare graphics cards as they just look untidy.

Though for the person who likes his money, this would be cool.Quote

24-02-2009, 16:31:40

Originally Posted by name='zak4994'
I hate the look of bare graphics cards as they just look untidy.

Though for the person who likes his money, this would be cool.
Weirdly enough I agree. Ever since the slick look of the 8800GT's crap cooler, I've preferred that look.

However. I really like the fin arrangement Gigabyte have on that sink.

However2. Blowing down on a card and letting the hot air go where it wants is not the best idea.

£143 looks good. I'd still opt for a £100 9800gtxyzabc+++ after the afternoon I just had with ATI's drivers. Thank u very much.

Great review.Quote

24-02-2009, 16:56:54

Nice review, Tom!

One thing though, for an extra £20 odd you can have a Sapphire 4870, so why spend £143 on a 4850? Anyways, nice review. Keep 'em coming! Quote

25-02-2009, 11:22:55

Originally Posted by name='°TheMadDutchDude°'
Nice review, Tom!

One thing though, for an extra £20 odd you can have a Sapphire 4870, so why spend £143 on a 4850? Anyways, nice review. Keep 'em coming!
Is the 4870 512mb or normal? We did have a 4870 in the tests, which didn't do so well on the CPF.Quote

14-03-2009, 22:16:09

I recommended a friend to buy one of these for his build, but it turns out that it doesn't come with an onboard fan controller, and the fan was running at 100% all the time (No amount of driver hacks, rivatuner, BIOS mods would do anything to change that). He had to fight to get a refund (as it wasn't faulty per-say, apparently it's default behaviour from gigabyte), but fortunately they took it back in the end.

Although the zalman cooler used on this is quieter than the stock cooler would have been (which is what drew me to this card in the first place), it's still to noisy to run at 100% all the time.

So if noise bothers you, avoid this card!


15-03-2009, 04:34:46

Or buy an aftermarket air cooler

I have a sapphire hd4850 512 which had a noisy little bugger on it. After having replaced it with a scythe musashi (€32) it was dead quiet. If you have an additional PCI slot to sacrifice the arctic cooling accellero s1 with a 120mm fan tiewrapped onto it is about €25.Quote

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