Asus 5850 TOP Review

Gaming Part 2


Gaming Part 2

Dirt 2

Here is our first strange result. Now before you jump up and down it has to be noted that the numbers we're dealing with are so small as to be barely noticeable, and within error tolerance. Nonetheless the Top in stock format did better than the overclocked reference model.


Venerable old Grid is very much past the end of its life but we've got a soft spot for the old girl here and couldn't resist dusting her off again.

After the anomaly of Dirt 2 we return to the familiar pattern with the Overclocked Top standing proudly at the top of the pile.

NFS Shift

Need for Speed Shift definitely enjoys a little more grunt and here the rewards of a more modern card with better cooling and a higher speed are obvious. About the only way you could make the driving experience more enjoyable would be to have a warm tin of Castrol R on the desk and get the other half to burn some rubber.

So my fine friends who actually read the review rather than skipping to the conclusion, let's join the impatient ones shall we.

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Most Recent Comments

09-04-2010, 05:40:09

Asus 5850 TOP GPU..... But is it top of the pile?

Continue ReadingQuote

09-04-2010, 06:27:08

grammer error on the dirt 2 introQuote

09-04-2010, 08:41:27

Spelling mistake..... AMDQuote

09-04-2010, 08:58:25

There's an error on the Dirt2 graph labels. I think 'Top Stock' and 'OC Ref' are the wrong way around - according to the description you gave.Quote

09-04-2010, 10:09:29

Originally Posted by name='Msm2'
Spelling mistake..... AMD
alryt my badQuote

09-04-2010, 12:38:54

Glad you boys pay attention. Helps us feel good about our work.

Graph key on Dirt2 graph was backwards. Fixed. So words are right, graph is right, key was wrong.


09-04-2010, 12:39:40

Originally Posted by name='AMDFTW'
grammer error on the dirt 2 intro
Everyone's a critic. Care to be a little more specific?Quote

09-04-2010, 13:11:27

Originally Posted by name='VonBlade'
Glad you boys pay attention. Helps us feel good about our work.

Graph key on Dirt2 graph was backwards. Fixed. So words are right, graph is right, key was wrong.

Lol, sorry but I was surprised that the stock Top settings beat the OC Ref on FPS - I guess I just needed confirmation. Sorry if it sounded a bit anal.Quote

09-04-2010, 13:34:17

Any idea if DirectCU comes on reference design pcb?Quote

09-04-2010, 15:15:00

you need to add other cards to the graphs, 5870, 5850 normal, etc.Quote

09-04-2010, 16:01:29


You do realise that all our reviews are on the site already? You can look through them if you'd like.

We did a 5 series round up you can look at. We've just done a 5870 both stock and overclocked. They are all easily visible within the website.

Rather than many sites that regurgitate their data month after month, we retest every single time for each review. If we covered every card you could think of, including reformatting between cards, we'd put a review up every couple of months.

So we prefer to test what needs to be tested to get sensible results. If you wish to compare further, feel free to make the effort of reading our other reviews.

@ emax27. No it doesn't. It's the cooler design itself and therefore specific to this model.Quote

12-04-2010, 09:42:45

Originally Posted by name='VonBlade'
Everyone's a critic. Care to be a little more specific?
it was in the dirt 2 intro when you was writing about the card,but it has been changed now anyay Quote

12-04-2010, 18:01:17

Hmm. Strange I didn't change a word.

Thanks anyway Quote

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