Asus ROG Crosshair IV Formula



With the testing drawn to a close it's now time to take off our testing hats and comment. I hate to say it but there isn't a lot to say as quite frankly it's an excellent motherboard. Throughout the testing procedure it performed exactly as it should, matching and even surpassing it's 890GX sibling. Out of all the Socket AM3 motherboards tested, the Crosshair IV Formula has been the most forgiving as we relentlessly ramped up CPU, Northbridge and Memory frequencies. The motherboard successfully combined both form and function, by offering a stylish appearance and a very usable board layout.

The Crosshair IV Formula sports an extensive feature list. To some, the ROG modcons might be considered "gimmicky", but every single one of it's utilities have genuine purposes. For novices, the automated overclocking functions (Turbo Key and TurboV) are absolutely invaluable. These utilities do not require any prerequisite overclocking knowledge and truly define the meaning of free and easy performance gains. Meanwhile, the more adventurous users are presented with a number of excellent diagnosis and tweaking utilities as well as a fantastic BIOS.

As far as high end Socket AM3 motherboards go, this one must be among the best. If value for money is a concern then this motherboard is definitely not for you. As much as I would like to complement this particular offering all day long, there's no avoiding the fact that the price of the Crosshair IV Formula lies in Intel Core i7 X58 territory. As my colleague's take on the Phenom II X6 1090T processor reveals, AMD are effectively pitching their six core processors against Intel's Core i7 Quad Core processors.

All things considered, the Republic of Gamers division is not about value for money or for that matter, common sense. If you live, eat and breath AMD, and are able to fully justify the added premium for additional features, then this is your motherboard. We would love to offer the Crosshair IV Formula the "Best in Class" award but with plenty of AMD 8 series boards to test, only time will tell if we can...

The Good
- Excellent Overclocker
- Excellent Automated Overclock Functionality
- Sensible Board Layout
- Asus Core Unlocking Functionality
- ROG Connect works a treat
- Creative X-Fi Software Offers Improved Sound Quality

The Mediocre
- Questionable VDroop with LLC set to Auto or Disabled

The Bad
- None

Thanks to Asus for sample today you can discuss all todays reviews in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

26-04-2010, 23:11:36

Its finally time to find out how good this board really is!

Continue ReadingQuote

27-04-2010, 00:32:17

I Hunta x
Mmmm pretty damn sexy mobo, any news on the Extreme? (£ / Release dates?)Quote

27-04-2010, 01:02:38

Wow, this is cheap for a ROG and that is, if it does turn out to launch around this price.

I suspect the Extreme would be more, am guessing around ~£200?Quote

27-04-2010, 01:33:23

I Hunta x
Yeah i was thinking around the £225 mark, got a few months till my course starts so more than enough time for some more boards running the new chipset to come out and compare the performance/overclocks, i just hope these keep ahead of them as "Well it is the best board i can buy for it" is more than a good enough excuse to buy such a good looking mobo.Quote

27-04-2010, 03:31:58

Compared to intel offerings with similar features, £167 seems like good value to me. Compared to other AMD boards it's a little pricey, but the performance looks hard to beat.Quote

27-04-2010, 06:13:25

Its a very nice board, Im a sucker for good looks it does kinda help its a doddle to use aswell.Quote

27-04-2010, 06:47:18

The inbuilt overclocking features seem quite well executed considering it's such a fine art with a wide range of chips out there. Certainly good to get someone started.

I'm glad they adopted the red/black colours, looks nicer than the C3F imo and brings it into line with the intel boards.Quote

27-04-2010, 07:21:15

Ive been saying for a long time that AMD need better motherboards, the Crosshairs seem to be the motherboards I was hoping for both in performace and most importantly looks.Quote

27-04-2010, 11:55:03

My first Asus motherboard in 5 years which was an AMD board i.e. Asus A8N-Sli Premium which worked 8+ hours a day for over 4 years before I sold it for only £40 less than I bought it for!

I've never been one for motherboard looks but I must admit I did get suckered in, was the first thing that caught my eye about it, just waiting for my 1090T to arrive - can't wait to get it hooked up.

The worse review I've seen so far out of everyones is bit-tech, lack of depth, lack of benchmarks, lack of detail etc.

Enjoyed the review, can't find fault with it to be honest, not just saying that either if I thought it was crap I would say so.Quote

27-04-2010, 14:31:56

Looks like a sick board. If I didnt already have an i7, Id go for this board and the 1090T no questions askedQuote

28-04-2010, 15:31:29

it would have been nice if U had tested the 8GB green set dominator from corsair with this nice board8)Quote

29-04-2010, 06:33:24

We cant test everything when the first review goes live dude Quote

29-04-2010, 06:37:16

Cant is such an ugly wordQuote

29-04-2010, 06:38:21

Well I have said 8gb kit which I'll be more than happy to give a full run down once the extreme board becomes available Quote

29-04-2010, 06:57:05

the reason why i want em to test the 8GB set is that i have one myself, but i have never had the chance to test it cause i dont have the motherboard for it

not yet anyways:-PQuote

29-04-2010, 07:04:40

Originally Posted by name='barkaway'
the reason why i want em to test the 8GB set is that i have one myself, but i have never had the chance to test it cause i dont have the motherboard for it

not yet anyways:-P
What I said dude is we have 1 review up for the Hex, there will be more to come. Patience young padawan.Quote

29-04-2010, 07:13:50

hey i am patient, bt not that young:-PQuote

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