ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Preview

First Look - Continued

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 2011 Preview

Preview Continued

The business end of the Rampage IV Extreme has a really cool feature. The top PCI Express slot has a triple slot gap before the next one. Really useful if you're fortunate enough to own the ASUS Mars II for example, but equally almost and GPU will benefit from a bit of extra space to maximise airflow.

The certainly isn't a shortage of SATA options. Alongside that are some temperature monitoring points, if you're the kind of person who is on first name terms with your local LN2 supplier this could prove very handy indeed.

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme PCIe Slots Preview     ASUS Rampage IV Extreme SATA Preview  

There certainly is a lot of power available to the board, with an 8 Pin and 4 Pin connector behind the CPU socket. As well as the usual ASUS high-end features, there is also a cool feature that allows you to 'hotwire' your system for extremely fine voltage control without having to trim variable resistors.

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme ProbeIt Preview     ASUS Rampage IV Extreme ATX Power Preview  

The IO at the back has nearly everything you could wish for, including a plethora of USB ports. It's been a while since we've seen active cooling on an ASUS Intel board. We hope that it's more precautionary.

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme IO Preview     ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Release Preview

Video Overview

Not long as you'll be able to read our full review of the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme. In the meantime discuss your thoughts in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

01-11-2011, 17:38:50


We know you're as excited as us for the X79 range of motherboards, so here is a quick preview.

Continue ReadingQuote

01-11-2011, 17:40:44

Y u tease us!!!!!!??????Quote

01-11-2011, 17:43:47

ROG motherboards never look bad.Quote

01-11-2011, 17:49:29

Right, where do I sign up for one of these Quote

01-11-2011, 17:53:39

Goddamnit. Why did i buy Z68 3 months ago. That is so good, following ROG tradition.Quote

01-11-2011, 17:57:38

Half chubb territoryQuote

01-11-2011, 18:04:19

Omg.... can not wait for the testing with the dual Mars cards

01-11-2011, 18:11:16

From what i managed to watch of the video due to ty internet speeds, this board looks fantastic.Quote

01-11-2011, 18:16:11


I love my ROG P55, I should keep it going and reccommend to any OC'ers; get this, I bet it'll be awesomely satisfying

Thanks OC3DQuote

01-11-2011, 18:22:05

I agree. I can't wait. X79 will be out of my budget though .Quote

01-11-2011, 18:37:38

Wow! very nice... *thinks up ways to raise A LOT of money!*Quote

01-11-2011, 18:42:56

Lordy! It would help if you had a bleedin' proof reader.Quote

01-11-2011, 19:06:28

Asus Rampage IV Extreme review with 2 x MARS II in 1080P OMG OMG OMG........wooosaaa........need to calm down abit........wooosaaa.........

feel abit better.......................WANT THE REVIEW NOW WE ALL WANT TO SEE!!!!! Quote

01-11-2011, 19:41:14

well now....this came atta nowhere!!!!!!Quote

01-11-2011, 19:47:59

Very nice looking forward to the full reviewQuote

01-11-2011, 20:31:35

I only have one issue with this motherboard. The South Bridge heatsink has a fan in it, so it could end up being quite loud. Hopefully I'm wrong about the noise though.Quote

01-11-2011, 21:08:11

A wb on this would be bazingaQuote

01-11-2011, 23:02:17

OMFG this thing is the Dogs Danglies it looks like a board on steroids! Quote

02-11-2011, 04:29:06

Three things I see with this system board:

1. Lift that silly blower off the NB and swap it for a water block - those tiny fans don't last 18 months running 24/7 unless they have very fancy bearings.

2. If I went with a pair of Mars 2 cards I would water-cool them. Problem is no water blocks exist for the Mars 2, and probably never will. A quartet of next-gen 600 cards running in quad-SLI will make this board scream.

3. Tom, you need to get your greedy little mits on a 8C/16T CPU...

Keep up the great work!Quote

02-11-2011, 05:18:08

Are those chipset fans as noisy as everyone says? Surely at a low rpm they shouldn't much noise.Quote

02-11-2011, 05:49:30

oh for the love of pete. someone help me. I am currently in the process of finding anything that I own, worth selling, so that I can buy this board and make something wonderful happen. Quote

02-11-2011, 09:24:12

my keyboard is all sticky nowQuote

02-11-2011, 09:48:16

Originally Posted by ShortAlieN View Post

oh for the love of pete. someone help me. I am currently in the process of finding anything that I own, worth selling, so that I can buy this board and make something wonderful happen.
A kidney should cover it. Quote

02-11-2011, 12:41:32

Good looking board and a very nice preview Tom

I do like that Asus have taken the best from the R3E and R3E Black edition board an put all the features in to one board.Quote

02-11-2011, 16:22:10

Originally Posted by Ravious View Post

I agree. I can't wait. X79 will be out of my budget though .
Didnt think there was any prices at the moQuote

02-11-2011, 16:40:33

Mr Moose
Originally Posted by murphy7801 View Post

Didnt think there was any prices at the mo
Budget hex will be just shy of £500 with the top end being £1000 naturally.

Motherboards....not too sure.Quote

02-11-2011, 19:04:30

Originally Posted by Mr Moose View Post

Budget hex will be just shy of £500 with the top end being £1000 naturally.

Motherboards....not too sure.
Iv seen the sites you referring to when comes to pricing they seem alittle vague at best even on the cpus so not holding my breath till see actual retail pricing or official Intel press release for the uk.Quote

02-11-2011, 19:30:45

I'd work on the budget hex being about £450 ($583 * .6264£/$ * 1.2 (VAT)) plus a little for the retailers should come out at about that price. The mainboards will probably be about £300-350 for a top end one (going off Z68 and x58 prices).Quote

08-11-2011, 20:23:31

Johnny Utah
From various reports, this board will come in around $450.00.

I'm ALL over it.Quote

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