ASUS Rampage Extreme Motherboard

Packaging and Contents

Packaging and Contents
I must admit that I've always been a sucker for the slick packaging appeal of ASUS's Republic Of Gamer (R.O.G) motherboards. The familiar black and grey theme are very appealing and helps the product stand out without being overbearing.
Rampage Extreme package front Rampage Extreme package rear
The front of the ASUS Rampage Extreme box features the now familiar R.O.G logo and advertises quite blatantly that the ASUS Rampage Extreme is "Designed for overclockers". The rear of the box displays the impressive specifications of the ASUS Rampage Extreme.
Rampage Extreme sneak peak Rampage Extreme side view
Now ASUS likes to tease us a little with their R.O.G motherboards, and the Rampage Extreme is no different - I'm salivating heavily at the moment. The left hand side and underneath the top cover of the box provide us with a fleeting glance of the goodness contained within. It appeals to the voyeur in all of us I'm sure.
Inside top cover
On the flip-side of the top lid ASUS has continued to provide us with the features of the Rampage Extreme. Although the majority of the features here aren't particularly new, they make for a welcome addition and enhance the appeal of the motherboard in my opinion.
Continuing on...inside the ASUS Rampage Extreme's box lies the motherboard and an impressive array of accessories. To be honest, I've always loved ASUS' R.O.G accessories. The sheer volume of stuff makes you feel like you are getting better value for your dollar. We'll look at the motherboard shortly, but for now we'll concentrate on the accessory box.  Featuring a similar theme to the outer box (black and grey), the accessory box provides you with everything to get the motherboard set up, bar the kitchen sink. I have itemised the contents for you below:
* Fusion Block System Accessory
* Optional Thermal Kit for NB and MOS
* DIY Pedestal
* ASUS Optional Fan
* SupremeFX X-Fi Audio Card
* External LCD Poster
* 3 in 1 ASUS Q-Connector Kit
* UltraDMA 133/100/66 cable
* Floppy disk drive cable
* SATA cables
* SATA power cables
* 2-port USB2.0 + IEEE 1394a module
* EL I/O Shield
* Thermal sensor cables
* Cable Ties
* User's manual
* Support CD
 Accessory box Inside accessory box
I've owned one ASUS R.O.G board previously - the Blitz Formula SE, and the ASUS Rampage Extreme provides a significant  improvement in the accessory bundle of the Blitz Formula SE. The first improvement is the inclusion of the ASUS Q-Shield. The Q-Shield makes a move away from the stereotypical backplate by removing the metal spring steel holders with a nicely padded foil backing. The foil backing ensures that the motherboard fits snugly against the backplate, but the absence of the spring steel holders means that they can no longer get in the way.
User manual and CD ASUS I/O backplate
The LCD poster has recieved an upgrade from the original unit, in that it now displays additional information to the use other than interpretations of obscure post numbers. The improved LCD poster can now cycle through key voltages and temperatures during a Windows session rather than just act as a clock (which is still an option if you so wish). This is very useful for monitoring true voltages, or at least what the motherboard interprets as true rather than making use of software-based monitoring applications. ASUS has also included one of the familiar clip-on fans which according to the manual is for mounting on the power regulation heatsink.
LCD poster, Power Fan and I/O backplate Contents
The remainder of the bundle is pretty much a bog standard lot now for an ASUS R.O.G motherboard. However, I do like the fact that ASUS has bundled wormdrive clips now for their Fusion block instead of the spring clips that came with the earlier motherboards.
MOSFET heatsink NB Fusion Block replacement
The ASUS Rampage Extreme comes with two additional heatsinks. The one on the left is to replace the existing low-profile one on the power regulation MOSFET's to the left hand side of the CPU socket. The taller heatsink provides a greater cooling surface area and subsequently you should see some drop in temperatures from that area if you use it. The second heatsink can be used to replace the Fusion waterblock if you decide that you don't want to water-cool the North Bridge.
ASUS SupremeFX X-Fi ASUS SupremeFX X-Fi_2
ASUS includes an Supreme FX X-Fi sound card. The supplied sound card is simply the onboard sound removed from the motherboard and instead applied as a PCIe x1 daughter board. By doing this, ASUS makes way on the actual motherboard PCB to include additional features.
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Most Recent Comments

10-08-2008, 07:53:45

With a Q6600 and DDR3 in hand we set out to clock the nuts off ASUS's latest motherboard aimed squarely at the overclocker.


10-08-2008, 10:17:55

The bad??? 246 bloody pounds, that's the bad!

Nice review mateQuote

10-08-2008, 11:23:18

Nice review, mate.

This board is really cool looking, but the price tag hurts my eyes .

They should put that cooler onto the rampage formula and the sound card also .Quote

10-08-2008, 12:45:52

Mr. Smith
£250! Are they serious?!

8/10 on the price!? Are you serious or have you started crapping 24 carrot turds?

It's a nice mobo (and review) but £250 is beyond a joke. I hope this flops. Top end mobos should be around the £150/175 max. I can't... It's... £250. WTF.Quote

10-08-2008, 15:11:21

Is that the only award it gets. Editor's Choice

I suggest you go back and put more awards like Gamers Choice and Best in its class Quote

10-08-2008, 17:24:54

Originally Posted by name='Mr. Smith'
£250! Are they serious?!

8/10 on the price!? Are you serious or have you started crapping 24 carrot turds?

It's a nice mobo (and review) but £250 is beyond a joke. I hope this flops. Top end mobos should be around the £150/175 max. I can't... It's... £250. WTF.
My sentiments exactly mate, PC manufacturers should start getting a handle on what an 'enthusiast' is. It's not someone who spends that on a mobo, that's for sure.

8/10 on price is a little generous I feel Matt

Lush board though Quote

10-08-2008, 20:05:24

Thanks for the comments and feedback guys it is appreciated. As for the price issue, yes it is a very dear board. But I'd probably pay that for a motherboard of this calibre personally. When I bought my Blitz Formula SE it was nearly AUS$500, and after conversion the ASUS Rampage Formula comes in at AUS$530. It's relative. Hopefully the price will fall significantly in the short term as it is a great motherboardQuote

10-08-2008, 20:07:43

Great review mate. It's made me interested enough to consider trying one I am either going to get this one or wait for the x58's.Quote

11-08-2008, 03:39:50

Hi mate and thanks. I'm sure that you'd have a load of fun tweaking this board. Quote

11-08-2008, 07:37:56

PP Mguire
Great review. This board certainly is awesome. I believe the first ROG board was the Crosshair though Quote

11-08-2008, 16:08:00

Mr. Smith
Hey Peevs,

Well I got the Blitz formula at launch too, it was £170 with next day delivery, so I still don't see how you can justify the 8/10 value... Areyou sure youpaid $500 AUS for the blitz? This mobo is the same calibre as the Blitz was at that time. An £80 increase for a top end mobo over such a short time period isn't right. The rest of the review is top notch though

I totally agree with Matt of the Kempez variety on this one, manufacturers need to wake up.Quote

11-08-2008, 16:47:36

I'm probably biased on this, but this is my personal not my professional view.

The Rampage Extreme is a kickass board, though a little pricy at this time. As we all know though, these prices tend to drop fairly rapidly and I'd certainly expect the same of the Rampage.Quote

12-08-2008, 11:18:51

Wicked board, and I mean wicked in terms of todays youth slang (wicked, yo, cool, innit)....wicked price though....and I mean that in terms of saddam hussein, michael jackson and apple, ie evil....i'd like to see how it fares with a couple of 4870x2's as ATI are now boasting the fastest cards on the market...could be interesting that an ATI/Intel Platform will be the fastest...good review like the extra optional heatsinks...I am a sucker for hunks of metal though...oooo shinyQuote

12-08-2008, 12:28:22

Way too expensive, other than that looks like a great board. The price of hardware is getting pretty ridiculous these days because like it or not, rightly or wrongly, PC's will always be compared to consoles and its becoming like the price of an upgrade would buy you a new console!Quote

12-08-2008, 13:59:41

PP Mguire
Well this IS a top of the line board. You dont need to buy it to have top notch performance though. Always expect top of the line to be extremely pricey.Quote

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