ASUS Maximus III Extreme 1156 Motherboard

Synthetic Benchmarks


Synthetic Benchmarks

Ah the good old synthetics. Where would the world of hardware be without some hard numbers. I'm sure many people only care about the overclock we got and how many FPS you get in Crysis. But if, like me, you have a real passion for this, then nothing is quite as exciting as breaking certain magic barriers.

Sisoft Sandra

Sandra has a great set of benchmarks with lots of upto-date comparisons and an easy to see guide on where your hardware fits. Today we'll be utilising the CPU Arithmetic benchmark, looking at the Dhrystone and Whetstone results.

The Dhrystone result saw a very impressive 94.3 GIPS at stock speed, with a 24.4 GIPS improvement in overclocked trim. This is a very good increase, especially as this isn't one of those tests that will see a linear improvement.

Moving to the Whetstone benchmark we see a similar result, in that the i7 870/Maximus III Extreme combination gives us a very impressive 61.8 GFLOPS which rises to 77.14 when overclocked. That's 91% of the theoretical overclock performance, showing that the Maximus really doesn't get in the way of your performance at all.


Everest Ultimate

Lavalys' Everest is a comprehensive array of benchmarking tests and hardware information. For todays benchmarks we'll be running the AES Encrypytion, CPU Photoworxx and CPU Queen tests for our processor and the copy, read and write tests for the memory.

As you can see, all three tests benefited hugely from the clockspeed increase the Maximus III Extreme afforded us, with the Photoworxx test in particular giving a staggering improvement.


Now and again we're blessed in that we can crack certain numbers that once seemed impossible. Much like our overclocking experience on the Maximus III Extreme allows us to hit 4GHz without difficulty, a figure laughable only a couple of years ago, we've broken through another cool barrier in our memory tests. Under over-clocked conditions we passed 20000MB/s in the Everest copy test. Admittedly only by 1, but for a dual-channel system that is clocked to 24/7 stability levels rather than extreme absolute numbers, it's not bad at all. The read and write tests showed a similar level of improvement. Clearly spending that little extra on your motherboard is worth it, if 4GHz and these kind of numbers are to be expected.


Crystal Disk Mark

One of the two newest features appearing on motherboards at the moment, the other being USB3, is SATA 6Gb/s. In a similar way that USB3 is still very new, the hardware market isn't awash with SATA6 drives at the moment and we haven't got one in our labs. So we were curious as to whether the upgrade to the new technology might give enough headroom to make our old SATA 3Gb/s drive a bit perkier. After all, you can never have too much headroom can you. Unless you're agoraphobic perhaps.

Sadly this isn't the case, and our drive actually performed slightly worse when attached to the SATA 6 ports than it did on the SATA 3. This might be a driver issue or it might just be the slightly random nature of hard-drive benchmarking. Nonetheless if you are considering upgrading without buying the drives needed to take advantage, think again. 



WinRAR comes with a cool little benchmarking utility built in and makes good use of every last megahertz it can get its hands on. This is definitely the case here as the results almost perfectly mirror the clock speeds used, once again showing how little overheads the Maximus III Extreme has.


Onwards and we'll see what some more real-world benchmarks make of this.

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Always good to post the first proper full review.... OC3D takes first place yet again! VonBlade has worked all hours to bring you the first review of the Asus Maximus III Extreme.

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19-02-2010, 17:49:54

the red and black themes still aren't wearing thin on me yet

Looks like a pretty awesome board.Quote

20-02-2010, 08:39:54

Looks Sweet. Nice review, thanksQuote

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