AMD Athlon II 620 X4

Synthetic Tests part one

Synthetic Benchmarks
Whilst not always an indicator of actual performance, synthetic benchmarks have a place in our hearts because there is nothing like the purity of numbers to give a feel for the capability of a processor or system, and you can also get a feel for how much extra performance to expect in general usage from an overclock.
SiSoft Sandra shows that the overclock of 25% gives an improvement of around 23% in the Arithmetic tests. Not bad at all as we know that you never get a one to one improvement.
The Multi-Media test showed an even higher improvement. Maths tells us that if we saw a one to one improvement via the clock speed then our Multi-Media Int overclocked result would be 149591. We actually got 149134 showing that this is one theoretical test that gets very close to a direct increase when the processor is overclocked.
7-Zip 64 bit comes with a built in benchmark. For this test we used the 32MB dictionary and ran 6 passes. This more real-world test showed similar results to the above two, in that this scales very well with little loss in performance between theoretical increase and that seen by the end user.
It wouldn't be CPU review without the old favourite SuperPI. In this case, whilst there is a clear improvement between the stock and overclocked tests, the 1M result isn't exactly earth shattering. Not bad for a disappointing overclock on a L3 disabled processor, but I was expecting around 20 seconds.
Let's go and see some more synthetic results.
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Most Recent Comments

03-11-2009, 04:01:04

We welcome VonBlade to the Overclock3d Review team by sending him an AMD Athlon II 620 X4 to review.

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03-11-2009, 05:01:00

Welcome to the team VB!

The X4 620 certainly is a stonking processor for the money, though my hunch is that the OC limitation lies with the motherboard. 250HTT can often be a real struggle for some boards. It may have been a CPU related limitation if the mobo didn't offer a decremental NB multiplier.

Good work! Quote

03-11-2009, 07:37:11

Thanks Mul.

It was the most frustrating OC I've ever attempted. Usually you get towards it and gradually strike the balance between stability and the CPUz screengrab of death. This was just all or nothing.

It's amazing value for money though.Quote

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