Abit AW9D Max socket 775 Motherboard


Page <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ufo1.com/ad/c.js"></script> Posted 11/10/2006
Author: Matthew Kemp (kempez)
Hardware Acquired: Abit


Overclocking was performed through the BIOS, as all good 24/7 overclocking should be done. TheAW9D has excellent overclocking options in a very good solid BIOS so I was expecting good things!

I did two different overclocks.

Low Voltage Overclocking

I set an upper limit of 1.325v for the CPU and clocked the CPU as high as I could whilst maintaining a 3 hour Orthos (dual prime95) stable overclock.

abit aw9d max

abit aw9d max 3400MHz

That is some pretty fine overclocking on air if I may say so myself. The AW9D really does it's thing here.

Overclocking - Highest Possible Stable on Air

For this test I stopped when I got concerned that the temperature rose too high. This overclock was performed on air using a Scythe Infinity. I stopped when the CPU started getting around 65-70°C. I believe with even better cooling I could easily have gone higher.

abit aw9d max

abit aw9d max 3650mhz

Still: 3.65GHz is very very nice on a chip that is 2.66GHz stock and on air no less: installed in a case. The board was more hindered by the actual chip and RAM than anything else.

Max Bootable into Windows

With the E6700 and using a 10x multi I was able to put this board up to 4300MHz, using 1.725v and 1.9v on the chipset. This was in no way stable and only just booted into windows before I saw the dreaded BSOD.

abit aw9d max 4300MHz air

Once again RAM constraints set me back here and I had to use the better stick of the sets of RAM that I have in the labs to get this high.


This was once again a "Suicide" run, with me putting a lot of volts (1.8v) into the chipset to get into windows. I found that the max obtainable FSB with the abit AW9D Max and my E6700 to be:

abit aw9d max 475fsb

I do not consider the ES chip that I am using to be a particularly great clocker, but this is a very decent result on a board that I have seen very nice results on from others.

Overclocking Summary

If you're looking for a board that clocks well, and have the money to spend on RAM to get you there (or an X6800 with a high multi) then look no further than the abit AW9D Max.

A Note on vdroop

I found that the board did have some vdroop, although this was not accurately reported outside of the BIOS. I have not got the professional equipment to record this at this time, but if I manage to get my hands on some I will update this review accordingly.

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14-09-2006, 04:44:45

There's nothing like competition from an established manufacturer, to cause HDD prices to fall; especially with relatively new, but evolving technology. What are your thoughts on WD's foray into the world of perpendicular recording? Let us know

Linky to the article hereQuote

14-09-2006, 06:16:37

I'm surprised that Seagate didn't patent this technology! Looks good though, I wonder who the first to make a 2gb drive will be Quote

14-09-2006, 06:22:01

Originally Posted by name='FragTek'
I'm surprised that Seagate didn't patent this technology! Looks good though, I wonder who the first to make a 2gb drive will be
I thought Hitachi were the ones who invented it??Quote

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