Zalman VF900-Cu

Testing & Performance Cont. 3

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 04/12/2006
Author: Nicholas Sarpolis (NickS)
Hardware Acquired: Silicon Valley Compucycle & Newegg,com

Testing & Performance Cont. - 7900GT

Load: Stock Cooling

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Load: VF900-Cu

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The VF900-Cu dropped the load temps by a whole 20ºC!  Amazing to say the least!  The idle temps took a big hit, too!  The previous stable overclock being 571/1644, let's see how the VF900-Cu fares, even without ramsinks.

Max Stable OC

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The graph is scaled pretty badly on the core clock end because of the high RAM clocks, but as you can see it makes a huge difference.  600MHz on a non-volt modded 7900GT is awesome, too.

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That card is rippin!  The VF900-Cu excels on both cards, bringing the stable overclocks way up. 

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Most Recent Comments

12-04-2006, 20:34:18


Today I reviewed the new Zalman VF900-Cu heatsink, and has proven itself to be a great performer.

Questions, comments, constructive critisizm welcome.

Review Here


12-04-2006, 20:58:33

that is a good reveiw bro

reps for you!

might have to get me one of these soon for my 7800gt


12-04-2006, 21:11:27

Thnx, Raging

I'll try to post some 7900GT results in the review when my Dad's VF900-Cu arrives. He ordered one, and it should be here by Friday


12-04-2006, 23:12:21

WC Annihilus
Very nice review man, looks beastly One thing, you should include prices on the last page in $, Euro, GBP, AUD, w/e. Besides that though, nice

13-04-2006, 01:58:07

Nice review and very good product indeed. Zalman is obviously making quality products. I owned the Fatality version of the VF700 before I switched to W/C and it was doing an excellent job cooling my 7800GT.

I bet that the 900 would be my choice if I had to move back to air cooling at the moment.

One thing I would just like to add is that although Zalman has good products, their customer support is extremly poor not to say inexistant!!! I bought a lot of their products, including the VF700, Reserator 1 Plus, fans etc...

I have tried to contact their support center by emails several times, without any answers. Posted in their support forum without any answers too. Many users on their support forum have been reporting this absence of support has well... And not to mention that a couple of weeks ago the support forum went down and has now totally disappeared from their website!

Just thought it was worth mentioning

13-04-2006, 04:02:03

Top review mate, very easy reading. I'm impressed.

Only small gripe is that it might have been better to take some of those pictures on a white background, as a couple are quite dark.

Apart from that, A+++

13-04-2006, 04:12:54

Good review Nick. We'll see about sorting you out with some more

13-04-2006, 10:52:05

Thanks guys!

@ XMS. I used two different camera's for the review.

The one I used that took the darker pics, was my parents' Fujifilm Finepix 3.2MP, as I thought it would be better. It was better at taking clearer pix (close up) but the flash sucks tbh.

The brighter pix were taken by my trusty 2MP Kodak. I guess I should stick to the Kodak, as it takes pretty good closeups. The picture of the box with the specs on the back was taken by the Kodak, pretty impressive.

Anyway, thanks again!

I'll see if I can whip up a little picture area with a white background. (White paper? lol)


13-04-2006, 11:24:35

a pure white sheet against a white background if possible would look quite a bit more proffesional but just a white sheet would do i guess


13-04-2006, 16:59:34

i want one ive got the gfx version and they look so cool

14-04-2006, 16:13:48

7900GT CO SE results added!


14-04-2006, 16:18:49

WC Annihilus
Looking pretty slick there man. However, you still didn't put prices!

14-04-2006, 17:37:28

I'm keeping it clean. If anyone want's to price hunt, they can do so.


16-04-2006, 18:11:26


Please re-read my conclusion. I have a conclusion for both ATi & nVidia cards.

Why? I was still unhappy with the performance of this heatsink on my graphics card. Despite reapplying the thermalpaste, and trying both Arctic Silver Ceramique and Arctic Silver 5.. I was still getting load temperatures in the mid to HIGH 70*C range. So, I investigated. The STOCK cooler, with Arctic Silver Cermaique, performs about 5-10*C better than the VF900-Cu. The VF series cannot handle X1K series cards, and their high heat output. With the fan speed set to dynamic, my card SLOWLY crawled up to 65*C, 81% fan speed, with the stock cooler after 6 minutes of ATi Tool. It bounced back and forth between 65*C and 64*C. So, I re-edited my review accordingly. Thanks,


16-04-2006, 18:14:30

WC Annihilus
Why did you put "Good Performance (on NON X1K cards)" next to nVidia cards? That should be down under ATI cards

16-04-2006, 18:15:09

Good work Nick. Thorough. nice

16-04-2006, 18:59:35

Originally Posted by name='WC Annihilus'
Why did you put "Good Performance (on NON X1K cards)" next to nVidia cards? That should be down under ATI cards

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