XSPC Raystorm 750 EX240 Watercooling Kit Review

Up Close: EX 240 Radiator

XSPC Raystorm 750 EX240 Watercooling Kit Review


Up Close:  EX 240 Radiator

With the EX series of Radiators XSPC claim to have produced a low profile radiator with the same dimensions as the RS series, but with the same performance characteristics as the award wining, but much thicker RX series.  This they claim on their website has been made possible by ..."split fins, improved soldering techniques and welded seam tubes".  The radiators are design optimised use with low RPM fans, and as such are intended to produce effective cooling at low noise levels.

The Radiator comes packaged in a simple black box, with the Blue XPSC log picked out on the front.  The Radiator is protected by a bubble wrap sleeve which has a zip-lock bag of screws attached to it.

Once opened we see that the EX 240 Rad is indeed a low profile radiator, measuring in at just 35.5mm thick, it is only just 0.5mm thicker than the RS series, so I think we can let XSPC have the "same size" claim with that, and is certainly a great deal thinner than the RX series which weighs in at 63mm think.

XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review     XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review  


Perhaps the most striking feature of the EX is the matte Black finish.  With most rads on the market being either gloss or satin finish the EX certainly stands out from the crowd, and it's not just the shroud that's finished in matte black, the whole of the fins and end sections are also given the stealth treatment.  The bright yellow areas you can see, are of course the shipping plugs and are removed when you fit your chosen tubing attachment.  While on the subject of the ports it's worth noting that although this model only has ports on one side, XSPC do produce a multi port model.

XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review     XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review  


Having seen a few rads in our time, it's often no less surprising to see them arrive with bent fins and areas of damage within the heat exchange area.  Nothing that's going to affect performance, but at the same time does beg the questions as to how the damage happened, and how the heck the manufacturer let the product out of the factory in such a state.  This happens to such an extent in the industry as to be seen as normal, that said, it is no less acceptable.  I'm pleased to say that there are no such issues with the review sample radiator from XSPC, and as we were lucky enough to have two of the EX series available to us I can confirm that this was not a one off fluke.

Taking a closer look at the EX radiator we can see that ample space has been given between the  screw points and the heat exchanger core of the radiator.  In fact, XSPC have allowed a generous 10mm on each side, which when looked at a different way, means that the business end of the EX radiator is in fact only 15.5mm thick.  The image below right also allows us to get a good idea of the fins spacing on the EX series.  For those of you too lazy to count...Well you're just going to have to count, we're not going to do everything for you.

XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review     XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review  

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Most Recent Comments

28-06-2012, 05:51:35


We all know of XSPC as being one of the main players in the watercooling world. The relaease of their new line of water cooling kits, based around the Raystorm CPU block and the new EX series Radiators, along with the classic X20 750 Pump/res combo's see's them make a bid for the throne.

Continue ReadingQuote

28-06-2012, 08:15:18

Not bad at all, worth the extra £50 over the H100 anyway.Quote

28-06-2012, 12:40:28

im glad to see the performance comparisons. undoubtably, the thin radiator is growing
and that manufacturers are also improving on their goods.
i know there is really no replacemnet for the standard radiator, but are these newer
revisions of thinner radiators "comparable" to the duties of the standard rads?
2°-5°? 10°? 15°?
with the flow of new cases and their bullet-pointed captions of support for water-cooling
really is making for some interesting questions in water-cooling. plus the crowds
are trying to make water-cooling the band-aid for either a bad over-clock or
wrong system design. i can see where the thin maybe in.. but for serious
usage of water-cooling for looks and function, i can not see the standard
radiator being replaced for the proper way to water-cool a system.


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