Thermaltake Xaser VI Super Tower Chassis

External: A Closer Look

External: A Closer Look

The Xaser VI Super Tower looks quite slick, and futuristic. I know that both of my sons thought it looked extremely cool. Featuring a lot of steel mesh, and some quite neat ergonomic inclusions, the chassis is sure to please. However, whilst the Xaser VI may not appeal to everyone tastes, it does still retain some subtleties of a traditional chassis that may appeal to the less uninhibited amongst us. Manufactured primarily from steel and hardened plastic (front door is made from Aluminium), the combination looks quite presentable.

Xaser VI front Xaser VI rear
As I said previously, the Xaser VI Super Tower features a lot of steel mesh to ensure that the case is well ventilated, plus it gives a kind of cool 'Industrial' look. Unfortunately, as with any mesh inclusion in a chassis there is also the increased likelyhood of dust build-up.

Furthermore; you can see from the top (right) image that the Xaser VI Super Tower has an astounding 10 blanking plates to allow for the inclusion of triple/quad-SLI or Crossfire setups if you should be so inclined. Also, if you look hard enough there are two pilot holes beneath the rear exhaust fan to run tubing out for an externally mounted radiator.
chassis right side chassis left side
The Xaser VI Super Tower features a lockable side panel which is handy for those who frequent LAN parties and should keep those with sticky fingers away from your precious hardware installed within. Although they could just take the whole case!

chassis top view
I have never really been a big fan of manufacturer marketing on a case, and the Thermaltake Xaser VI Super Tower does have the Xaser VI logo on all surfaces bar the rear of the chassis. However; the logos are quite small and don't tend to detract from the overall look of the chassis significantly.

Underside of Xaser VI Super Tower
The underside of the Xaser VI Super Tower features a black skirting to a depth of around 30mm, which is fully removable from as far as I can tell. The skirting has air holes moulded into it which should allow for excellent circulation of air up into the chassis itself via the grills that you can see in the centre of the image above. You will also see a number of thumb screws in the bottom; their purpose I will cover in a little more detail later in the review. Surprisingly, there hasn't been any case feet included for the chassis either.
This is not a handle

One area that puzzled me, and still does so now, is why there are no readily available parts of the case that can be used to transport it. You can see from the image above that the 'Not A Handle' sticker is smack bang on one of the easiest places to use. Why it's there I will show you on the next page, but it still leaves the very bottom as the only position to carry the case. Once this case is fully decked out, you'd better bend your knees and keep your back straight!

Let's head over the page to see the particularly outstanding features of the Xaser VI Super Tower chassis...
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Most Recent Comments

26-11-2007, 04:28:14

Thermaltake has released the latest in their range of chassis - the Xaser VI Super Tower. Overclock3D took it for a road test...


26-11-2007, 05:38:03

Nice review as always Matt, still can't help but think that the case looks plasticy and tacky.

I would have considered buying it 2 years ago but no a chance now i've used a V2000 & a TJ07. Sorry TT but you just aint cutting it in my eyes.Quote

26-11-2007, 05:55:25

Thanks Marcus. Yeah I agree...I love my TJ-07. Tt do target a specific market typically, and I believe that the Xaser VI will definitely appeal to many of the younger and budget conscious generation. Providing the price is right Quote

26-11-2007, 06:42:11

I like all the functionality it provides, although to me it visually resembles a cheapo X-Blade chassis.Quote

26-11-2007, 08:16:53

Mr. Smith
Originally Posted by name='duke'
...although to me it visually resembles a cheapo X-Blade chassis.
LOL - waits for TT user/xblade owner to say heyyy!

I bought a TT case for my first simply because it was black, in the sale from £80 to £20, wasn't particularly flashy and had lots of quiet fans and I didn't know any better

In all fairness it was a decent case and even though my current lili ended up costing £175 with the hole saw cuts and delivery it doesn't seem any better than my old TT, just more expensive - sure it's nice and I don't mind becasue I don't really have a budget...

I think TT designs are getting worse. That is an acheivement right there!Quote

26-11-2007, 08:31:49


Looks like one of my old design tech projects when i was 12...Quote

26-11-2007, 11:28:32

i had a tsunami dream, liked it, it did the job, but it was nothing spectacular

i recon this is the same,

it does what it says on the box, nothing more

the attempted cool look,

26-11-2007, 12:23:20

Originally Posted by name='duke'
I like all the functionality it provides, although to me it visually resembles a cheapo X-Blade chassis.
Originally Posted by name='Mr. Smith'
LOL - waits for TT user/xblade owner to say heyyy!

lol.. it looks like a chavved up version of the stacker lolQuote

26-11-2007, 12:27:45

Great review.

The looks aren`t an issue for me as I`d not buy one of these cases that are shrouded in plasticy-looking black/red/silver stuff.

But, if a client wanted one, I know the case is gonna be pretty easy to work in. Things like misplaced stand-offs can be worked around, imo, and are one of the minor things some case manufs can put in ur way during construction.

I`d like included in these reviews how the pci slot clips stand up under their own mechanism, and if they`re too weak for plugging in the likes of dvi cables - have the manufs put screw holes there. U know, the cards move too much when u go to plug stuff in/out.

Seems to me it`d make a solid disk server case too, but with the design, perhaps not the market they`re looking at.

Good to hear there are decent fans in there too. Otherwize people would be looking @ $20-$30 extra to replace them with quiet ones.

Don`t think it`s overly priced either, just not for me, but wouldn`t have sleepless nights if a client wanted one.Quote

26-11-2007, 13:51:01

Mmm.. i like the sides, just says something about being 15

If i ever got that case, i would prbably have it WITHOUT the front door. As i dont like it's design with the 2 curvy silver bits reminding me of the muse masks.

I would also change it to red lighting o' course, as it just needs to be. Otherwise, nice looking case, but oooooverpriced. The armor is my port of call.Quote

26-11-2007, 17:38:20

In all black, it could looks a little better perhaps, but damn is it ugly.. Seems pretty good on the features front mind Quote

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