NoFan CR-80EH Passive Heat Sink Review

Up Close: Packaging and Overview

NoFan CR-80EH Review

Up Close:  Packaging and Overview

The CR-80EH comes in some very colourful packaging with a large blister window flaunting the form of the cooler within.  The packaging also informs of the various compatibilities and key features of the CR-80EH.

NoFan CR-80EH Review     NoFan CR-80EH Review


First impressions of the cooler are that it appears to be a giant copper shuttlecock without the sproingy bit on the bottom.  We say giant as at first glance it appears huge, in fact the CR-80EH is only 113mm tall.  Perhaps it's the 155mm diameter combined with the height that gives us this impression.

NoFan CR-80EH Review     NoFan CR-80EH Review


Unlike conventional coolers which tend to use aluminium fins as a heat dissipation surface the CR-80EH uses copper wires, giving an overall heat dissipation area of some 97,157mm squared.  This figure is achieved in the main part by having not one but two layers of wires in the frame, with rigidity and stability being provided around the upper circumference by a black circular bracket.

NoFan CR-80EH Review     NoFan CR-80EH Review


The CR-80EH does not appear to have heat pipes conducting the heat away from the contact plate and towards the dissipation wires.  Instead all the wires appear to be collected and most likely connected into a layer at the base plate.

NoFan CR-80EH Review     NoFan CR-80EH Review  

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Most Recent Comments

27-05-2014, 05:50:35


NoFan Now offer a fanless CPU cooler. Silent cooling with improved compatibility, Let's see if it's up to the job.

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27-05-2014, 06:42:51

Oooh been interested in this thing for a while. The 80 Watt TDP that it's rated for is pretty high.

Brb, making coffee. Should be a good read

27-05-2014, 06:51:35

Nice write up Gary, but that cooler! It's mahooosive, like you reported though it's very niche but I could see this being the perfect silent solution for a AM1 HTPC build, or any HTPC build for that matter.

27-05-2014, 06:52:02

I'm still not a fan of no fan solutions but I hope it'll get better and better to the point where fans are the thing of the past. This is hopefully the start of this.

27-05-2014, 06:55:22

Obligatory OMG THAT BOARD IN THAT CASE (sorry had to :P)

Bit unhinged on the language on this one?

Interesting concept, I bet they're an absolute arse to manufacture!

27-05-2014, 13:59:13

what would be the point of this if you still need a case fan to remove the hot air? wouldn't an AIO or Noctua with the worlds slowest fans do as well? it's a shame they can't find a way to use a side panel as a big passive heatsink.

27-05-2014, 14:20:00

Great review! I like how it got a "silence award". Its like giving a bicycle a "dual wheel" award. I mean, what else can a low-performance product achieve? I'm not criticising, just thought it was funny

27-05-2014, 22:07:41

@maddenshadow not to criticize either, but so does a motorcycle and it is superior to a bicycle in almost every way, I think the point of the article is to compare products of similar function and give us better understanding between them.

04-06-2014, 10:49:12

i like the shape of this thing if u have horizontal case.. u can cook bacon in it! So you still have to use case fans to cool it, so not fan-less at all

04-06-2014, 11:06:56

Originally Posted by Kyiagi View Post
i like the shape of this thing if u have horizontal case.. u can cook bacon in it! So you still have to use case fans to cool it, so not fan-less at all
You can have a totally passive rig no problem

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