Nexus Edge Review


Nexus Edge Review


With more and more enthusiasts now looking to build a dedicated server for home, or even the office, our ever increasing demands for storage means we need more and more space to house our drives.

The Edge out of the box supports 9 hard drives, but with the tower of 9 optical bays you could easily get SATA back planes or hard drive mounts to add in a further support for another 9, making a staggering total of 18! That's a possible 36TB worth of storage!

Hard drive adapters with a fan would help this case no end as airflow in the top half of the case is minimal at best. It really does need a fan or two helping the air IN the case, not just out of it and our test temperatures reflected this. The front door does look great, also to a degree helps with noise, but massively hinders airflow so when considering this case you must clearly decide what its use will be as in stock form cool & quiet do not go hand in hand.

For £135 you do get a lot of features, but I cant help but think that an intake fan in the upper section is not to much to ask as anything but the most basic system will struggle. Raid cards rely on good airflow as they can get very hot as they are normally passive cooled, and for a case aimed at professionals who need large storage this is a silly oversight.

To round things up its great to see a case offering lots of optical bays and lots of HDD bays, but I cant help but think that the Nexus doesn't seem the whole package. If this case was £150 with better airflow and better cable management Id have scored it highly. But out of the box its almost like its an unfinished design, or I didn't receive some of the accessories needed.

- Support for 9 hard drives out of the box
- Lots of room for expansion
- Proffesional clean look
- Perfect for an office server or large NAS

- Needs an upper level intake fan
- front door really hinders airflow

- A high spec system will suffocate in this in standard form

Thanks to Quiet PC for the sample today, you can discuss our findings in the forums.

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Most Recent Comments

22-04-2010, 06:05:45

Thinking about building a home or office server? We may have the case for you.

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22-04-2010, 06:21:04

I do think this case looks rather sexy. I wouldn't say no.Quote

22-04-2010, 08:27:49

looks mohasive and umm not so attractive for the ££Quote

22-04-2010, 09:54:06

It is a grower, if it had a better front door/airflow then Id happily have used it for my server. I was VERY close to powdercoating the internals and using it if Im honest. For proffesional use it is very unique for a chassis to have all these features.Quote

22-04-2010, 11:55:32

It looks good from the outside but the inside needs work. I got an Obsidian 800D which is huge but that case is even taller (but not as long). There isnt enough cable routing on that case either. It is a lot cheaper than my case though so its good for the money I suppose.

PS: Is the Corsair HX1000 supposed to make a low hissing sound when the hard drives are working. Its there all the time but it gets louder the more the PSU is being used.Quote

23-04-2010, 15:10:38

My TJ07 isnt as tall as this? wow. But there is nowhere to put the cables!Quote

23-04-2010, 15:26:03

This is a perfect example that front doors suck. Quote

24-04-2010, 06:25:46

Gosh this case is ugly.

For the money there are much better options.Quote

24-04-2010, 06:33:16

Originally Posted by name='thewoolard'
Gosh this case is ugly.

For the money there are much better options.
Name me one with 9hdd mounts out of the box then. Its NOT a gaming case.Quote

25-04-2010, 16:01:13

Li Lis pc-a71F has 10 mounts but is more expensive.

Even though i love lilis id seriously consider one of these as its a fantastic case and looks to be better on the sound with all that dampening foam!Quote

19-05-2010, 17:36:24

Got this case, great for all the HDDs I need to install, but had to remove the front door as it REALLY hammers the airflow (got 2 x 5in3 IcyDock), with the door closed, my HDDs were hitting around 55C, with the door off, they are about 45C.

Also, to be very honest, I have worked with better quality cases than this, there are a lot of sharp edges, which I would have expected better for a case of this price, and the design is only average.

I have missed out on a Lian Li V2100 on eBay, which I would have love to have instead.Quote

19-05-2010, 17:41:01

A V2100 instead.... Really? Using the bays in the bottom? Airflow is fairly low in thpse aswell tbh. The edge is function rather than form I agree, but as said in the review video i did question using this for my own server - I just didint have time to powdercoat it!Quote

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