Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review

Stripped Continued

Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review

Stripped Continued

Turning our attention towards the 915 modules we're hoping to give you a better idea of how they can be set up to suite your needs.  In the images below we've transferred the two drive bays from the main case up into the roof mounted 915R to join the drive bay already up there making for 9 in total.  As there are plenty of access holes between the cases running cables through will be a doddle.  If you're thinking that this negates any serious water cooling in the system then remember that the front of the main case is now free and able to accept seriously thick rads with a push pull fan set up.  

Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review     Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review


What we really want to know though is what can we fit up here in the way of rads.  Well Cooler Master say that 2x360 and 2x280s are possible.  Having stripped out the contents of the 915R (the front fan is also easily removed) you can see that you've got a complete blank canvas of a mini barn to play with.  In total there's just over 520mm of length on offer here, which theoretically, with most triple 140 rads coming in well under 500mm long should be enough to mount a 420.  However, looking at the spacing of the screw holes on the outer panels and the way the mesh has been placed centrally we can see why only 360s and 280s can be used.  If you were absolutely determined to use a 420 we think it would fit, but you would need to mod the side panels to permit mounting and ventilation.  Shame Cooler Master didn't make it with the mesh and mounting extending the full length. 

Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review     Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review


Never mind the length, feel the width, or so they say.  So how thick a Rad can you fi in here?  There's a total of 220mm of internal width so two 60mm fans coupled with a push pull on both sets should be a possibility but i's going to be tight.  Dropping your rad thickness down a notch would most likely be a better option affording less disrupted airflow through the case.  Basically you're not going to be stuck for water cooling solutions up here, and again as there's plenty of routing holes getting the tubing through to the main case won't be an issue.

Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review     Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review


Those of you who are paying attention and who have some experience of water cooling may well be concerned about the gaping great holes at the back of the case which are there for the PSU and rear I/O.  Fear not, as Cooler Master have it covered, quite literally in fact, as they supply with the kit a set of blanking plates to seal these holes off.

Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review     Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review  


The 915F positioned at the base of the case doesn't escape the attentions of the screw driver either.  As with the 915R the internals are fully removable, so we decided to whip out the 5.25" drive bay.  Although it's more likely that you'll use this case for a second system set up it carries the same screw hole layout as the 915R so theoretically  should you nab yourself some additional drive cages you'd be up to a grand total of 18HDDS, and with 3TB drives readily available that makes for a mahoosive  54 TB of storage.

Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review     Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review  

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Most Recent Comments

11-01-2014, 05:38:11


A big case needs a big review. And boy is the HAF Stacker system from Cooler Master BIG

Continue ReadingQuote

11-01-2014, 06:25:51

Nice review Tom. Personally, I think the case looks pretty dreadful and I'm not sure who CM are pitching at with their modular approach. Most of us like to change our case every few years and if this is driven by a change in mobo form factor or some other reason.... most would want a new case. This looks like a jack of all trades attempt at being everything to everyone.... and pays for it.Quote

11-01-2014, 06:34:30

It's not going to tickle many people's fancy with it's looks ..

.. but as someone who considers looks pretty far down on the scale of case requirements - looking mostly for adaptation, options, practicality, ease of build/'monkeying around inside' - this is one heck of a range.

(even tho I'm not a case-looks person, I know when something isn't going to appeal to others)

There's some corporate uses this stack could come in useful for, and I'm keeping that in mind for suggestions. Sometimes you see something reviewed and it has features that stick in your mind when people talk to you about if and how they can have things created for them.

Good stuff. (didn't consider the pricing at all tbh)Quote

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