Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review

Introduction and Technical Specification

Cooler Master HAF Stacker System Review


The HAF Stacker from Cooler Master is a modular system made up from three components each of which can be brought together in varying combinations depending on the breadth of your needs and the depth of your pockets.  In simple terms what we have is the Stacker 935 which is a standard tower chassis combined and sold with a smaller modular ITX chassis in the form of the 915R.  Should you so desire to place a truly megalithic slab of summit seeking prolific PC on your desk you can go the full trotter and create your very own Stacker 945 which if you haven't guessed is the 935 described above combined with a further ITX module in the shape of either the 915R or the 915F.  As you might imagine, the more you add the taller your PC becomes and the higher the price climbs.  The price at the top of the page reflects that of the extended system, however the base 935 which includes a slightly modified 915R can be bought for £152.99, should you wish to add a 915F then you'll have to part with another £56.50, or £66.38 for the 915R model as a standalone unit.  Being a modular system it of course entirely possible to pair up two or even 3 of the 915 modules to create a smaller system that best suits your needs

In bringing this review together we will show you the merits of each of the individual modules in their own right and then look at the system as a whole at the end.  If you're the sort who tends to skip forward then you're going to miss an awful lot of detail in doing so, so it's worth making your way methodically through this review.

Before we move on to the technical Specification section we do need to get something off our chests.  Cooler Master have claimed to have come up with the idea of a Stacker system when one of their number hit on the concept in a break between brain storming sessions.  This may well be true, and we would never begin to doubt his artistic integrity of said individual, that said, the HAF Stacker does bear more than a passing resemblance both in form and function to a certain SR-2 Stacker build by Coolmiester, AKA Paul who also happens to be a good friend of ours here at OC3D.  Just saying, that’s all.


Technical Specification

As there's more than one module here we're going to cover all three technical specifications.

935 (which includes the 915R)

 Model Number HAF-935-KWN1
 Colour Midnight Black
 Material Bezel:  Mesh Polymer, Case body SGCC 0.7T Steel
 Dimensions 235x719x578mm (WxHxD)
 Net Weight 15.6kg
 Motherboard EATX, ATX, Micro ATX (915R, Mini-ITX)
 5.25" 3+1 (915R)
 3.5" 6+3 (915R), 3x modular drive bays
 2.5" 9+1 behind Motherboard tray
 I/O Panel 2xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, Audio IN/OUT
 Expansion Slots       8+1 (+2 with 915R)
 Air Cooling 

Top: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
Front: 92mm fan x 1 (installed),120mm fan x 2 (optional)
Rear: 140mm fan x 1 (installed), or 120mm fan x 1 (optional)
Side: 120mm fan x 6 / 140mm fan x 4 (optional)

 Water Cooling 

Front: 240mm x 1 (requires an optional adapter, with the HDD cage removed)
Rear: 120/140mm x 1 (optional)
Side: 280/360mm x 2 (optional)

 PSU type Standard ATX

VGA card length: 354mm / 13.9 inch
360mm / 14.17 inch (915R, the 2nd PC)
CPU cooler height: 180mm / 7.1 inch
80mm / 3.1 inch (915R, the 2nd PC)




 Model Number HAF-915R-KKN1
 Colour Midnight Black
 Material Bezel:  Mesh Polymer, Case body SGCC 0.7T Steel
 Dimensions 228x248x578mm (WxHxD)
 Net Weight 5.7kg
 Motherboard Mini-ITX
 5.25" 1
 3.5" 3
 2.5" 3
 I/O Panel 2xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, Audio IN/OUT
 Expansion Slots 2
 Air Cooling 

Front 92mm fan x1 installed

Side 6x120mm or 4x140mm

 Water Cooling Side: 120,140,240,280,360 x 2 (optional)
 PSU type Standard ATX

VGA card length: 360mm, 14.2"
CPU cooler height: 80mm / 3.1 inch




 Model Number HAF-915F-KKN1
 Colour Midnight Black
 Material Bezel:  Mesh Polymer, Case body SGCC 0.7T Steel
 Dimensions 228x248x578mm (WxHxD)
 Net Weight 5.2kg
 Motherboard Mini-ITX
 5.25" 1
 3.5" 3 (1 from ODD bay)
 2.5" 3 (1 from ODD bay
 I/O Panel 2xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, Audio IN/OUT
 Expansion Slots        2
 Air Cooling 

 Rear: 120mm fan x 1 (installed)
 Side: 120mm fan x 6 / 140mm fan x 4 (optional)

 Water Cooling Individual mode: 120mm x 1 (optional) - rear
 Stacking mode: 120/140/240/280/360mm x 2 (optional) side panel
 PSU type Standard ATX

 VGA card length: 360mm, 14.2"
 CPU cooler height: 170mm / 6.7"

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Most Recent Comments

11-01-2014, 05:38:11


A big case needs a big review. And boy is the HAF Stacker system from Cooler Master BIG

Continue ReadingQuote

11-01-2014, 06:25:51

Nice review Tom. Personally, I think the case looks pretty dreadful and I'm not sure who CM are pitching at with their modular approach. Most of us like to change our case every few years and if this is driven by a change in mobo form factor or some other reason.... most would want a new case. This looks like a jack of all trades attempt at being everything to everyone.... and pays for it.Quote

11-01-2014, 06:34:30

It's not going to tickle many people's fancy with it's looks ..

.. but as someone who considers looks pretty far down on the scale of case requirements - looking mostly for adaptation, options, practicality, ease of build/'monkeying around inside' - this is one heck of a range.

(even tho I'm not a case-looks person, I know when something isn't going to appeal to others)

There's some corporate uses this stack could come in useful for, and I'm keeping that in mind for suggestions. Sometimes you see something reviewed and it has features that stick in your mind when people talk to you about if and how they can have things created for them.

Good stuff. (didn't consider the pricing at all tbh)Quote

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