Antec P182 Advanced Super Mid Tower

Installation and Testing

Installation & Testing

To test out the P182 I installed the following hardware:

  • Intel Pentium 4 925 (stock cooler & thermal paste)
  • ASRock 4coredual-vsta
  • 1GB Corsair Value
  • ATI 9800pro
  • Maxtor Dimondmax 200GB SATA2
  • Hiper Type-R 480w

While this system isn't the fastest around these days, it certainly produces a lot of heat, and is more than enough to test the overall case performance.


Installing the components to the case was a similar experience with all standard ATX cases. The P182's size however, greatly assists you in getting the components into the case safely and securely.


p182_install_top p182_install_bottom

I chose to install the hard drive in the lower of the 2 compartments as it keeps the top half tidier. This is as simple as screwing in the special retaining screws, through the rubber grommets and into the drive. The drive is suspended in its cage, with no direct metal to metal contact...minimising the risk of vibration noise that the drive emits when it seeks. The CD drive installation was totally painless. Simply screw on the rails and slide it into the bay. The arms click into place and holds it quite securely.

p182_install_hdd p182_install_odd

With more time I could have easily hidden a few more wires away. The unruly molex chain in the middle being the most obvious. Unfortunately due the the hardware I used the 24-pin cable tidy hole in the motherboard was rendered redundant, however when i went to route the 4-pin P4 connector around the back it simply wasn't long enough to make the extra difference. I checked the length with an old Hiper 350w PSU and a Seasonic M12 and neither were long enough either. I feel Antec could have included a 4 and 8-pin extension for this purpose, but alas it's not present.


Overall the installation was reasonably quick. Minus the time I spent testing 4-pin lengths it only took about half an hour. In order to make the most of the extra cable tidying features, you would need to take the layout of your motherboard into consideration however.


To test the thermal properties of the case, I set all the supplied fans to medium, and added a 4th tricool directly behind the upper fan filter on the front of the case. It was then sealed, booted and left to idle for 30 minutes. Then I used ORTHOS to force the presler core to emit as much heat as possible for a further 30 minutes. Temperatures were taken with Everest Ultimate Edition and ambient throughout was 25.°C (+/- 0.5).


As you can see the P182's airflow was more than adequate to keep the 925 perfectly cool under the stress of ORTHOS... managing to sustain a respectable 49° throughout the test period.


One of the P182's main selling points is that it claims too be extremely quiet. I must say that it lives up to its claims. The tricools 3 settings give exactly what they say, low, medium and high, in both airflow and noise. The low being very quiet indeed, while shifting a reasonable amount of air. The medium being a mid-point and high being rather noisy, but shifting a lot of air. I ran the 4 fans I installed at all settings and in my opinion, the medium setting gave the perfect balance of silence and airflow.

The vibration dampeners on the PSU bay & 3 ply panels help keep the noise levels down. But the most effective feature is the hard drive dampeners - these really do eliminate the rattle of your drives spinning up, to the point where its barely audible.

Flip the page for the conclusion and overall rating of the P182...
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Most Recent Comments

23-05-2007, 06:48:11

Recently I got a chance too look over Antec's new revision of the p180. See how it fairs hereQuote

23-05-2007, 06:54:46

It's a hard case to criticise tbh, although I'm not a huge fan of the looks it's still a nice looking case.

Glad they sorted cable tidying too Quote

23-05-2007, 09:12:34

looks cool

only one snag,


the only thing that case needs...

and antec STIL dont bother

thats the only reason i wouldnt buy one

black, or shiney gunmetal, with window....Quote

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