Alphacool OTC Flat 8800 Water Block



You can see from the graph below that there is quite a considerable pressure drop for the EK FC8800 GTS water block, but yet, the Alphacool OTC Flat causes the least amount of loss. Subsequently, the Alphacool OTC Flat takes first place.

Head Pressure Loss chart

The Alphacool OTC Flat proved to be the most restrictive block of the two tested, with the EK FC8800GTS facilitating considerably more flow than the Alphacool. It will be interesting to see how much of an effect the reduced flow has on the actual cooling performance of the water block. The graphs at the bottom of the page best reflect this.

Flow test Graph

You can see from the graph below that the Alphacool OTC Flat suffers a little when compared to the EK FC8800GTS. The Alphacool OTC Flat provided consistently higher temperatures at idle, load and also when overclocked even when you account for the slightly elevated ambient temperature. The OTC Flat also didn't allow us to see the full potential of the 8800GTS graphics card, by falling slightly short and allowing a 650 Core/1009 Memory overclock.

 Alphacool OTC Flat Temps

Ambient Temperature - 26.2 Deg C

Water Temperature

Idle         Load        Overclocked
33.2 Deg C34.1 Deg C35.3 Deg C

EK FC8800GTS temps

Ambient Temperature - 24.6 Deg C

Water Temperature
Idle  Load Overclocked
31.4 Deg C32.3 Deg C33.5 Deg C

Subsequently, the Alphacool OTC Flat gets beaten by the EK FC8800GTS water block in todays performance review. However, in the Alphacool's defence it is an extremely good looking water block and if you weren't looking for the best performance and had a decent pump to counter the restriction,  then it would certainly be a suitable addition.

Let's head over the page to see a summary of the Alphacool OTC Flat's performance today...
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Most Recent Comments

02-12-2007, 06:48:11

Are you a meat and 3 veg kind of hardware junky or do you prefer the more delicate things in life? Today we tested the ultra-thin Alphacool OTC Flat 8800 full-cover water block to see how it performed.


02-12-2007, 13:43:02

Great well written review Peevs. I have been wondering how these will fair and in the very least they are an attractive solution offering a bit of choice. Bit of a shame about the overall performance but looks like I'll be happy with my EK block Quote

02-12-2007, 13:57:54

I like the idea of this block tbh. Looks just so much nicer than the usual fat-topped ones. And for its size (or lack of), doesn't perform too badly.

Nice job Mr Pvs.Quote

02-12-2007, 19:01:47

Thanks guys, the feedback is appreciated. I'm glad you found the review a good read. Quote

02-12-2007, 19:05:56

I can't believe how thin it is!

Kinda disappointing about the conclusion, but that doesn't bother me as I bought the EK Quote

02-12-2007, 19:46:07

Got flow?

Good review Peeves Quote

02-12-2007, 19:54:23

Nice review mate

Results were pretty much what one would expect from the offset

Looks like this has taken us up to 3000 live articles Quote

02-12-2007, 22:35:41

Thanks guys Yes the OTC Flat certainly looks the goods, and it is a valiant step away from the traditional. But yes, it's poor flow performance certainly makes it hard to recommend over better performing blocks. As far as temp's go it performed quite admirably.Quote

06-12-2007, 06:40:51

Oops I missed this one. Good review there mate. Certainly a block worth considering if you're tight for space (like my EK block getting in the way of my D5 pump on my old rig)Quote

06-12-2007, 08:09:57

i can't believe how thin that is, its understandable how much flow is lost but the temps are reasonable at least i'm happy with my ek but if i was going for something different and wanted a sexy thin look i'd deffinately pick this, i bet it looks awesome mounted in sli although i imagine temps would suffer due the extreme loss of flow through 2 blocks?

perhaps there could be a review of this on 2 cards to see if there is any major temperature difference between the cards when used in sli?Quote

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