Akasa Revo Thermaldynamic CPU Cooler

Test Results - Heat and Noise

Test Results

The test results were as follows. Note that these are all performed under identical circumstances on the exact same test setup.

stock benchmark

At stock speeds and voltages the Akasa Revo is behind all but the Asus Triton without a fan.

overclocked results

Here the Akasa does pretty well at idle compared to our other coolers, but only manages to come out ahead of the Intel stock cooler when we turn up the heat in Orthos testing.


Noise, however, is somewhere where the Akasa Revo does very well. With that fan only producing 17-26dBa, you can barely hear it. I literally had to put my hand on the fan to check it was spinning at idle and at load all you can hear is the swish of air getting forced through the radiator. There is no doubting that Akasa have done very well in this area, short of it being passive (which I would say is possible with a lower TDP processor).

Quiet is certainly a place that Akasa are aiming the cooler at. We have been advised that testing @ 3.3GHz and 1.45v was not appropriate for what the cooler was designed for. Akasa are aiming this cooler at the low power market, with silence in mind.

I find this fair enough, but the results at stock speak for themselves.
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Most Recent Comments

12-10-2007, 14:50:02

We take a look at Akasa's new cooler: the "Revo". With some new technology on show and promise of good performance, let's see how it does.


Check the review hereQuote

12-10-2007, 15:41:32

Looks sexy £30 bit OTT though, since you can get a Freezer pro for about £15 and that does just fine.Quote

12-10-2007, 15:52:52

Mr. Smith
For £40 I would NOT buy that cooler, 120 ultra ftw!Quote

12-10-2007, 15:53:41

Originally Posted by name='Brooksie'
Looks sexy £30 bit OTT though, since you can get a Freezer pro for about £15 and that does just fine.
Indeed, though the price is as below, $40

Originally Posted by name='Mr. Smith'
For £40 I would NOT buy that cooler, 120 ultra ftw!
Just what I thought, but it is new technology and R&D costs ££'sQuote

12-10-2007, 16:01:33

Ah well.

It has to be said, I started reading the review (excellent again btw) with a pretty optimistic slant - especially with the idea of the tech involved.

To be fair, it looks an equiv cooler of a stock Intel (give or take minimal temps), but quieter. That in mind, the price is OTT imo.

Agree with the conclusion tbh. (however personally disappointed a bit)Quote

16-10-2007, 16:48:06

Please note that I have now added a note from Adrian Young, Akasa's marketing directorQuote

18-11-2007, 13:44:02

What would be OC3D A-List of air coolers and other such products?

Do you have an A-List? If Not would be a worthy addition me thinks.Quote

18-11-2007, 13:45:57

Hmm might be an idea actually mate. I might see what I can do about gettign some "top10's" from what we've doneQuote

18-11-2007, 14:05:09

omg why hadnt i thought of that lol

would be helpful to have a table - with a sort function (sort value for money, performance and looks (or whatever the scoring goes by) also sort by overall score)

ace idea!Quote

19-11-2007, 00:32:07

Originally Posted by name='maverik-sg1'
What would be OC3D A-List of air coolers and other such products?

Do you have an A-List? If Not would be a worthy addition me thinks.
That is a very good idea and one that I have been meaning to get actioned for a while now. However, once I get through this backlog of reviews I'll get started on it.Quote

07-04-2008, 11:52:47

Hi. New to the forums. Just purchased one of these and was getting similar performance to the stock cooler. I did a google (next time I'll do it before I buy) and found you guys.

I tried adding a 4000rpm fan to improve things, but I just dropped the temp by a further 1 degree. Very disappointing product for the price.

I am now in the market for a new cooler, this time I'll do some research.Quote

07-04-2008, 14:03:33

Agreed it's costly for the price, although I did get better performance than the stock cooler

Awesome mounting system though in fairnessQuote

07-04-2008, 16:21:33

And exceptionally light. Should be easy enough to remove Quote

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