SteelSeries Siberia V2


SteelSeries    Siberia V2


So have SteelSeries taken a winning formula and tinkered too much, or have they refined something good into something great?

Thankfully, they've refined them.

Sonically the Siberia V2 are exceptionally impressive and unlikely to be beaten without going on to a dedicated HiFi pair. The only caveat is that I don't need my headphones to make me go deaf, nor do I like so much bass my heartbeat changes. If you do desire exceptionally earth moving volume and bass then these wont be for you. That isn't to say that they are bad in those areas, far from it, merely that if you have extreme needs to be fulfilled in those areas you might be disappointed.

It doesn't matter if you're a movie buff, an audiophile, or merely a gamer seeking to make the best boom you can, the Siberia V2 will get it done.

The microphone is particularly good. It doesn't pick up the surrounding room noise and can be positioned pretty much wherever you choose. Assuming you don't decide to position it in your mouth you wont have any problems with your Ps and S' either. Especially noteworthy is the method SteelSeries have chosen to attach the microphone. None of that "flapping against your headband" here. It slides in and out of the left ear-piece smoother than a buttered lothario.

Finally comfort. These are deliciously light on your head and easy on your ears. I've been wearing them for about 8 hours a day over the past week and not once felt the need to remove them, nor the problem of "hot ear" that you can get with leather cups.

It took some time and lots of pondering, but I have thought of a few issues. Neither of which are massively problematic, but obviously I need to cover all points. The cable is quite disappointing because although it's plenty long enough and comes with great quality gold plating, nonetheless for this price we'd like to have seen braiding rather than the standard plastic coating. Other than that the only slight issue is that open backed headphones mean it's difficult to have them very loud without your partner complaining. Of course the open backed nature aids the clarity of audio reproduction, but it's worth mentioning.

SteelSeries have refined an already award winning design and come up with something that improves in all the areas you'd hope for, without compromising anything or adding unwanted features just to "add" things.

- Great sound quality
- Long cable
- Microphone solution
- Comfortable

- Open back design
- Cable not braided

- None

Recommended    Award


Thanks to SteelSeries for proving the Siberia V2 for todays review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

23-03-2010, 06:17:05

The Steelseries Siberia was a great headset, but will the V2 be able to beat it?

Continue ReadingQuote

23-03-2010, 11:57:41

I wish you guys had a review of the Razor Carcharias. I would like to see how these two compared to each other. The Cars also have an open-back design and I think they sound amazing. The difference between my friends Creative Fatal1ty headset and mine were night and day.

So since you don't have a review for them could you tell me how they compare? Or have you not used the Carcharias yet? Thanks!Quote

23-03-2010, 13:13:30

We haven't got any on hand, nor have we tested any. Our reviews usually point out if there is an existing product that is vastly better or similar.

However, as the Carcharias are almost identical in design to the Megaladons, I think for music the Siberia V2 are better.

Neither are bad at all. The Siberia V2 are very very good.Quote

23-03-2010, 13:20:33

Cool, thanks for the response. Looks like my Carcharias aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I also like the fact that mine have the braided cord and not the generic plastic/rubber cord. I do like the Steelseries mic set-up better though.Quote

23-03-2010, 14:34:52

I love my Siberia V2s <3. But you guys made a mistake - they are closed back design, the Sv1s were open back. check out Its right there on the website and on the box!:0Quote

23-03-2010, 15:46:13

"Closed type" is different to "closed back".

Closed type refers to ones that surround the ears. Please compare the Ozone Strato we recently reviewed to the Siberia.

Thanks anyway.Quote

23-03-2010, 18:38:50

ok... do you mean the fact that your ear fits inside the cup? i wouldnt think this would be a mediocre thing as it leads to very high comfort. thanks for clarifying that closed type isnt closed back anyway - it was confusing.Quote

23-03-2010, 18:43:36

Ok. Closed type = ear inside the cup. Not a mediocre because it's comfy.

Closed back = no mesh on the outside of the headphone. Like with the Zowie or SteelSeries Neckband we've previously reviewed. Closed back is a "tighter" sound and leaks less noise. Open back allows some of the audio to spill out of the headphones giving a airier and nicer sound, but meaning people around you can hear if the volume is loud.

Hope that's cleared things up.Quote

23-03-2010, 18:56:52

Yes ok i understand what both mean now. But in the review it stated, under conclusion "Mediocre - Open back design". The steelseries siberia v2 has a closed back, and fits all around the ears aka closed type. I'm sorry if I sound like a fool right now :P just trying to clarifyQuote

23-03-2010, 19:47:28

It doesn't have a closed back, just like VonBlade said. It is a meshed back, which is considered an open-back design.Quote

23-03-2010, 20:19:26

can some1 delete this post for meQuote

24-03-2010, 18:02:10

Alright ok I understand completely now. Closed type, open back. I was under the impression that it was closed back and closed type as I saw it on 2 other reviews. I guess they were confused like me to the difference of closed back and type as stated by the manufacture. I also assumed the mesh was just for show - but I now see no where on the SS site do they mention its closed back. sorry for being so thick :$Quote

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