QPAD QH-1339 Pro Gaming Headset Review


QPAD QH-1339 Pro Gaming Headset Review


As always we tested the QH-1339 on the excellent ASUS Phoebus with a variety of games, films and music to put it through its paces. The combination of QPAD and beyerdynamics have produced an absolute winner in terms of audio fidelity and reproduction quality.

It would, in truth, be easy to list of the array of things we used to test the QPAD QH-1339 and comment upon this and that but the reality is that by any measure, in comparison to anything you are likely to have ever heard before, the QH-1339 blows it away in every regard.

The build quality is amazing, with the combination of aluminium and steel providing a very sturdy spine, and yet it's been designed in such a way as to be very light too. Comfort is always at a premium with something you're likely to wear for a long period of time. Even in short battles at a LAN party the last thing you'd need is your headset distracting you, and the QH-1339 are very comfortable indeed. There is just enough pressure upon the ear-pieces to lock them firmly around your ears, yet not so much that you feel like your head is in a vice. Even those of us who are gifted in the head-size department found them a treat to wear.

Sound is where the beyerdynamics expertise really comes through and we can't begin to express how rich the QH-1339 are. The aural experience is one of the hardest to express in a written form. Not only do we all have different auditory responses, but we all like different things from our music. So we must revert to superlatives in an attempt to get across how beautiful the fidelity of every type media comes through via the magic of the QH-1339. Are you a fan of bass? Like that percussive thump that makes it seem like your heart is going to burst through your chest? The QPAD has you covered. No woolly, flabby response here. It's tight, focussed and pounding. But not dominating at all. The midrange, the area where so many of the things we hear resides, covers the full spectrum from driving rhythms to glorious harmonies with a definition that is simply staggering. Finally the top end, so often the preserve of harsh tinny sounds, is resplendent with a glassy quality that is still well-rounded.

If the measure of the quality of an audio device is to be able to listen to a film or album that you've heard a hundred times before and find yourself catching something that had hitherto gone unheard, then the QPAD QH-1339 is the yardstick by which all future headsets can be judged. Unfortunately this audio quality doesn't come cheap, and the pricing is unquestionably the Achilles Heel of the QPAD QH-1339 when it comes to choosing a gaming headset. If you're looking at this as a method of talking to your teammates in BF4 or Ghosts then you're missing the point and thus the QH-1339 will seem prohibitively expensive. However, this is actually set of HiFi headphones that happens to have a microphone attached and by that measure the pricing is actually competitive. It still has to be taken into account with our final score though, but the sheer quality of the QPAD QH-1339 Pro Gaming Headset means that it takes home our Performance Award.

If this is the beginning of the collaboration between QPAD and beyerdynamics then the future is bright indeed.


Thanks to QPAD for supplying the QH-1339 for review. Discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.

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16-01-2014, 07:41:49


QPAD have teamed up with the professional audio specialists beyerdynamic to bring studio quality audio to the gaming world.

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16-01-2014, 07:59:53

hnnng I can taste the quality from here.
Not too keen on the price but it really is the cream of the crop.

16-01-2014, 08:35:01

Oh wow, someone finally did it. Didn't think it'd be QPad in all honesty, but that's pretty awesome.

Personally I'd say the price isn't bad if these actually sound half decent.

16-01-2014, 08:48:31

I wonder how they compare against the beyerdynamic 880s though, price wise they are around the same but you do get the mic with the QH-1339.

16-01-2014, 10:49:01

I have the MMX 300 which is effectively the same product. I got it from a sale quite a while ago.

What I can say is that currently the microphone connection has started wearing out a bit. Also, once when I opened it, the plastic side broke into two halves. I could manage to get it back there, it's in two pieces alright but they fit together when the screws are there.

The plastic used in the MMX 300 at least isn't exactly the best. I've seen the same kind of plastic on cheaper lightning accessories; by the time you're going to change the bulb, the plastic has hardened so much that you can't really get it out without breaking it. The clips on the side are plastic, and very_frail. If you need to temporarily remove the headband and the cups, be careful with the screws.

The sound quality decent, the microphone quality isn't amazing but it is far better than some Zalman clip-on or other such alternatives.

When it's all said and done, I'd probably go for some Sennheiser alternative or get DT770 / DT990 from Beyerdynamics themselves and combine it with an Antlion Modmic. The headphones which the MMX300 and QH-1339 effective are, are a pair of DT770 32Ohm limited edition headphones. They're very easy to drive.

16-01-2014, 11:13:38

Originally Posted by Coolant View Post
The headphones which the MMX300 and QH-1339 effective are, are a pair of DT770 32Ohm limited edition headphones. They're very easy to drive.
Might as well get the DT880s if these are only the DT770s. You can get the DT880s and a mod mic for the same price as these. Or get the DT770s and a mod mic for 150, same thing but 80 cheaper :\

16-01-2014, 11:58:11

The limited edition isn't available for such pennies. It usually adds something like 50€ to the standard edition of DT770 Pro to get them.

I'd probably get a DT770 or DT990 instead, especially considering what happened with the MMX300's in the long run. I'd need to open it up somehow and get it resoldered, it's just the connection on the microphone that's on the loose.

The plastic clip broke when I had to open the headset, as well as taking all the hair out etc. after ~3 years of use, and the plastic broke. I opened both of the screws holding the thing, but I went all the way with the other one after they were a bit loose. I wisened up for the other one (evenly loosening both screws) but such things aren't really expected to be found on a premium product.

Wonder why they can't use any kind of rubberized design or whatnot on it. The new MMX300 version has a bit different headband design to it but the clips are still made out of plastic if I see it right.

The standard price on this and the MMX300 is not worth even remotely what they're asking for. The headset is great, the mic is okay for what it is, but even at the sale prices you're paying extra for convenience. With a modmic you're nearly there as far as comfort goes, and the issue with this thing that the mic cannot be detached, and all fancy things such as volume control are on the USB "sound card" instead.

The main issue with Zalman Clip-on mics (aside from the fact that the quality is carbage) was that it loosely clipped on the headphone wire, modmic with it's magnets will stay there. the fact that you'd use two wires is a matter off a little bit of tape, a wire mod or just letting them stay there like that.

I just couldn't get a modmic at the time, only had a halfway-decent soundcard with an amplifier so these things being easy to drive was a good bonus.

They're good headsets don't get me wrong, but I cannot point them out as "flawless". I've been accused for using a WH for quite a few times when it comes to CS:GO.

Usually when you pay for convenience features, you can think of muting the microphone with PC360's or the options in Logitech headsets coming with the USB connection. These headphones are plain and simple; they don't have any kind of muting system on them. They expect you to use the USB soundcard (which has nothing but volume and mic mute) instead of offering features like the mic mute that the PC360 has.

16-01-2014, 13:06:52

Thanks for the review but may I ask why these are reviewed now?
Arent these and the collaboration with Beyerdynamic datet all the way back to spring 2009?

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