T-Mobile to Introduce Android Based Tablet PC?

"T-Mobile is reportedly working on a new tablet PC based on Google's Android OS."

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T-Mobile to Introduce Android Based Tablet PC?

Google’s Android OS has been making waves in the mobile operating system world since it was launched. While conceived for mobile phones, many-a-manufacturer is attempting to bring the system to netbooks. According to a report in The New York Times, T-Mobile is planning a tablet computer based on Android.

Claiming “confidential documents obtained from one of the company’s partners” as the base for its report, The New York Times reported that T-Mobile, which was the first company to introduce an Android-based smartphone, plans on launching a home phone and a tablet PC based on the Google OS in the early part of 2010. While full details about the new offerings are not available, it is rumoured that the tablet will be similar to a UMPC-like touch screen internet device.

The growing popularity of Android plus the move by manufacturers towards using the OS for larger mobile internet devices could soon make it a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Windows. While Windows currently dominates the sub-notebook systems, Android’s growth could soon put it in the reckoning for the top position.

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01-04-2009, 16:19:44

Im getting back to watercooling but this time i want to build my own set.
( Have a Thermaltake set.... Dont buy thermaltake ;_; )

I think i have got all the basics covert but i would like it if some experts could take a look before i go buy stuff.
Computer Info :
Asus P5E
2 3870x2
and 4Gb of OCZ Ram.
Now... Im thinking of doing this :

2 Loops. 1 for Cpu and 1 for the 2 GPU's.
Can a single loop handle the temps of an overclocked q6600 and 2 ( really hot ) Gpu's?

2 Loop equipment :

Cpu Block :XSPC X2O Delta CPU V3 Universal
Gpu Blocks : EK-FC3870 X2 CF - Acetal
Res + Pump : 12V Laing DDC1+ Ultra 18W (MCP355) + Laing DDC Top/w Reservoir (XSPC)
Rad's : a Black Ice GT Xtreme 360 Black for the cpu and a Black Ice GT Xtreme 240 Black.
Tubing : Clear 1/2 ID - 3/4 OD Tubes
Anti-Kink Coils : Black and Orange. ( Black tube with orange coils etc. )
Fittings : 14 x 13MM (1/2) EK High Flow Fitting - G1/4 and 2 13MM (1/2) EK Short fitting G1/4
Cable ties : TFC Herbie Clip Black
Fluid : Feser One Cooling Fluid - UV Orange and Black
Case : Coolermaster Cosmos S
and last but not least!
Fans : 5 to 6 Scythe 120MM S-Flex SFF21F/G ... what kind of rpm should i look for? 1600/1900?

All feedback is welcome :p


01-04-2009, 21:28:55

Id get a ddc pump and res top tbh matey if the budget is there.

For those 2 cards you would want a 360mm rad just for that, then a 240 for the cpu.

Tbh your better off with 2loops so you get good temps.

02-04-2009, 06:07:21

So that would mean :

XSPC Laing DDC Acrylic Reservoir
Laing DDC-1Plus MCP355 12V

These 2?

And would a 360 rad fit the bottom of my Cosmos case?

02-04-2009, 06:14:05

I'd go for yate loon fans personally, at 2200rpm, on a fan controller, that way you have the best performance and best silence as and when you need them.
I think with the two graphics chips, you'll want as a minimum the ddc1 18w (ultra not pro), but for the cpu a ddc1 pro will do fine.
Also XSPC Delta V3 cpu block came out pretty well in a lot of tests, so you may want to have a look at that.

03-04-2009, 13:25:26

Ohh... That cpu block looks good indead...

Updated my first post abit to reflect the changes.

The place im probably buying my stuff from doesnt have any other Laing pump on there website.. guess ill have to mail them for those 12V Laing DDC1+ Ultra 18W (MCP355)
And then as top a Laing DDC Top/w Reservoir (XSPC)

Though... does having a bigger Res give better performance or does that Xspc top do the trick?

And can anyone with a Cosmos S tell me if you can fit a 360 Rad on the bottom of the case ( with a psu installed there aswell ofcourse )

04-04-2009, 11:53:01

XSPC res top is a good choice mate, helps keep tubes tidy too.

You will want 2 rads for decent temps, can get a 240 in the front tbh, bit dificult in the floor of a cosmos, youd have to cut loads away to be able to do it.

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