Shuttle to Showcase VIA Nano SFF Systems at Computex

"Small factor PC manufacturer Shuttle today announced the addition of two new Embedded Slim series systems to their portfolio."

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Shuttle to Showcase VIA Nano SFF Systems at Computex
The new XS series SFF PCs from Shuttle are based on VIA's Nano CPUsSmall factor PC manufacturer Shuttle today announced the addition of two new Embedded Slim series systems to their portfolio. Both the small form factor (SFF) systems feature VIA’s Nano CPUs and will be displayed at Computex.
The new systems have been branded the XS92 and the XS29F respectively. While the XS92 will be equipped with VIA’s Nano L CPUs for faster speeds, the XS29F will feature VIA’s Nano U CPUs, which give the system higher power efficiency. Owing to their lower thermal output, the U series CPUs do not require any cooling fans. This makes the XS29F virtually noise-free.
Except for confirming the launch at Computex and the base specifications, Shuttle have held back further details about both the systems and will be releasing the same at the actual launch party during the expo.
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Most Recent Comments

22-05-2009, 04:00:27

Seriously what is up with the prices !!

My Amilo 2515 needs a new board and its priced at £225+vat.

That is about what i would ask for the laptop in full working order.

Why the hell are these things so sodding expensive !!


22-05-2009, 04:17:01

My guess is that the motherboard itself is no longer in production and any existing stock is kept for spares/repairs. It would stand to reason that the supplier will try and squeeze as much money out of the end user for a replacement board that couldn't be had elsewhere. At £260 inclusive of VAT, you're better off backing up your files onto a desktop and buy a new Laptop all together.

22-05-2009, 04:36:22

Dont throw it. What is wrong with it ...

Alot of time you'll get told its Beyond economical repair ect ect when in fact it isn't but its a quick sale and more ££

P.s Fujitsu charge £120 for a new KB when there only £25 lol ...

22-05-2009, 04:49:30

Welcome to the ****ty world of laptop parts rip-off pricing. I stopped doing laptop mobo swap-outs a few years ago because of the price of replacements. Trying to find mobos is like trying to find rocking horse crap sometimes too. I used to get funny looks and sometimes some choice words from clients when I told them the price of jobs, and I was only charging £40 labour on them too, so it wasn't like I was ripping them off.

22-05-2009, 04:53:57

last week i replaced a sony viao Mount for the power supply. They asked sony and sony demanded £120 to repair.

The part was £2.50 (i bought them a spare as well and gave it to them just incase) + £30 (for me to strip and solder on new part).

That is how much they rip you off.

22-05-2009, 05:15:00


Dont throw it. What is wrong with it ...


It will not boot !

It was working one day then it decided it did not want to another.

I popped it open and gave it a quick once over, no obvious faults.

I kept it clean so i do not believe that it overheated or CPU failure.

Since i can not post i presumed motherboard failure.

I have taken the HDD out and it is working fine and i retrieved all my data.

What are you thoughts ?


22-05-2009, 06:30:52

Well have you checked the power supply , could be a fuse , lose connection ect ect. dry soldering.

22-05-2009, 06:51:08

I am fairly sure the psu unit works, i can pop a V-meter across it to be certain.

Alas i can not get the main board out to actually check on the state of the soldering.

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