Lenovo To Break Netbook Mold With 12-Inch Offering

"Lenovo's first N280-based netbook will be a step up from the norm in size."

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Lenovo To Break Netbook Mold With 12-Inch Offering

Recently, the trend has been for companies to put out 10-inch netbook models.  However, as Lenovo started out with such a model, it seems they have decided to follow Dell in breaking the mold by making their first Atom N280-based netbook, the IdeaPad S20, a 12-inch offering.  With this move, Lenovo is looking to avoid facing the market that is being flooded by 10-inch models.

Still, this is a bit of an odd decision.  Going with a 12-inch model moves farther away from the idea of a netbook and treads perhaps dangerously close to a "normal" compact laptop.  Not only that, but having a 12-inch screen puts the S20 out of Intel's specification of a netbook, forcing Lenovo to pay the full official announced price of the Atom N280 and thus pushing up the cost of the netbook itself.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S20 will pair the Atom N280 with Intel's GN40 chipset and utilize Windows XP as the operating system.  It is expected to retail for around $586.

Has Lenovo found the sweet spot in the netbook market, or is 12-inches pushing the boundaries too much?

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11-02-2009, 12:47:21

This post is mainly a thankyou and a very small lesson in a way to other pc parts makers/sellers. I will keep it short.

2 years ago I bought a Tagan 900watt u95 power supply for a new PC build, I was going to try and build my own top spec PC..Anyhow cash ran out and I had to leave it for about a year.
I restarted the build and fitted all the parts including the lovely Tagan u95 900watt power supply. I turned on the PC and heard a loud bang.The PSU had blown and also had fried my motherboard and graphics card. And the PSU was now dead.
I sent it via RMA to Tagan via nanopoint. They were very helpful and gave the RMA a fast turnaround.. Tagan were very good to me and the replacement PSU Tagan sent me back was a more up to date and more powerful model than the PSU I RMAed.
So as Tagan gave me good customer support I did not forget about them..
So fast forward to present day.I am now doing my new Core i7 X58 upgrade/build and as I need a new power supply (The RMAed PSU Tagan sent is still going strong in my old pc case) I WILL BE BUYING THE TOP OF THE RANGE TAGAN model about £180..
So you see good customer support does pay off in the long run...
I will not be going to spend nearly £200 at a different PSU making company but I will be sticking with Tagan..
That's it hope it was short enough......:wavey:

11-02-2009, 13:20:00

Glad to hear it. Looking after the customers you've already got, rather than slavishly ignoring them to go after some theoretical future customer, is all too lacking in these modern times. Great to see you had success.

11-02-2009, 16:00:28

Yep well I just wanted to say that good companies who give their customers good support will usually get return/repeat buyers..Kinda simple basic stuff really..BUT I have dealt with some real stinkers in the online PC Parts game..And I'm just one bloke building one home pc..I only buy from 3 online PC part sellers sites in the UK..And if the parts I need are not in stock at those 3 there are 5 others I have used in the past with differing levals of service..So 8 in total but 3 are best.

13-02-2009, 10:24:40

Why is this page white ?

13-02-2009, 12:20:37

because it's in the nanopoint.co.uk forum. They have their own style.

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