"Want a sleek, stylish SFF case? Well now's the time to get your hands on the GT3 sport compact case"

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Want a sleek, stylish SFF case?  Well now's the time to get your hands on the GT3 sport compact case:
FULLERTON, Calif. – Dec 18th, 2007 – GTR Tech Corporation, today announced special holiday pricing of the GT3-BH chassis. A complete chassis, configured with a 370WATX V2.0 power supply, ready to accept all the standard full size ATX PC components, the GT3-BH chassis is available for a limited time at $149.00.

GTR Tech Corporation launched the GT3-BH April 18th, 2007. Subsequently, GT3 has been received with much acclaim amongst press and consumers alike. The Inquirer's Theo Valich's called the GT3" the "Ultimate Compact Gaming Case", gave GT3 it's Editor's Choice Award and gave GT3 its’ ‘Innovation Award’. Now users can migrate their existing PCs to the stylish and transportable GT3 for $149.00, or build a new GT3 PC at a price-point at or below that of standard-type ATX chassis.

“We’re excited to make GT3 available at this special price, just in time for the holidays. The market response for GT3 has been tremendous; we continually receive customer’s praise for GT3’s compact and lightweight, transportable, contemporary design” said Sean Hall, President and CEO of GTR Tech Corporation. “GT3s are now being used all over the world, not only by gamers but in businesses as well; for workstations and desktop applications as these consumers want the flexibility and performance GT3 provides. As a result of this special promotion, we’re excited to make the GT3 available to an even broader market.”

GT3-BH: Worlds First Sport Compact PC Form Factor Chassis
GT3-BH is the first Sport Compact PC chassis to utilize GTR’s patent-pending technology providing PC OEMs and PC enthusiasts the ability to utilize full size PC components in a small form factor chassis. Equipped with a 370WATX V2.0 power supply, GT3-BH supports standard ATX motherboards, PCI Express x16 Graphics 150W-ATX Specification 1.0 double slot discreet graphics, one full height PCI add in card, and up to two 3.5” hard drives. GT3’s innovative and stylish design features three cold air intakes, a retractable wing-shaped handle, aluminum construction, sloped faux carbon fiber front bezel with an illuminated GT3 logo. GT3’s small light weight design makes it ideal for consumers wanting the performance and flexibility of a full size PC in a package that is small and light-weight, allowing easy mobility.

Availability and Pricing
The first product in the Sport Compact PC family, the GT3-BH, has a suggested retail price of $189 in single unit quantities available directly from GTR Tech Corporation. Volume pricing of GT3-BH is available upon request.
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16-12-2007, 12:46:48

Automatic choice for me on XP is ZoneAlarm Security Suite. It does all 3 and gives a confident feel about it too.

Now for a Web-browsing pc, that also handles miscelleneous file transfers for 4 pcs, simple copying back`n`fore, supplies mobile phone with sound files etc, and since it`s a Q6600 - I`m gonna let it do both the movie viewing to the HDTV and any conversion stuffs. It folds too, but that`s either way.

Now unfortunately the ZA on Vista trudges the system down quite alot, they obviously still have issues to sort out.

I`ve given ESET another try, it doesn`t do malware, it doesn`t give me that much confidence either, can`t explain it, but it`s a feeling. (for an example, randomly I`m getting a sound thing for ebay and something else when being on OC3D) And the firewall I have to disengage to do file transfers for 6mbs. With it I get about 3. (that`s will IPv6 disables and also the netsh auto- thingy). Infact I can`t get 20mbs unless I use XP.
Also have to disable it to send folding WUs. Don`t ask me why, but f@h and a number of things I can allow access in the menus, but it still fudges up. Some of my rss things go screwy too.

What are the alternatives like ? Kasper ? I want a suite, 3 in 1 thing. Doesn`t slow Vista down any more than it is.

Either that or I`m gonna be weighing up XP again, which I`d rather not do for this machine cos it`s an unenviable enevitability.

I was thinking ZoneAlarm with the firewall disabled, I`m not that fussed on firewalling.

Meh opinions ? (and no stating the obvious OS issues, I gotta try and keep Vista on here)

16-12-2007, 13:47:53

I quite like the newest mcafee. Can be configured to be pretty streamlined. By many accounts F-Secure is really good aswell.

16-12-2007, 14:11:23

spybot search and destroy, lavasoft adaware, AVG Free, and then just use windows firewall, if your behind a router, you *should* be fine

16-12-2007, 16:53:24

Router firewalls are great for incoming probs. I`m happen with that.

McAfee & F-Secure I haven`t checked out in years, and wasn`t too impressed, but time moves on, could be worth a revist if they`re resource friendly in Vista. Try them Kasper and I seen another one the other day that was in Suite form.. can`t remember the name.

What I want to keep from, ionicle, is getting like 2 or 3 products to do what a suite does.

Windows firewall = automatic turn off.

17-12-2007, 04:37:53

Every suite has its flaw tbh but the best ive come across is one called Norton. It protects me in everyway and follows the rule, whenever the user can do something on the pc - it endangers the pc, so it stops you. Period lol

I use NOD32, the new comodo (very swish) + a scan using every so often.

17-12-2007, 04:58:15

I use ESET and stick it all on expert mode. That way it's highly controllable.

ZA doesn't stop everything, nothing does tbh. Use ESET + Spybot & Adaware

17-12-2007, 06:28:19


I use ESET and stick it all on expert mode. That way it's highly controllable.

ZA doesn't stop everything, nothing does tbh. Use ESET + Spybot & Adaware

Ya I use expert, keep having to stop the filtering completely cos it`s blocking something, or atleast throttling the access, to something it`s been told to allow. The folding SMP is a good example, from a fresh boot it will start up well (meaning it`s allowing stuff) - u go back several hours later and u see the console struggling with stuff, u close the filtering and all goes well. It will stop email and web functioning too after a while.

ZA SS may not stop everything out there, but with it I`ve not had any issues, or any intrusions for years, other than working with Vista. Never had any need to use Spybot or Adaware whilst having the suite, used to use Adaware b4 they were taken over, that was when ZA was just a firewall.

Wanna try and stay with one thing, even tho I advise to use more than one.

17-12-2007, 19:48:34

I found Eset blocked a lot of stuff i told it to allow - such as network discovery etc. :eek:

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