Alienware DHS A Series Media Centre PC

"Alienware DHS A Series Media Centre PC"

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Alienware has earlier gathered quite a lot of consumer faith and name for churning out respectable gaming PCs. It appears that it wishes to take its line of Media Center machines to the next level. Continuing with the tradition of Media Centre PCs, the DHS A Series model is made to look just like a digital receiver, but with some serious good features.

To start with you'll have 1,000 watts of amplification for your home theater speakers and HDMI connectors for bandwidth-demanding HD video. Your games and apps fetch the power of AMD's Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors, fresh from the factory and equipped with AMD Live. So that very much speaks of the company's incessant effort to streamile and simplify you digital media centered actions. The base model, has an 160GB drive and costs a cool US$1,000, but can be configured to store up to 1.5 terabytes. Apparently Alienware plans to start shipping the A Series next year.

Alienware DHS A Series

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Most Recent Comments

29-10-2006, 01:49:07

Hello, everyone... got a couple questions.

1) CPU-Z seems to give a couple false readings, the first being my vcore at 1.163V, rather than +/-1.4V, have no idea why. The uGuru program with my ABIT AW9D reports just over 1.4V, why isn't CPU-Z?

2) As you can see, I don't get a processor selection as well. I looked at one of Kempez's screenshots, and noticed that his/hers does... what gives??

I have the latest BIOS installed, so I'm at a loss...:cussing: Any/ all help is welcome. (I haven't Prime95 the current cpu-z screenshot, but 3.48GHz/387FSB held up for an hour and a half, will post when I get the final tweaking in.)

Almost forgot... the Monsoon II HSF comes with a front panel that displays the temperature, but has about a 15 degree difference with what the uGuru shows, the uGuru showing higher. Thoughts?
Thanks, -TJS

29-10-2006, 04:49:55

1) CPU-Z voltage support on Conroe seems to be totally broken. It says my voltages are 1.20v but they are actually 1.6v.

2) Are you running the latest version from their site?

As for the monsoon, i would say that probably has better temp readings than the Abit's. Your best bet would be to go for an average of both.

29-10-2006, 21:40:20

XMS: If the #2 question is aimed at my BIOS version, the answer is yes, driver date 9/15/06 (haven't looked in the last week or so, will look in a moment). If it's about CPU-Z, the answer is yes as well, version 1.37.

Right now I'll lean toward the uGuru temp reading, since I do have everything jacked up so high... no matter how much case aircooling/TEC HSF cooling I have, although an average of the two is probably the best bet.

One thing I noticed in the BIOS is the 'Thermal Monitor', set for either 1, which denotes 'on die controller', or 2, which is 'ratio & vid'... and has voltages set in #2 as .875, or thereabouts. This may account for the voltage being read in CPU-Z as 1.63V (1.64 is closer to .875x2, but it's a theory). Why it would read this, I still don't know.

Thanks for the reply, XMS, lets me know I'm not crazy and that the Z may not be ready for Conroe/ABIT.


Edit: Scratch the theory, the Z reads 1.163V, which is way less than 1.63, even if the Thermal Monitor was .8375V (maybe I haven't been drinking enough beer of late...)

30-10-2006, 04:17:03

Sorry - my bad. I actually meant CPUZ version - but i can see from the screenie that ur running 1.37.

I've got a board here with uguru, if i get a chance i'll see how accurate the readings are on that one.

30-10-2006, 04:21:39

I've had several board with uGuru and it's a pretty accurrate program :)

03-11-2006, 18:11:18

Update: After uploading the beta BIOS '13', my uguru temp reading at idle is now within 7C of my HSF's front panel... much better. I gotta remember to compare them at load or close to...;)

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