Super Talent Unveils MasterDrive SX SSDs

"Storage and memory modules manufacturer Super Talent yesterday announced the addition of the MasterDrive SX series of SSDs to its range of products."

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Super Talent Unveils MasterDrive SX SSDs
The new MasterDrive SX series SSDs from Super TalentIt’s time for another SSD launch, and this time around it is Super Talent. The storage and memory modules manufacturer yesterday announced the addition of the MasterDrive SX series of SSDs to its range of products. The new SSDs boast of a massive 128MB DRAM cache, which makes them high-performance products.
The SSD market is growing in leaps and bounds with new products being launched almost daily. Higher storage capacities, better performance, and increasingly affordable prices mark the SSD market, which is maturing as a technology. The entry of Super Talent’s new SSDs brings yet another addition to this highly dynamic and competitive market.
The 2.5in drives are encased in aluminium and are shock and vibration resistant. Having undergone extensive validation and stresses for Linux and Windows environments, Super Talent claims its SSDs are among the most reliable ones currently available. The MasterDrive SX SSDs consume just 0.15 watts of power when idle, which makes them one of the most miserly drives around in terms of power consumption.
The new SSD line-up features a 3Gbps SATA-II interface which, when combined with the DRAM cache, allows the drives to reach sequential read-write speeds of 220MB/s and 200MB/s respectively. This puts the new drives at the higher end of the speed spectrum for SSDs. These speeds will however, only be available in the 128GB and the 256GB models, while the 64GB ones will offer read and write speeds of 200MB/s and 120MB/s respectively.
Talking about the MasterDrive SD series, Super Talent’s Director of Marketing, Joe James said, “We developed the MasterDrive SX series to offer extreme reliability at an aggressive price point that makes sense for mobile professionals and enthusiasts. Moreover, these drives boast power efficiency and write speeds that few SSDs can match.”
Already available at select retailers, the 128GB MasterDrive SX SSD carries a price tag of $359. Prices for the 64GB and 256GB models are yet to be announced.
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Most Recent Comments

13-06-2009, 07:29:40

hmm never had a problem with Samsung support to be honest.

13-06-2009, 08:10:11

i have a sammy monitor and tv. Had the LCD TV for about 4-5 years now and its still going strong.

Samsung - about the only good thing to come out of Korea.

13-06-2009, 12:30:24


I have had my Sync master 940MW Now for ni on 3 years.

It came with a warranty. a Nice 3 year one.

Any way it is on its way out after 3 years 2 days (according to there technical support)

I have lost its receipt as well.

Phoned Samsung and after chatting to a very nice tech support ..

Its getting replaced :worship::worship::worship:

Well happy.

Could not ask for any thing better than that ....

Tried to get 1 key repaired for my laptop because there was obviously a production line problem and they told me to eff off (not in the in your face way) but I was so angry at that. I was in the warranty by months and they still refused. 1 DAMN KEY. Made my laptop useless.

13-06-2009, 19:26:19

that happened to me a a fuji and they wanted £99 for a new keyboard ... seems like there all the same in that respect.

14-06-2009, 05:59:06


that happened to me a a fuji and they wanted £99 for a new keyboard ... seems like there all the same in that respect.

They didn't even refer me or offer me to pay for the key. I had to do all the research myself. All the companies required me to purchase a whole keyboard, Samsung could of easily sent 1 key out it costs NOTHING for them.

Never buying anything Samsung tbh, ever.

16-06-2009, 09:12:03

Well scratch what i have said. It seems to be a day of every thing through the post is damaged.

The delivery guy turned up with the TV all box up , no marks what so ever. (on the boxes that is)

He asked me for my TV and i handed it across. He then un did his packaging to reveal and discomfiting site.

It was a bent and twisted moulded pace of plastic that looks like Godzilla has been playing twister with King Kong on it while in there offices. Inside was a warranty replacement sticker with "New replacement part" slapped on it ...

Needless to say the delivery guy stopped and look at me and came out with "I presume this wont be getting delivered". Me being the quite expressive type of person accidentaly slipped out with "no shi! Sherlock"..

So a quick phone call to there tech support to a very nice Scottish guy who spoke so fast i had to ask what he was saying 5 times (that's not a joke). Eventaly i just handed across my RMA no and explained at the state of the tv / Monitor and he said "hmm so you accepted the delivery then" .. hahaha what a joker i thought to my self as i calmly asked him " Does a bear Shi!s in the woods" ... I don't think he understood me very well. I think i may have been speaking to slowly for him as he seemingly paused for a few moments to digest what i had said to him.

Needless to say after a bit of banter they are going to send me out another out .... But this time when i comes im taking photos just in case it happens again ....

Bloody tech support cowboys ....

16-06-2009, 11:00:37

Not good on the delivery as far as warranty, my mobile broke a yesr and month after getting it, so technically out of warranty yet spaking politely to them they done it.
Though I got one with a slight scrath on the screen, speaking again they replaced it. Next one was fine. ;D

16-06-2009, 11:28:20

Im hope its in as good as nick as the one im giving them as it has been really well looked after. this 19" when we bought it new cost over £450.

16-06-2009, 13:23:18

Mum had Samsung phone. 1 year 2 months later (2 months after warranty expire). Replacement done.
Always liked them.

16-06-2009, 13:57:53

i don't think its Samsung them self's as such more the carelessness of there employees in there tech work area. esp marking up such a badly damaged monitor as new replacement. Esp when you can see that it has been dropped from a grate hight and has warped all the plastic of the cases it self.

live and learn lol.

mind you atm postmen are not my best friend's as i also received a well packaged item from TT that had looked like it had gone 10 rounds with mike tyson and after opening it up i found one of the res's has been smashed. now it wasn't cracked it was smashed so some one some were doesn't like me today. TT has kindly asked me to take photos and he said he would replace it but like I said to TT its oky as its not his fault and to be honest the price i paid im not going to complain as its a fact of life.

How ever i did go down to the post office today told them off in my usual Mr Angry manner lol ....

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