Super Talent Announces SATA SSD drives

"Super Talent Technology has announced a range of solid state disk (SSD) drives with an industry standard Serial ATA (SATA) interface."

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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 14/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DigiTimes

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This new line of SATA drives is offered in industry standard 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3.5-inch form factors, making these drives 100% compatible with conventional hard disk drives, according to the company. Super Talent's 1.8-inch SATA drives are offered in up to 32GB capacities; 2.5-inch drives are available in up to 64GB; and for high capacity requirements, Super Talent offers a 128GB 3.5-inch drive.


These products are built with only solid state flash components. Since they contain no moving parts, SSD drives have the advantage of being far more rugged and reliable than regular hard drives while using 85% less power, claimed the company. Moreover, because SSD drives are built using flash technology, they offer sequential transfer speed comparable to magnetic drives and dramatically faster access speeds.


If you're interested in this technology, you can find out more at Super Talent

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Most Recent Comments

13-03-2007, 09:00:05

Damn! I hate the graphic world.. :(

13-03-2007, 09:05:27

For the love of god, is there even any point in buying DX10 card now.

13-03-2007, 10:05:25

Mr. Smith

For the love of god, is there even any point in buying DX10 card now.

My sentiments exactly. I have been putting off buying a G80 since, well, November due to the rumours of the r600 release.

The r600 is held up, dx10.1 and dx11 are now on the horizon with g90's and r700's... This is a joke!

Will the dx10 cards supoprt dx10.1?

13-03-2007, 10:26:36


For the love of god, is there even any point in buying DX10 card now.

But you could of said that for the G70s... Because of the DX10s around the corner.. :(

13-03-2007, 10:27:22

Jesus, I have a G80 with no games to use its new tech and already they are planning new stuff, its just wrong!

13-03-2007, 11:24:09

It's becoming harder and harder to stay on the cutting edge, it keeps moving so rapidly...

13-03-2007, 14:48:16

Really annoying but at least the new GPU is 9 months away. :mad:

13-03-2007, 15:06:00

Time stops for no man... neither does technology.


Don't look at the new hardware as expensive and (momentarily) useless, just better than whats out if all you have is really outdated stuff and want something new. My 8800GTS is hardly an antique, and does add a certain graphics quality my 7900GT's didn't. When DX 10 games come out I'll be ready, just like when Vista gets a service pack and Halo2 comes out.


(stagnation sucks!)

13-03-2007, 15:51:01

Who cares about cutting edge, when is the time to buy a new computer?

Quad's dropping in price next month, R600 coming out in a (few) months, and now this R700/G90 BS, this is complete gayness.

This is another reason why computer's [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] me off so much.

13-03-2007, 18:41:57

PP Mguire
This is quite rediculous. Put out your damn cards before you start making newer ones.

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