Patriot Memory Releases Improved Xporter XT Boost USB Flash Drive

"The award-winning Xporter XT Boost USB flash drive now comes with improved read speeds of up to 200x"

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Patriot's Xporter XT Boost: Improved with read speeds up to 200x OC3D Official Press Release

Patriot Xporter XT BoostPatriot Memory, a global provider of premium quality memory module and flash memory solutions, today announced their award-winning Xporter XT Boost USB flash drive now comes with improved read speeds of up to 200x. Previously, the Xporter XT Boost read speeds were rated up to 180x. The new Xporter XT still remains available in 2/4/8/16/32 gigabyte capacities and is still Microsoft® Windows™ certified for Vista ReadyBoost™.

"In keeping in-line with our cutting edge philosophy, we are updating our already blazingly fast Boost series, giving the consumers an even better value." says Meng Jay Choo, Flash Product Manager for Patriot Memory. "Consumers will see a noticeable difference when using the new Xporter XT Boost. The 20x increase in read speed from the previous generation of the Xporter XT Boost equates to 3MB/s. This means more time to enjoy your pictures or videos rather than waiting for them to open.

Product Information:

Patriot XXporter XT product information

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Most Recent Comments

11-12-2008, 09:08:24

I still don`t, to this day, understand how some1 in such a position can be capable as far as a job is concerned, and not have a pc at home. I know people who work in just IT in general who are in that situation.

If it`s a creative job, I wouldn`t touch u. If however ur in imacs or service, I can understand how it would and does work. Still being a bit confused mind.

11-12-2008, 09:37:43

my dad got retrained throuh computeach and has more microsoft certifications then I care to mention, after 7 years of constant studying and at a cost of over 12K he can't get a job. Reason. It took him 13 hours over 2 days to sort out my sis's computer out, all it was was a simple "no sound" issue, after this time he gave up, phoned me, I went round, within 2 secs I had sorted it. The problem. Speakers not plugged into the correct port.

I actually had a barny with one of there so called "advisors" after my mate chris fell for the spiel that he could become a games developer in 2 years. The actual advisor couldn't answer me this simple question "Which SDK's and low level programming knowledge will be taught through the course" his reply "whats an SDK"...That again was computeach and they only wanted 3K. Its a con, train you in something that sounds impressive but to be honest if you fall for these schemes, then a McDonalds Apprenticeship is probably more then you can handle.

I swear the whole world needs a foot up its arse. Sorry for ranting but I have had some grade A morons on the phone this morning, including one guy who was wondering why his laptop werent working after sitting in the bath with it watching the Man U match last night. And I mean in the bath and not in the bathroom.

11-12-2008, 09:40:33


Some balance needs to be restored in this world. Idiots sweep floors. Intelligent people support/programme computers.

Yeah I suppose we should assign floor sweeping to idiots, thats the politically correct route, I would of said thats womans work....

Joking...She's gonna be on the doorstep with a rolling pin when I get home tonight :D

12-12-2008, 07:28:20

Not only "PC", but it is becoming too much the norm that a college/university place is attainable after school.

It used to be the case that u had to be the best in ur school to get into these places. Then they widened the acceptance grades. Then they gave all the colleges run in sheds university status. Then they took out alot of specialize content from school curriculum. Made the exams/courses very hard to fail in many cases.

People need to be able to deal with not being good enough for certain things, and not being made to feel they can do what every1 else is doing, because they want to and can pay for it.

It`s going to have similar consequences to allowing people to take no deposit mortgages at 10x (eg) their salaries.

At some point in time we, as a breed of animal, will get bitten on the arse. Expect something to be solved by people we`ve told are good enough.

12-12-2008, 07:38:16

yep..when I studied computing science at college (1993 to 1995) you had to do maths a level as well... 40% of the course was based on boolean logic, binary, floating point and machine code. The following year they cut the sylabus and removed all this and replaced it with a module in microsoft office applications....I found that very very just staggers belief that more and more kids are leaving school with better qualifications yet at the same time we have the largest level of illiteracy for school leavers...huh...dont tell me there not "dumbing down" the educational establishment...

12-12-2008, 07:47:44

First day of physics A level was spent physically ripping pages out of text books as they were no longer required to be known.

It was obviously a display by some1 within the profession in terms of what they felt about the changes from the previous year.

Still sure u dont need to know things today as u get some sheet during exam time with all the formulas & equations.

Did a c&g last week that was open-book and multiple choice. I'm now a qualified pat tester. Kinda worrying :p

12-12-2008, 07:57:03

that is a bit worrying...hope your business liability insurance is up to scratch :D

Apparently though the exam markers are having a laugh...I remember reading this a whilst back

Bring back the cane thats what I say...

25-12-2008, 19:28:58

I totally agree. The DX10 in Farcry 2 made me actuallly want to cry it is SHOCKING. Unbelivable, hell i ent gonna even start :'(

26-12-2008, 10:04:58

I totally agree what is said here, the learning prospects for college is very limited. I applied for a course in JUST Information Technology. They said this course would cover, programming, networking, game devloping. I joined the course, we had to lay out letters, explain what a processor was, and how you put it in. Wow that was hard.

The next course was a IT Practitioners course, and by this they mean IT TECHNICIAN, without my personal knowledge of computers, I would be nowhere near a qualified technician, without a doubt. They haven't taught us anything really, apart from advanced database, but why would I need this to be a HARDWARE technician?

The adverts are all the same, college courses lie to you, and when your paying around 3k a year, it's a **** take because you won't get your money back.

Also they throw in some bullcrap about doing A-Level maths and you NEED to do business for this course otherwise you fail. I was like WTF I never applied for A-Level maths and business, I wonna fix teh comput0rz and have funz, that was far out of my reach apparently.

They scammed us all, really took the ****, they changed all the units the day before we got there, they blamed it on the other college campus.

TBH computeach sounds better than college hahaha

02-04-2009, 06:13:52

Extremely belated and somewhat superfluous update here:

I just bought Devil may cry 4, and hey, guess what, 60fps on vista in dx10 on high settings.

Honestly, I could weep.

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