OCZ to Release Vertex SLC SSD?

"Rumour has it that OCZ will soon be releasing a new series of Vertex SSDs, though based on SLC Nand this time around."

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OCZ to Release Vertex SLC SSD?
Rumour has it that OCZ will soon be releasing a new series of Vertex SSDs, though based on SLC Nand this time around. There have been several discussions about the upcoming release on the OCZ forums, though there has been no official confirmation from the company.
Reportedly named Vertex Extreme, the new series of SSDs are likely to feature Barefoot Controller. SLC would mean users can expect higher sequential bandwidth and higher random IOPs from the new SSDs compared to MLC Nand based ones. Expected to be launched in 32, 64 and 128GB modules, the Vertex Extreme SSDs could possibly be priced two to three times higher than OCZ’s MLC based Vertex series SSDs.
How quickly the rumours are confirmed and what the actual pricing and specifications are remains to be seen.
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13-04-2009, 03:13:04

I'm having a weird problem with my computer since I've installed a new XFX 4870. Basically I turn on the computer and all the fans start like normal.. then 2 seconds later all the fans (cpu, gpu, case fans etc.) stop and then start back up again and the computer doesnt seem to post or display video.

I swapped out the 4870 for an older nvidia 7600 gs I had laying around and the computer boots up fine.. then put the 4870 back in and didn't have any problems playing for a while. A couple hours later I decide to turn it back on and same problem powering on again..

Here is my system.. nothing oc except factory oc xfx xxx :

Asus Max II Formula P45 with E8400
4 1GB Corsair Dominator PC8500 1066
Corsair HX620 Power Supply
1 WD 500GB standard HD
1 LG DVD drive

Any ideas???

13-04-2009, 06:34:13

Ya Mother
you tried different drivers?

13-04-2009, 06:40:05

Reset the BIOS to default settings by removing the CMOS battery with the power out for 10 seconds. Maybe this could be your issue.

13-04-2009, 10:05:20

It works with an nVidia but not with an ATI card eh?

13-04-2009, 12:30:05

Ya Mother
Are you using a driver cleaner before you use the ati drivers?.....i had probs going from nvidia to ati and that sorted it for me.

13-04-2009, 15:55:49

Well the nvidia was never installed or setup for this comp.. I just stuck the nvidia in after having the problem and it booted up.. and i powered it off before letting it install any of the windows drivers etc. But correct me if I'm wrong the ati drivers on the hard drive don't even come into play until after teh comp posts and gets to windows?

I am starting to think its more of a motherboard/ram issue as I had the same problem happen without the 4870 installed. I'm getting Det DRAM on my lcd poster for the MAX Formula II board and no green leds for my SB, NB, CPU, or RAM showing they check out ok. I also pressed the clear cmos button on the back of the board and still had the problem right after.

I got it all booted up again a few times with the 4870 and all the RAM sticks after the first post I made. So it seems to be sporadic and I can't pinpoint exactly where the problem is. Anyway now I'm looking at the Det DRAM issue ppl are having with my motherboard.

Kind of frustrating as I've never had problems like this until buying a board with a fancy bios and fancy corsair dominator ram and higher end power supply.

13-04-2009, 17:50:10

Starting to think its a NB low voltage problem that my motherboard has with the type of RAM I'm using. Gonna check that out when I get home.. yes I'm an Oveclock3r nub!

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