OCZ Technology Announces Core Series SATA II 2.5 Solid State Drive

"OCZ today unveiled the OCZ Core Series SATA II 2.5” Solid State Drives (SSDs)."

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OCZ Technology Announces Core Series SATA II 2.5 Solid State Drive
OCZ  today unveiled the OCZ Core Series SATA II 2.5” Solid State Drives (SSDs). OCZ has gained momentum in this pioneering technology, which uses NAND flash instead of rotating platters as the storage medium, and is a high-performance, highly reliable and energy-efficient alternative to conventional hard disc drives.
SSDs offer higher performance, reliability, and energy efficiency than conventional HDDs but the cost variance has limited adoption of vastly superior SSD technology, until now, said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology. It is our mission to deliver the highest performance products to consumers at reasonable prices, and with the release of the Core Series SSDs we have done exactly that.


Core series SSD drives are available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB and deliver incredible 120-143MBs/ 80-93MBs read/write speeds and seek times of less than 0.35ms, making the Core series up to 10x as fast on a seek-time basis and up to 40% faster on a R/W basis that the best performing 2.5” HDDs on the market, all while consuming 50% less power. MSRPs at time of launch are USD $169, $259 and $479 for 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models respectively.
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Most Recent Comments

29-06-2008, 04:31:59

I am no longer going to consider Nehalem as initial prices will be stupidly big and they will be 1st revisions. So it now boils down to which board and which cpu to get?

My first thoughts are DFI x38 and a Q6600 (SLACR G0) which will come to £200 on immortal gaming. Will be good to see how these guys perform. I say a new board as the p5b deluxe doesn't support my ram as it should (something to do with asus locking a crucial ram setting, forcing me to flash the ram and config by SPD!!!


So a good board for overclocks and not really Asus and a CPU which runs cool and likes a good overclocking (so far its either a q6600 or an e8***) not too sure

29-06-2008, 08:40:09

Ok i think ill get an asus maximus - if it allows me to set only the trfc to auto and keep the rest of ram settings manual - my p5b is either all settings auto or all manual (and manually doesnt allow trfc high enough ><)

any1 with a maximus willing to confirm this?

29-06-2008, 09:20:11

Confirmed. ;)

29-06-2008, 09:47:33

Maximus seems a fine choice of board. Id take the DFI myself, but thats personal preference and if its got a specific feature you need then go for it.

As for CPU, either will do you fine. But I'd recommend the E8400, then clock the nuts off it. Higher frequencies still win out over number of cores in my experience.

29-06-2008, 10:30:42

thanks tox - as always im a nice guy so reps to you sir ;)

both the asus and dfi support my trfc needs (well the reaperx's needs really)

iv never messed with a dfi but the maximus reports back better overclocks

im thinking by the time nehalem is affordable, more multicore apps will be out there but for now dualies do give better performance in games etc. at a high frequency. mind you q6600s have been known to go to 4ghz.

just checked with immortal if they have the G0 slacr q6600 and they will get back to me monday after checking with supplier

29-06-2008, 10:51:50

tekheads have the q6600 in @ £119 and its a slacr and cheaper than immortal even with 10% off

then again immortal have the maximus in for a nifty price

shame immortal dont have the e8400..

i have another view on them

if they are going to be similiar now (in price as well as performance in games), what about if when nehalem is affordable and i put this proccy in a secondary pc, later on would it hold up better than the e8400? how about whole system response?

i think in this case the quad would have a better job as a long term secondary pc

29-06-2008, 19:34:05


30-06-2008, 08:23:46

haha theres a beast

im kinda decided now that immortal can get me a G0 for sure

Asus maximus and a Q6600 G0 (chosen over the e8400 as the q6600 will act as a better secondary, long term pc once i upgrade to nehalem)

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