New Variety Blu-ray Disc From Pioneer

"Pioneer has developed a new type of Blu-ray disc that packs some serious storage capacity"

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New Variety Blu-ray Disc From Pioneer

Thought the 25GB capacity of the traditional Blu-ray disc was large?  Wait until yo u see this.  Pioneer Electronics, a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) did a bit of work on their own and were able to produce a 16-layer Blu-ray disc.  This new multi-layered optical disc can hold the traditional 25GB of a Blu-ray disc per layer, giving a total capacity of a whopping 400GB.

The breakthrough was made in the material of the reflective layers.  The pick up head remains the same as current Blu-ray discs and thus these new multi-layered discs will be compatible with current players.  This is certainly good news for the consumer, as it means that there will be no need for a new expensive player to hit the market.

Pioneer is hard at work to continue developing their super multi-layer technology, with a 20-layer, 500GB disc is already in the works.  Pioneer expects the discs to remain read-only until 2010, at which rewritable discs will be added to the lineup.  They forecast that they will be able to hit the 1TB mark by 2013.

With optical discs now reaching sizes in the hundreds of gigabytes, what's next for hard drives?

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Most Recent Comments

27-11-2008, 13:51:57

Happened to a mate of mine, just over time it's done this.

Gather it's nakered, normally the cause of overheating, the screen normally becomes dodgy pixels.

27-11-2008, 16:13:14

The spec is:

Gigabyte ga-73vm-s2 mobo
Geforce 7300le graphics card
Arctic power 600w psu
Corsair 1gb ram
Antec 300 case
120gb hard drive

I doubt its overheated my idle temp is 17*c on both cores. I used core temp for the temp reading. It only does that green colour on gta san andreas and any other 3d type games. I tried toca race driver and it's fine.

It's really puzzling!

28-11-2008, 00:06:58

Sorry to be bombarding you with all this software.
But if you install this: It's called rivatuner it's good.
Anyway if you install that then play GTA San Andreas or whatever you want that makes the screen green, then once the screen starts going green and flickering Alt-Tab out of the game and see what the temperature of your graphics card is.
Also you could try setting your refresh rate higher like 72 Hertz, see if that makes a difference.

28-11-2008, 05:30:05

Hi guys here is what i have to cope with during gameplay. Has anyone seen it before?

[attachment=1766:Picture 001.jpg]

[attachment=1767:Picture 002.jpg]

cheers in advance guys

28-11-2008, 07:09:26

That's a light/shadow/shader thing. I bet the game(s) run fine apart from the green.

I'd hint either ur drivers/pc think they're using a 7600+, or the shader clock is too high.

Try older drivers tbh.

oo oo linky : nVidia: right drivers for my card ?

30-11-2008, 16:40:09

Ive tried installing older drivers and it still wont have it. Ive tried all the screen resolutions that you can set in the game an still no luck. The only thing is i dont know how to adjust the shader clock frequency. When i go to do it on the nvidia control panel its telling me to insert text or numbers but im well out of my depth with that. It all looks to complicated because theres no slider to adust jus looks like programming.

Can anyone shine any ligjht on how to set frequencys and what frequencys my 7300le can handle and run stably at please.

The really annoying part is its runs fine apart from the green, but toca race driver runs perfect with no green in the shadows! Honestly computers these days! lol :p

30-11-2008, 21:25:25


cheers in advance guys

oh,, wow... We have the same thing but mine happen to be pink which I don't consider a problem since I like pink.... What color you prepare then...

01-12-2008, 06:50:24

Your core clock should be 450 MHz and your memory clock should be 333MHz. Maybe you should start to think about purchasing a new graphics card because the 7300 LE isn't a very good card. But to be honest it's up to you. Depends whether you think it's worth the cash.

01-12-2008, 12:20:22


cheers in advance guys

welcome to the matrix...

nah but seriously that looks like artifacting, only culprit i've ever heard of apart from bad drivers is heat.

01-12-2008, 18:59:51

Well your lucky enough to have played the game. When I used to have the ATi X550...i think...well the damn GPU used to always freeze and then the GPU recover thing on the Catalyst used to kick in. I think it was because it was running hot coz the only thing it had on it was just a heatsink - no fan.

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