MTRON Pushing SSD Technology Limits

"SSD technology speeds are getting higher and higher"

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MTRON Pushing SSD Technology Limits
Storage solution manufacturer MTRON has recently announced their next-generation controller technology for their solid state drives. They have doubled the number of channels from four to eight, which they say will have much the same effect on their drive speeds. The previous 4-channel controller was capable of read and write speeds of 130MB/s and 120MB/s. The new 8-channel controller technology will boost those speeds to 260MB/s and 240MB/s. This tops even Samsung's latest MLC-based offering (200MB/s read, 160MB/s write).
Steve Jeon, CEO of Mtron, said, “This new controller provides not only improved performance, but also it provides high stability and reliability by minimizing errors and instability that a typical flash memory chip has. Based on the superb technology from our 1st generation controller, Mtron will lead the next generation controller industry with the latest technology.”
MTRON has also unveiled a number of other SSD products.
The first pair of products target the mobile scene. The MTRON SSD Express Card and Mini PCI-E Card deliver maximum read/write speeds of 110/65MB/s. They run their own software on OS installation and booting.
The XTM 7500 drive is built with extreme conditions in mind. It is able to withstand rapid temperature changes from -45°C to 90°C and was hardy enough to be chosen as the primary storage for NASA’s Anita Project. It will be available to the market in August of this year.
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04-02-2009, 13:16:33

Dude, I know I shouldn't be posting here but I best tell you this way as I can not PM you because of the limit you require to send/recieve PMs.

You have to stop digging up old threads. Please look at the date they were created and think to yourself if they're going to be dead or not.

Nice maths work there though.

Admins are going to get annoyed with you if you keep digging up old threads!

08-02-2009, 11:28:35

Also the thread was left because the cooler was crap and after using a far more advance calculation system I now know why.
Hint: Your equation is a bodge GCSE equation. Physics 101 efficiency then apply.

08-02-2009, 13:01:48


Have done a fair bit of research whilst I am far from an expert I have learnt a fair bit without actually owning one.

You will need a monster WC setup as you must add the wattage of the tec at max load and the cpu at max load (baring in mind anything else in the loop.

Your Tec idealy needs to have a watt rateing with at least 30% headroom left eg your CPU is 100W your gonna need TEC capable of atleast 130w bare minimum.

You are gonna most likely gonna need a aux PSU again capable of powering the TEC again you don't want the PSU to be maxed out when the TEC is.

From what I have heard many PSU's cannot accomodate the TEC due to its power draw/ampage requirements especialy when useign the ''the real peltiers''

Many say the swiftech tec doesn't really cut it, is a very entry level peltier and a good WC is better for the upper end of overclocking, for this pro's are recommending buying a peltier and cooling it with a conventional WC block and of corse insulating it, which in itself was a turn off for me as I liked the idea of the insualtion and a manual :)

your gonna need lots of di-electric grease for the socket plenty of foam insulation and conformal coating is highly recommended. there is no room for error as I'm sure your aware that if it's not 100% airtight you will get condensation and its game over!!!

All in all I found this far to ''experimental'' and risky myself, and it seemed to be the swiftech peltier just simply wouldn't meet my requirments...many are a little dissapointed.

Research Carefully....

14-02-2009, 09:27:10

i put a 288w TEC between the sandwish, and i gonna use a Waterchiller that cools the liquid to 0° a 1°C,

and i have Acrylic compound spray, dialectric grease and so on read for use.

14-02-2009, 11:21:02


i put a 288w TEC between the sandwish, and i gonna use a Waterchiller that cools the liquid to 0° a 1°C,

and i have Acrylic compound spray, dialectric grease and so on read for use.

So what happened?:)

14-02-2009, 11:32:44

i'm now working on the SMD-Led's for it, finishing the i7 mounting for the swiftech block.

14-02-2009, 12:08:10

Remember to take a lot of pics :D

14-02-2009, 12:36:11

I have a lot of pics, but can't post them untill i have 15 posts, after that i create a new topic with that build log.

14-02-2009, 13:14:45

you have fifteen now LOL :)

14-02-2009, 14:24:13


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