Move Aside HDDs, SSDs - HRDs are Here

"Researchers at UK based DataSlide have reportedly invented a disk technology that has the potential to achieve 500MB/s data transfer rate."

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Move Aside HDDs, SSDs – HRDs are Here
The three-layer technology used in HRDsResearchers at UK based DataSlide have reportedly invented the layer between current hard disks and solid state disks, which they have dubbed “Hard Rectangular Drive” or HRD. The developer claims the three component technology has the potential to achieve 500MB/s data transfer rate.
In terms of technology, the HRD carries as “double-sided platter” of magnetic material, which is sandwiched between two laminate heads to from the three primary components. The laminate sheets are the read-write heads of the device. This middle layer is again sandwiched between three sets above and below. All of these layers have been created using the same technology as is used in making silicon chips.
The millions of read-write heads on these two outer layers are aligned to a grid; each of these heads can be controlled by passing a signal along the corresponding column and row of the grid. The actual movement to the designated sector is however, controlled by the magnetic middle layer that moves horizontally. This movement allows the stationary heads above and below to read that particular sector.
Each layer currently features 64 heads that can read and write simultaneously. DataSlide is working towards achieving 160,000 random read/write IOPs, which should give the HRDs a 500MB/s transfer rate. This would be far superior to all current HDDs and SSDs. With just 4W of power required for operation, HRDs would also be much more energy efficient than HDDs and SSDs.
Having already completed the testing phase, DataSlide is now attempting to translate the technology into commercial production and is in talks with storage manufacturers and other companies for licensing it out.
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18-06-2009, 17:42:55

Ok boys we've been nice of late giving warnings and the like, think we may have to step it up abit now and hand out some infractions.

Its either that or have a FS&W off topic section as its becoming a chatroom.

I also think the Evaluations need looking at, as its becoming a for sale thread practically an auction thread. Really dont see them all doing anygood. Just put the item up for sale simple?

21-06-2009, 11:55:25

no one?

21-06-2009, 14:19:37

Really don't think evaluations thread is serving its purpose due to its nature it mutates into a for sale thread naturally.
This means we are constantly policing Evaluation threads for possible infractions.
I know Kempez is doing a better job than myself in saying "right you've got your price now sell it."

21-06-2009, 14:23:37

Aye it was a risk and it does seem to be a way of gauging the sale of an item. Open to any ideas on what to do though peeps?

21-06-2009, 14:42:21

The best Evaluation tool is Fleabay in my opinion.

Let them use that, alright its sometimes inflated but you know what the kids are like on here buying the gear, it ends up like a bloomin Turkish bazaar and always goes for a good percentage below the original asking price.

22-06-2009, 11:53:10

Yep evaluation threads are a pita, although they can be helpful for the OP.

Thing is, we need to ensure they get stopped.

Maybe a guide to setting a price for your items? I.E. use price comparison sites/eBay and take 30% off and go from there.

22-06-2009, 12:02:50

Ive removed the Evaluations now and there is a sticky in the FS&W explaining about using ebay to guage prices. Members can still make offers anyways if they think its too expensive.

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