Fusion ioDrive - as powerful as 1000 Hard Drives

"Take a look at the video demonstration of the ioDrive, capable of writing at 600Mb/sec!"

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Fusion ioDrive - as Powerful as 1000 Hard Drives

At Demofall 07 Fusion gave a live demonstration of the new ioDrive - a PCI-E card that is its own controller and houses 640GB in the form of NAND flash chips.


ioDrive 2

Aimed at the server market the display saw the ioDrive running a Linux benchmark. In this particular benchmark 8GB of data was moved in 4KB packets, pretty much a worse case scenario. The result? The ioDrive showed read speeds of 800MB/sec and write speeds of 600MB - a DVD size volume of data moved in 4KB packets was moves in 5 seconds! These cards can also be set in a RAID array for some insane speeds.

Linux bench

Of course, this new technology is not cheap at approx $30 USD per GB the display model will retail around $20,000 USD, bear in mind this is the aimed at the server market for multinational businesses. The card scales down to 320GB for a more cost effective business solution and Fusion have a 1.2TB option in the pipeline.

This incarnation of the the card serves to replace storage area networks/disk arrays.

In the follow up video David Flynn hints that the ioDrive will be receiving Windows drivers in the future and will probably be in smaller sizes for consumers.

The video demo can be found here

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Most Recent Comments

30-09-2007, 05:26:20

As the title states I have both of these boards & want to remove all sinks, to replace them with water blocks. This includes NB, SB, Mosfets & whatever else can be watercooled on them.

You may notice I did'nt include the CPU in that selection. There are too many other threads on this topic & I think i've settled on an Apogee GT & Maze4-1 TEC respectively, so please don't anyone mention the D-Tek Fuzion...the greatest there ever was...blah, blah, etc, etc... Seems that's the only block anybody uses now!

Links to buying these parts cheap would also be cool too :D , i'd also consider buying secondhand if ppl have suitable parts. If I can't find what i'm after i'll just have to make my own blocks, which could get messy, lol.

Thanks for any help ppl can offer.

30-09-2007, 07:51:02

Mr. Smith
NB block - swifty mcw30 iirc... Probably works on the SB too.


02-10-2007, 10:10:05

EK Waterblocks produce a full kit for the Commando board that covers NB, SB, and all mosfets.

02-10-2007, 17:51:18

Yer, I saw the EK blocks & their Asus 1, 2 & 3 range. I'll probably go for the EK Asus 2 mosfet blocks for the Commando as I can't find a suitable alternative anywhere.

Are there any alternatives for the SB & NB tho as I don't really like the EK ones?

How about the LanParty, any suggestions ppl?

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