Corsair Launch 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB Force Series SSDs

"Corsair have unveiled their newest Force SSDs, featuring up to 285MB/sec read and 275MB/sec write speeds."

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Corsair Launch 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB Force Series SSDs

Corsair have added 3 new drives to their line of Force SSDs, the F60, F120 and F240 in sizes of 60GB, 120GB and 240GB respectively.

All of the Force SSDs are based on the Sandforce SF1200 SSD processors. Corsair have worked closely with Sandforce on the firmware of the drives to guarantee unusually fast 4K random write performance of 180MB/s. The drives also support TRIM.

All 3 of the new drives support the maximum 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write speeds, with no performance hit on the 60GB model.

“We have had excellent feedback on our Force Series F100 and F200 from both reviewers and customers, and we are excited about expanding our Sandforce-based offerings,” stated Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair. “These solid-state drives are an excellent option for any enthusiast looking to build their system using the best storage system performance that is currently available.”

The drives should be available in the shops soon.

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Most Recent Comments

01-05-2010, 13:21:08

Quick question for you guys (yes I did my homework first)

Does anyone know how much amperage a Q6700 uses from the PSU? And while we are on the subject, if one 260 Core 216 uses at least 36amp how much more does two use? Also when you OC a CPU or GPU how much more amp do you use? I'm on the verge of buying a new PSU and right now I know that one GPU is 33.6amp, my four fans use 2.08amp(total), I have no idea what my HDD and DVD-RW use, no idea what my soundcard uses, and the most important, the cpu.

Any info is appreciated.

01-05-2010, 14:01:09

whats the wattage of the PSU you're looking at buying, and your complete system spec?

01-05-2010, 15:03:57

I'm thinking either the 850 modular Corsair or the 950w Corsair. Specs, as usual, are in my profile. Except for 4 Scythe Slipstream 1900rpm fans, and the default NH-D14 fans and one DVD-RW ODD.

EDIT: And 1 1TB WD Caviar Black HDD.

01-05-2010, 15:10:00

The 750w Corsair you have in your Profile should handle your rig fine, why the need for a change?

01-05-2010, 15:19:18

I'm getting BSOD with no error codes. All I get is *** SYSTEM SHUTDOWN *** HARDWARE FAILURE *** CONTACT HARDWARE VENDOR ***

I've done P95 test, Intel Burn test, checked HDD for bad sectors etc. I don't get them as much or if at all if I unplug my fan controller and one fan. I've done most of the tests, checked each ram module in all slots and etc. If my ram wasn't working right then it would BSOD on the Intel Burn test as I did standard test and a larger one to use more memory.

I've tested both video cards individually in both PCI-e slots with no failing. I've re-installed windows and that only resulted in SLi working properly. If I try to bump up my OC to 3.2, no matter what voltage my BIOS won't even post, it just freezes at the screen showing the P5N-D logo and the options to go to BIOS and to show post details but since it's frozen you can't get into them. You have to manually restart the system and then it will post. But at 3.1ghz it loads windows fine. I have gotten to 3.5ghz with no problem with only 1 video card in. So my last thing to check is if I'm getting enough power...

If you think my PSU is still adequate then can someone please help me figure out how to go to an earlier BIOS version as I updated that trying to get SLi to work properly with no change but when I try to flash to an earlier version it says it doesn't have a valid boot-rom...

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