VMware announce Workstation 7 Release Candidate

"VMware have announced the release candidate for Version 7 of their popular 'Workstation' virtualization software."

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VMware announce Workstation 7 Release Candidate
Windows 7 Running in VMware 7PC Virtualization experts, VMware have announced the release candidate of version 7 of their popular Workstation software. I myself used VMware Workstation just yesterday, it can’t be beaten if you want to familiarize yourself with new or untested software in a safe environment, or try out your latest registry edit without having to worry about breaking your windows install.
The only downside to VMware workstation is that it is a little out of date in its current release, lacking support for quad cores, large amounts of ram, and notably Windows 7. These ‘Limitations’ aren’t so bad for what the program is though, and I installed Windows 7 on a virtual machine just the other day using the Easy Installer set for Windows Vista. It ran surprisingly well apart from a slight lack of eye candy (VMware’s VGA driver lacked Aero glass support).
Version 7 of VMware aims to bring the application back in line with the cutting edge of software, coinciding nicely with the Windows 7 launch.
Here are VMware’s official features for Workstation 7:
• Full Windows 7 Host and Guest support including the ability to run Aero
• Improved 3D Graphics for Windows guests with OpenGL and Shader Model 3.0 support
• Support for over many new OSs including Windows Server 2008 R2, Debian 5, and ESX (Yes, you can vMotion!)
• Create Virtual Machines with up to four processors and/or four cores and 32 GB of memory
• ThinPrint integration enables virtual printing and makes the host printers available within the guest
• Smart Card enhancements to enable secure authentication
• 256-bit AES encryption of your virtual machines
• ALSA sound for Linux users!!!
• Dynamic update of VMware Tools
• Drag and Drop now works with formatted text, graphics and file attachments
• AutoProtect your VMs with the ability to regularly schedule snapshots to be created
• Pause a VM to instantly free up your processor
• Replay Debugging is even more powerful and now works remotely
• A redesigned Virtual Network Editor that is much easier to use
Unfortunately I couldn’t get the download link for the release candidate to work, so although I don’t doubt that it’s out there, I can’t offer any more information at the moment. Maybe VMware have ended the Beta program for this release, I just do not know. I’m definitely looking forward to the final version of this software anyway; it will make getting to grips with some of Windows 7’s more advanced ‘this can break your computer’ features just that little bit easier.
You can read more about Workstation 7 on VMware’s blog, here.
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Most Recent Comments

21-10-2009, 03:12:32

You spelt my name wrong :P McNeill, good reviews all

21-10-2009, 03:45:55

Good reviews everyone. Thanks for all the time and effort put in. :worship:

21-10-2009, 07:06:59

Kind of you Alex.

I think if there is one conclusion we can deduce from this roundup, it's that CM Storm have created a mat that covers anyone, and pretty much any of them would be a good purchase.

And not forgetting to thank our overlords at OC3D and CM Storm for making this happen :)

21-10-2009, 07:56:35

Nice reviews all, my only criticism is throughout them reviews, there was only 1 con on page 5? About it being not durable enough.

These mat's can't all be perfect ;)

21-10-2009, 09:27:30

As far as im concerned the frayed edges on my mat was the only durability concern. Again thanks to OC3D and CM for the oppertunity to even do these reviews ;)

21-10-2009, 10:50:18


Nice reviews all, my only criticism is throughout them reviews, there was only 1 con on page 5? About it being not durable enough.

These mat's can't all be perfect ;)

Hate to burst your bubble, but if the rest of them are as good as the Battle Pad, then yes they are.

As my user-title attests, I'm cynical. It would have been easy to go "ooh I get the chance to review something, must be positive" and so I made a special effort to find any flaw I could.

There isn't one. At all. Not a sausage. I'm struggling to thing of a single computing part I've ever had my hands on that was so perfect at what it was for.

In fact I'd defy anyone to use the SSK and find a problem with it.

21-10-2009, 14:46:49

very different reviews. Nice to see different point of views over a range of products. All though seemingly there inst much of a difference between them all.

Would be nice to see a over all round up or editors choice award for the best of them.

21-10-2009, 15:36:11

Read all the reviews and thought they were all well done and well written.

Is good to see the next generation of reviewers having a go :)

21-10-2009, 16:16:33

Thanks for the comments guys :)

I'll have to agree with VB here, my mat is perfect, granted I haven't compared it to many others, but from another similarly priced mat it's amazing.

22-10-2009, 16:39:19

Good reviews guys.

I would say they're all a little positive, but frankly if a mouse mat is well made, well suited to mice, good at tracking and looks nice: then it's pretty difficult to find much fault.

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