US/EU FFXIII Release Not Until 2010

"Square Enix president gives word that Final Fantasy fans outside of Japan won't be able to get the upcoming FFXIII game until 2010"

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US/EU FFXIII Release Not Until 2010

Earlier this week, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada gave a bit of information that likely will disappoint many Final Fantasy fans outside of Japan.  In an interview with business site Reuters, Wada said that while Final Fantasy XIII is on schedule for 2009 PS3 release in Japan, those overseas in the Americas and Europe won't be seeing the game until at least April of 2010, perhaps even later.

Obviously this is a pretty big blow to fans eagerly awaiting to get their hands on the next installment in the Final Fantasy saga.  However, let's put things into perspective a bit.  Earlier this year, a pair of developers gave word that development of the Xbox 360 version would not begin until the PS3 game was complete.  With this in mind, it looks like there is a good chance we will be seeing a side-by-side release of FFXIII in the Americas and Europe for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

If this is true, do you think this was the best move for the game?  Or would Square have been better off releasing the PS3 version first?

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13-01-2009, 01:47:28

here's the specifications that i got from my local dealer. This is the best that he could find, and waited 3 months before receiving an answer. I live in Uganda so forget about buying parts on line. :( My question is simple, is it good enough to be a good gaming computer or no?? ( if i get it i will definitely put at least 2 gb of ram) and price wise as well. in US$ it's roughly $1,300 with the current exchange rate.. is it overpriced?? Below are the specs that they gave me for this computer. All the feedback that i will receive will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Francesco

(Mini Tower, Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor E6550-2.33GHz (S775), FSB 1333MHz, 1024MB DDRII 667MHz, 160GB (7200rpm) SATAII HDD, DVD±RW, VC Sapphire PCI-E ATI Radeon HD4830, 512 MB / 256 bit, GDDR3, 575 MHz (core) / 993 MHz (mem), TVO, Dual DVI-I, Dual Slot Fan Cooler, Lite Retail VGA, LAN, SB, 9xUSB2.0, Mouse/Keyboard, Windows Vista Business, Black), R

13-01-2009, 03:07:49

Yeah with a 4830 in there it should game pretty well. Don't expect any miracles tho.

Check here to see roughly what kind of performance you can expect.

13-01-2009, 03:26:22

I just remembered that i had another solution, one that i liked because of the processor but rejected it because of the card. It comes roughly at the same price but i do get a 17" monitor with it. So i wanted to ask, if i get someone to buy me a decent card like the 4830 or the 4850(as i had previously wanted) can i fit it into the computer and bypass the integrated graphics chip?? Below there are the specifications for the previous computer.

Processor Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor E8500
(3.16GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 6MB L2 cache) 80PLUS vPro Adv
Memory 2 GB DDR2 RAM
Video Graphics Co Integrated Intel Q38 [384 MB]
Hard Drive 240 GB Serial ATA 7200RPM
Drive : DVD Writer Multiburner
Network ControlleIntegrated Broadcom® 10/100 Ethernet LAN solution
Standard I/O Port Six USB 2.0(two front and four rear),one Ethernet
Dell 755 small form factor
Specifications :
(RJ45), one nine-pin Serial (16550 compatible ),
one Parallel (25-hole, bi-directional), 1 VGA out,
stereo line-in (minijack), microphone-in(mini-jack front),
speakers/Line-out (mini-jack) and headphone (minijack-front)
Power Supply 280 W
Monitor 17" TFT Dell
Keyboard Dell MM Keyboard
Mouse Dell Optical Mouse
Operating system Windows® vista home Basic

13-01-2009, 04:12:29

Yeah it should be no problem to add a graphics card onto that build.

13-01-2009, 14:32:42

ok good thing. Cause that was my worry, that the video card would not fit. So i guess that i'll be going for the 2nd rig, as it seems the better value for money and just buy the video card later on, when i get back to italy..
Thanks guys for the answers. One last thing, which card?? the 4830 or 4850? As i read here that an overclocked 4830 has similar performances as the 4850 and it seems a pretty easy thing to do as i never tweaked with my computer's settings.. (only once and had to take the comp to be repaired cause it would not boot up again!! hehe)

28-01-2009, 23:40:10

Mr. Mom
That actually is a little expensive, but maybe in Uganda it isn't so bad. Are you able to buy directly from Dell? On the Dell website, if you check out the "Outlet" section, you can get a refurbished model with the specs you want for quite a bit less. Do you know which body style of Optiplex 755 you'll be getting? I believe the desktop and small form factor models use a low profile graphics card, so when shopping for one, make sure it is a low profile, unless you have the mini-tower, in which case I don't know if a full height or low profile card is what is required. All of the Optiplex 755's, except for the ULTRA small form factor, have a free slot for the card and plugging it in is a snap.

Is a 17" monitor going to be enough? These days, it seems like everybody is going bigger and bigger, and they're getting to be super cheap. You might check ebay, too, for your Optiplex 755. There are some killer deals on there, too. You can even find brand new ones, there. Do they have Craigslist in Uganda? I picked up a brand new 22" monitor on Craigslist for $120! Heck, I'm sure they don't have a Fry's over there, but right now, Fry's has one for only $149--brand new.

07-02-2009, 00:33:45

i have a Dell XPS and after getting this one, I wouldnt get another one, Yeah sure it does the Job & i Love it, but if you ever want to upgrade anything, Like Case-wise, you need a New Motherboard! Well thats from my experiance, It does me the job on CSS & GTA IV.. :D

07-02-2009, 02:16:42

Mr. Mom
After a tad more thought, I'd say the Dell Optiplex 755 wouldn't really be your best option for a gaming computer, unless you can find a more powerful power supply that will fit inside the case. The 755 is actually billed as a "green" computer and some are even Energy Star 4.0 rated. I believe the different case styles have different wattage of power supplies, but even the most powerful, which is in the mini-tower, is only 305w, and that isn't enough to power today's high-powered video cards. The cards that are going to make a great gaming machine are asking for 400+ watts. The cards that are offered by Dell for the Optiplex 755 are probably close to the most powerful cards that will work with their low powered power supplies.

Just something to think about...

07-02-2009, 05:39:12

The Optiplex should be good enough for gaming on resolutions of 1650x1050 or lower, although it could stretch to 1900x1200 with some settings disabled. The Optiplex wouldn't be my first choice as a gaming PC, but as you're in Uganda, I guess you have no other choice.

09-02-2009, 01:53:11

Thanks for the replies guys. I have given up on the idea of buying the computer here, instead I'll wait until i get back to italy and buy piece by piece there and take them all back with me and build it just the way i want it to be... (unless i find something that is too good to resist here, but i very much doubt it!!)

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