Ubisoft Implements New DRM System

"Upcoming Ubisoft games will come bearing their own, proprietary DRM system."

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In the gaming industry, the issue of DRM has always been a touchy subject.  Publishers want to make sure they are able to protect their intellectual property and, of course being a business, make sure they are making their money.  Gamers, however, simply want to enjoy the games without jumping through hoops to do so.

Game developer Ubisoft has decided to implement their own, proprietary DRM system.  Thankfully, it does come with some perks.  The system involves a server synch up, allowing users to play without the CD/DVD.  In addition to this, save files are stored on the Ubisoft servers, which lets players continue from where they left off on any computer that has the game installed.  Ubisoft's system also allows for an unlimited number of installs on any number of machines.

However, all of this does not come without a price.  In order to play their games, users must be connected to the Internet.  There is no offline mode.  Authentication with the server is handled through your own personal Ubi.com account to which each of your games are linked.  Unfortunately, this has another side effect in that it essentially prevents you from selling your games.

Knowing players would complain, Ubisoft released a statement defending their choice.

"We know this choice is controversial but we feel is justified by the gameplay advantages offered by the system and because most PCs are already connected to the internet," said the company in a statement.

"This platform also offers protection against piracy, an important business element for Ubisoft and for the PC market in general as piracy has an important impact on this market.

"Any initiative that allows us to lower the impact of piracy on our PC games will also allow us to concentrate further effort on the creation and expansion of our intellectual properties for the PC - our goal is to deliver the best gaming experience to our customers."

Considering the outcry over 2K's recent announcement of Bioshock 2's DRM requiring the user to connect to the Internet at least once, this move is incredibly questionable.  It certainly is true that the majority of households do have an Internet connection and free Wi-Fi is getting more and more prevalent.  However, that still doesn't mean one will have access to such connections every time you have the desire to play.

The sytem will make its debut with Settlers 7 and will be a "feature" of most upcoming Ubisoft games.

For more info about the system, head over to Ubisoft's FAQ page here.

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Most Recent Comments

17-01-2010, 07:42:49

Long story short... did a fresh install of XP yesterday and reinstalled steam.
I only play COD6 through steam but it has disappeared! I thought steam keeps the games on your ACCOUNT not your PC?

Anyway, since its not there i went to install COD6 from disc again. However, Steam says its already registered the CD-Key before (which it had) so it WONT let me install it again!! WTF!!!

Im seriously f*^&ed off!

Anyone else had this problem? Any reasons why this has happened?

To be honest it looks like im going to have to go out and buy it again :mad:

17-01-2010, 07:50:20

Send a e-mail to steam about the problem and I'm sure they'll sort it.

I think there may be an install limit..

17-01-2010, 07:58:06

Your right it should keep them on your account. I did an install of Windows 7 Pro x64 to get rid of my Vista and then had to install my steam games again, but in my case they were all there and I was able to use the disk for Modern Warfare 2.
I had a look here and Valve seems to think that if one or two games are missing its a problem with some ports being block on your firewall/router.
Not sure if that would affect it much but they reckon it does so I'd try that before resorting to another £35 out your pocket!

17-01-2010, 20:14:04

"To be honest it looks like im going to have to go out and buy it again" - Lets not get carried away now lol.

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