Try out OC3D Counter Strike Source Servers!

"Try out OC3D Counter Strike Source Servers!"

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At Overclock3D we recognise that people who like computer technology love gaming

We also know that many of you play Counter Strike: Source

Along with our clan Server (tag: OC3D | ) for matches, we have a whole host of public servers for you to play on.

Make sure you catch them - Courtesy of Game-Monitor.Com you can now see the current status of all the OC3D CSS servers at a glance: click each one to play!






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26-09-2006, 04:32:27


the coupon code is back up and running and is still oc3d_10

PLEASE when using this code can you use the email address that you have registered with the OC3D website as this allows us to validate that you are a current member of OC3D and you meet the minimum post requirements etc.

If you use a different email address we have no way of validating and then we end up annoying the admin asking questions like 'do you know Fred Bloggs, is he current?' and will ultimatley end up possibly delaying your order.

So just to recap

Coupon Code - oc3d_10

Minimum Requirements - must be a registered member of OC3D with a minimum of 25 posts on the OC3D forum

Important Info - you MUST use the email address you use on the OC3D forums when placing orders.

Any problems please drop us a PM (thanks to Llywd for being myguinea pig yesterday) :D

26-09-2006, 14:14:47

excellent work mate, darn you making me spend money

18-10-2006, 06:59:55

Great deal! Hopefully I'll reach the required number of posts before my next upgrade in a few weeks/months depending on money situation!


18-10-2006, 07:21:09

we hope so too :)

welcome to oc3d

18-10-2006, 07:26:23

wow, cool, i hadn't noticed this thread before... :worship:
what does the coupon give us?

[edit] w00t! 10% off :)
looks like i'll have to start shopping at SpecialTech ;)
i could have done with this a couple of weeks ago when i ordered a few things :P

18-10-2006, 07:30:46

[quote=Pyr0]wow, cool, i hadn't noticed this thread before... :worship:
what does the coupon give us?

[edit] w00t! 10% off :)
looks like i'll have to start shopping at SpecialTech ;)[/quote]

Yep, check out the OC3D Freebies section of the site. We are always trying to get our members money off and freebies - so its worth keeping a close watch on ;)

20-10-2006, 03:00:21

My first post :wavey: . It's the appropriate coz it was the coupon code that brought me to this site (thanks to google). I am a noobie to OC so this site actually will be very helpful (along with the 10% coupon of course). So for now I will delay my PSU purchase so that I can earn the right to use the coupon code ;) .

Thank you.

06-02-2007, 13:47:17

building up my posts come on

06-02-2007, 13:48:43

I had noticed. Can you please keep them useful and in RECENT threads otherwise you risk having your post count reset.


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