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"BitTorrent tracker TorrentSpy has closed its doors leaving only a goodbye message on the homepage."

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TorrentSpy voluntarily closes its doors.
BitTorrent tracker TorrentSpy has voluntarily closed its doors.  After pumping a fortune into legal defence costs from numerous court battles with copyright holders, TorrentSpy has decided to shut down its service.

Last December TorrentSpy lost a major court case against the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) where they were found guilty of destroying evidence making a fair trial an impossibility.  That move cost them $30,000 in fines.
TorrentSpy founder Justin Bunnell has stated that the loss of the court battle with the MPAA didn't have any bearing on the company's decision to close its service.
The following message is now all that's left when you visit the homepage:
Friends of TorrentSpy,

We have decided on our own, not due to any court order or agreement, to bring the search engine to an end and thus we permanently closed down worldwide on March 24, 2008.

The legal climate in the USA for copyright, privacy of search requests, and links to torrent files in search results is simply too hostile. We spent the last two years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, defending the rights of our users and ourselves.

Ultimately the Court demanded actions that in our view were inconsistent with our privacy policy, traditional court rules, and International law; therefore, we now feel compelled to provide the ultimate method of privacy protection for our users - permanent shutdown.

It was a wild ride,

The TorrentSpy Team
There is also a footnote that reads:
"Big Brother in the form of an increasingly powerful government and in an increasingly powerful private sector will pile the records high with reasons why privacy should give way to national security, to law and order [...] and the like." - Justice William O. Douglas
The site's operators had previously tried to satisfy the US courts by applying a filter against copyrighted files.  When that failed to appease the courts they even started blocking American IP addresses to try and avoid more legal action being taken against them.  However, this move caused the sites popularity among filesharers to fall and TorrentSpy lost its place as the most popular tracker to The Pirate Bay.
MPAA Anti-Piracy Director John Malcolm took issue with TorrentSpy’s “characterization” of its closure saying that:
“its voluntary decision conveniently ignores the fact that after two years of intense litigation by the major Hollywood studios, a federal court found TorrentSpy liable for copyright infringement.”
What do you think about this?  Is it a big win for the MPAA or will it just be a case of as one tracker falls another will take its place?
Discuss in our forum.
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27-03-2008, 18:49:07

the only way i'l move to vista is illegally... XP was fine, and could have easily supported dx10, (well for that matter dx9 would have supported dx10 etc etc :P ) but i don't see why we should pay for something because of a silly marketing ploy so bill gates can wipe his arse with more of our money... get prices down, or get the service up its a 2 way road... and no more needless hardware/software promotion alike we saw with crysis (tho to be fair the makers at least had the decency to make it darn easy for us to have "dx10" graphics (tweaked files), after they'd had a few back handers from good old microsoft)....

however admitadly, despite vista being a performance hog, as said earlier, it is a lot more stable than Xp...

i'm waiting patinently to scrap my x1950 agp.. got it on an asrock mobo that can only support 2gb of ram, tho i've got another 2gb stick in the cupboard... it's torture... and i admit as soon as i switch mobo i'm off to vista, *cough - illegally-cough*

27-03-2008, 19:08:16

My PM:

[quote="Me"]Hi Mate

If you want to use illegal software that's totally up to you and your own business, but I don't think discussion of it like that on the forum is a good idea.

I've deleted your post 'cause I couldn't think of a sensible way of editing it.

This is just a friendly heads up, we're not over-restrictive what we have on OC3D, but i think your post was a little OTT.


Overclock3D Director/Admin

On behalf of the OC3D Mod Team[/quote]

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