The Wii Laptop

"For gaming when traveling. With a 7" 16:9 ratio LCD display and integrated sensor bar, this thing can come in handy at a party or on the road. Read inside for more details."

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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 19/01/07
Author: MikeEnIke
Source: Engadget

The wii laptop

When you want to take your Wii with you on a road trip, and you happen stay in that motel with the TV that has a power cord chewed through by rats, but you absolutely need to play the Wii, otherwise you may show signs of withdraw, the Wii Laptop is what you need. Ben Heckendorn is widely known for his crazy game console "mods". However, these "mods" are more of rebuilds that he does in order to make things easier to use, and generally more portable. He has created an Xbox 360 laptop, hand-held Atari 2600, and many other rebuilds.

This time, Ben decided he would create a nice portable Wii and make it laptop style for easy storage and usage. The Wii Laptop touts a 7" LCD with 16:9 aspect ratio, with included mini sensor bar. Don't worry, he realizes a 7" display isn't always acceptable for gaming, especially on a console where a decent amount of movement is needed, so to compensate, he has made sure to include slots for regular A/V usage so you can still use it on your home TV and an input for the regular sized sensor bar, so you can be further back while playing on your home TV. He also didn't leave anything out. You can still plug in a Gamecube controller, however only one, and the SD slot and USB jacks are still there built in power supply too.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.7 x 2-inches (yes only 2 inches thick!)

Front Open view

Top Closed View Side Open view

So this Wii Laptop is an extremely cool idea. Problem is, 7 inches is just too small for most games. It wouldn't be to bad for driving games or games where details aren't really needed (bowling perhaps?), but I see it being a problem in Twilight Princess where you need to see fine little details in order to kill certain people or get past certain things. I can also see this being annoying in games like Red Steel where you have to aim on the fly and relatively accurately. Without ever using it, it's hard to judge, but considering this probably won't go into mass production, I doubt we'll ever get our hands on one. Here's to hoping.

So what do you think? To small to be any good? Or great for on the go gaming? Tell us what you think on the forums...

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Most Recent Comments

19-01-2007, 19:14:07


The Sandisk Sansa is really nice.

20-01-2007, 04:21:57

Sticky Mick
I know I'm a bit late to join in but,

Have a looky here

Would mind one of the Sumvision K-Pacs myself.

20-01-2007, 04:50:13

Creative zen (any really!) gets my vote. I and many of my audiophile friends believe creative sound quality surpasses any/most of the competition. Make sure you get some "in ear" ear buds for great bass, noise cancelling and it also makes it sound louder too (noise cancellation!)

I got the creative ep-630 and love em to bits, also my creative zen microphoto (when it sorts my cds properly) although a lot of my cds are split from live dj mixes via cue files - could be why

20-01-2007, 07:58:49


Creative Zen range gets my vote. Ive got a 4/5GB one and its brilliant.

Wouldn`t argue with Creative stuff, their stuff is great imo.

I`d offer to sell u the 10g Jukebox I`ve got here, but in all honesty it`s too bulky - like a cd player that has a harddrive.

.. don`t use it no more coz I use meh phone >.<

20-01-2007, 08:05:48


Samsung KP-5. Built in speakers :yumyum: Only 4gb though :(

this the one that keeps appearing in music video's?

21-01-2007, 13:52:02


Depends which one. Sony NW-A3000 Walkman range (little purple things) aren't that good.

The players are fine. Infact, they're spot on. It's the software that's the problem. They have a decent amplifier, which is a lot better than the Vision:M's or iPods, and the interface is fine. Bad point, SonicStage. lol

21-01-2007, 14:20:42

iRiver or SanDisk get my vote. The SanDisk is really good value per Gb :)

21-01-2007, 14:57:59

ipod nano ftw!

21-01-2007, 15:04:15


The players are fine. Infact, they're spot on. It's the software that's the problem. They have a decent amplifier, which is a lot better than the Vision:M's or iPods, and the interface is fine. Bad point, SonicStage. lol

ARGH SonicStage!!! I remember that POS with my MD player. As i recall, there was no alternative either. Methinks I'll steer clear.

21-01-2007, 16:00:41


Methinks I'll steer clear.

There's an alternative which is an add-on for winamp, not sure whether it's any good though.

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