The True Power of CryENGINE 2

"Fancy gaming on a map 458 time larger than the EARTHS surface?!"

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The True Power of CryENGINE 2
I won't rephrase the article as I rather enjoyed the author's colloquial style:
Yeah, we all know how truly amazing Crytek's engine is and how tormenting it becomes even for Quad Cores and 8800 Ultras, but just wait till you see what huge maps this baby can render!

When Crytek said that Crysis is "future proof" they really meant what they said... And if you ever wondered why your insanely high-end computer kneels and bows before the 1+ million lines of code, 1GB of textures and 85,000 shaders that the game currently packs, well just read this: the absolute maximum size of a map in Crysis can reach the mind-boggling value of 68,719,476,736 square kilometers!!!!! Yeah, that's more than 68.7 billion... And you know what? Earth's entire surface "barely" reaches 150,000,000 square kilometers, so with Crytek's SandBox editor one can theoretically create a map approximately 458 times bigger than the area of Earth...

That means that if you want to have like... our planet's entire population playing Crysis simultaneously on multiplayer, a single player would have to walk around 10 square kilometers to meet its next opponent on that huge map...

Now THAT is what I call future proof... But I just wonder, what kind of super-computer, super-server-cluster monstrosity would render even half of that huge map?...
Can you even imagine a game that vast, nothing short of epic? It would literally be another world you could immerse yourself in. The future of games looks bright, just take a look at these screenshots below. Just ensure you have some tissue ready (no Jim, I meant for drool not... Eww).
Do you feel better now? Safe in the knowledge that your machine never stood a chance against the might of the CryENGINE, or do you still have a bitter taste in your mouth becasue you 'high end gaming rig' just didn't cut it? Let us know here
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Most Recent Comments

18-09-2005, 06:19:06

You have to make certain that all of the computers on your network are in the same workgroup. If they are, then just turn on file sharing for any folders you want to access from other computers, then go to network places from the other computers in the workgroup and you should see the shared folders.

If that doesn't work try right clicking on my computer and going to "map network drive" then clicking on browse to see if you can find the shared folder.

18-09-2005, 07:43:59

it worked i hat to setup something form the norton internet security cause i had to tell it that i was on a lan

18-09-2005, 07:57:33

a 1.60 gb folder took 1 min to transfer on a gigabit network is that good?

18-09-2005, 08:01:44


it worked i hat to setup something form the norton internet security cause i had to tell it that i was on a lan

i hate that internet security shit lol and yes that is good :)

18-09-2005, 10:41:11

now for the cap of all my msn and xfire dont connect my xfire goes til checking login and my msn says cannoct connect , i did all the connection tests and trouble shooting wizard and they all passed but i cant still sign in help is rewarded
EDIT:when i try to rep hg007 an erro came that no post was specified

18-09-2005, 11:10:04

Wirelessly posted (Nextel. Done. |: BlackBerry7520/4.0.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1)

Does anyone know if they make a wifi router with built in gigabit? I'd like to get my main rig and my server rig linked via giga.

18-09-2005, 11:18:38

a wifi of 108mbps and a lan of 1000mbps nope i ahvent seen one yet but ithink there could be

18-09-2005, 11:20:17


18-09-2005, 11:58:52

lmao frag, dont think they make fast wireless mate. too much data loss

18-09-2005, 14:59:31

i am on 100mbps network, i had a wireless that could go up to 54mbps but i only got 11mbps as the signal was pathetically crap, i do know they make 100mbps wireless though, but they cost a fortune!

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